I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 162.2 Little flower, I love you so much

Cheng Yu carried Lin An Lan to the car, then asked Wang Cheng drive.

Lin An Lan leaned against Cheng Yu, talking as he held him.

The car was warm, and after playing all day, Lin An Lan was tired. As they talked, he eventually closed his eyes, but his hands still held onto Cheng Yu, unwilling to let go.

Cheng Yu allowed him sleep in his arms, his hand resting on Lin An Lan’s shoulder.

Seeing that Lin An Lan had fallen asleep, Wang Cheng slowed the car down quietly as he drove back.

Instead of going to Cheng Yu’s house, they went to Lin An Lan’s parents’ home.

This was the place Lin An Lan returned to every year on his birthday, his true home in his heart.

As they approached, Lin An Lan opened his eyes, looked around and asked Cheng Yu, “Are we going to my house?”

“En, don’t you always go home for your birthday?”

Lin An Lan nodded. He had asked Yang Wang to clean the house a few days ago.

Leaning against Cheng Yu, he said softly, “I’ll get you a key soon, so you can come here whenever you want.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yu was shocked. He hadn’t expected Lin An Lan to say such a thing. Jiang Xu and Lin An Lan had known each other for many years and Jiang Xu had even stayed in Lin An Lan’s house for a while, but Lin An Lan had never given him a key.

This house was too special to Lin An Lan. It had only been home to him and his parents. After his parents left, Lin An Lan sealed off this place, along with the emotions it held.

He never thought Lin An Lan would let him in, allowing him the opportunity to enter this part of his life.

Holding Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu said softly, “Okay, I’ll take good care of this house when you’re not around.”

Lin An Lan nodded, thinking to himself that if his adoptive parents were still alive, they would have met Cheng Yu by now.

They would probably be very pleased. He was so good looking and outstanding, anyone would like him.

By then, he would also be a part of their family.

As Lin An Lan was thinking about this, his phone rang. Looking at the screen, he saw a message from Jiang Xu.

[Happy Birthday.]

Lin An Lan replied to him: [Thank you, and you too.]

Jiang Xu: [I left a gift for you at the door.]

Lin An Lan: [Okay, thank you.]

He didn’t say much else and neither did Jiang Xu. The conversation between the two ended like that.

Wang Cheng parked the car, “We’re here.”

Putting his phone back in his pocket, Lin An Lan got out of the car.

Following him into the elevator, Cheng Yu pressed the button for their floor.

As they stepped out of the elevator and approached the entrance of the apartment, Lin An Lan saw a gift bag by the door, just as Jiang Xu had mentioned. Walking over, he bent down to pick it up then opened the door.

And after placing the bag on the table, turned to ask Cheng Yu, “What are we doing for dinner?”

He guessed that Cheng Yu must have made arrangements, so he didn’t bother to guess and just asked directly.

“Go take a shower.” Cheng Yu told him, “By the time you’re done, dinner should be here.”

Lin An Lan thought to himself, ‘Sure enough’.

He looked at Cheng Yu, his eyes seductive as he asked, “Aren’t you going to join me?”

Smiling, Cheng Yu hugged his waist, “If you ask like that, how could I refuse?”

He spoke to Wang Cheng then followed Lin An Lan into the bathroom.

The two didn’t take too long. They rinsed off in the shower and couldn’t help but be intimate with each other before coming out wearing bathrobes.

As Lin An Lan had just sat down and Cheng Yu was helping him dry his hair, they heard a knock on the door.

Cheng Yu went out, collected the items from outside, then dismissed Wang Cheng.

Seeing him carrying a handful of things, Lin An Lan stood up quickly to help him with the cake, placing it on the table.

Cheng Yu took out the dishes from the bag and arranged them, “I’ll cook for you tomorrow, so let’s have some family cuisine today.”

Lin An Lan agreed easily, “Okay.”

After dinner, Cheng Yu opened the cake box.

He inserted the candles, lit them, then turned off the lights.

Lin An Lan looked at the flickering candlelight in the darkness, and with his hands together, made a wish very seriously. He wished that he could be with Cheng Yu forever, never parting, and that Cheng Yu would always love him.

Opening his eyes, he looked at his lover in the candlelight and blew out the candles in front of him, praying that his wish would come true.

Turning on the lights, Cheng Yu asked him, “What did you wish for?”

“I wished that we can be together forever and that you will always love me.” Lin An Lan said, handing him the cake.

He looked at Cheng Yu, his eyes clear and bright.

Cheng Yu had asked casually, not expecting him to actually say it out loud. He froze for a moment before accepting the cake from Lin An Lan.

“I want you to make a wish, who asked you to state facts.”

Lin An Lan laughed, his words carrying the sweetness of the cake, “I like this fact, so I want to say it a few more times.”

His heart stirring, Cheng Yu reached out to touch Lin An Lan’s face, looking at him tenderly.

“You don’t need to make such a wish.” He told him, “My loving you is not a wish, but a fact. No matter when, it will always be a common fact.”

Lin An Lan raised his hand to hold Cheng Yu’s, then turning his head, kissed the palm of his hand.

Of course, he believed Cheng Yu’s words. But there was never a fixed way in love. Cheng Yu’s love was also something to be cherished and protected.

He loved Cheng Yu, so he hoped they could be together forever and that Cheng Yu would always love him. Therefore, he wanted to maintain and reciprocate Cheng Yu’s feelings.

Wishes and facts didn’t necessarily conflict. They both stemmed from the love and the care they had for each other, so he made his wish and Cheng Yu fulfilled it with his actions. In the end, his wishes all become his reality.

That was the best outcome.

Lin An Lan smiled at Cheng Yu, “Let’s eat the cake.”

After they finished eating the cake, it was already ten o’clock. Cheng Yu began cleaning up the table, while Lin An Lan took advantage of the moment when Cheng Yu was not paying attention to try and hug him. However, before he could lift him up, Cheng Yu noticed and laughed as he carried Lin An Lan directly into the bedroom.

He placed Lin An Lan on the bed, and Lin An Lan, feeling somewhat unconvinced, tried to hug him again, only to be held down by Cheng Yu.

“Don’t move, I have a gift for you. Be good.”

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