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Chapter 102.2 Lin An Lan recovers his memories (one)

Lin An Lan wiped his face and as he put the towel away, he saw the ring on his hand, the ring given to him by Cheng Yu.

He looked at it silently, then sighed slowly.

He had never expected that he would fall in love with Cheng Yu after he lost his memory.

For so many years, he had avoided Cheng Yu, not only because of the agreement with Jiang Xu, but also because of the obsession he could vaguely sense that Cheng Yu had for him.

At the very beginning, they were just the most ordinary of classmates who didn’t see each other often and didn’t talk much. Then suddenly, he didn’t know from which day it started, Cheng Yu came to ask him questions and invited him to play basketball with him.

In high school, Cheng Yu had been one of the very popular types. Handsome, came from a good family and was one who didn’t listen in class, but got good grades, fulfilling the fantasies of many teenage girls.

Lin An Lan didn’t hate him. On the contrary, he even admired him a little, feeling that a rich second generation like him, at a glance, had been raised in happiness and was above worldly material attractions.

It was just that he was indifferent by nature and so didn’t show the admiration he felt.

His childhood memories weren’t very good, leading him from then on to be accustomed to protecting himself, distrustful of people and even less likely to take the initiative to show kindness to others.

When he was in the orphanage, the person he’d had the best relationship with was Xiao Qiao, because Xiao Qiao was the first one who cared for him and told him not to wait any longer, and because Xiao Qiao was the one who took him by the hand to take him back.

Later, his adoptive parents adopted him, and his thoughts were completely focused on them.

He didn’t care about making friends, or anything else, only that his foster parents would keep him and love him.

He didn’t care, but his foster parents did.

When Father Lin adopted him, he was graying at the temples and the difference between he and Lin An Lan was so huge that he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy Lin An Lan’s little inner world, so he picked a friend for Lin An Lan, and that was Jiang Xu.

The young Jiang Xu was lively, cheerful and understanding that Father Lin gave Lin An Lan to him; to take him to school, to play with and to help him make friends with other people.

Jiang Xu did it all. He even took the initiative to take care of Lin An Lan because he was older than him, fearing that something might happen to this white and cute looking little brother.

It was at this age that their friendship sprouted. Jiang Xu kept watering and fertilizing their friendship, taking care of the sapling seriously, and by the time Lin An Lan looked back, the little sapling had grown up. Although it hadn’t grown into a huge tree, it wasn’t small at all.

Then, he met Cheng Yu, the stunningly enviable Cheng Yu.

Lin An Lan first met Cheng Yu, not after his sophomore class was divided, but during his speech under the national flag in his freshman year.

The freshman year Cheng Yu wasn’t in the AP class, but in the key class. His grades were in the top few of the key class and he had a good image, and so for something like the speech under the national flag, the class teacher chose him without hesitation.

Cheng Yu did give a very good speech, but even the best speech was overshadowed by his looks. As Lin An Lan stood in his class line, he had Cheng Yu’s speech in his left ear, and the girls around him saying ‘so handsome’ in his right ear, until the end of his speech, when the playground erupted in thunderous applause.

The girls applauded with real emotion, but the applause wasn’t for his speech, but for him as a person.

As Lin An Lan watched from below the stage, he thought that a man like him, must have been very happy from his childhood.

That was his impression of Cheng Yu, just like everyone else. Someone who was handsome and a winner in life and that was it.

Later on, in his second year of high school, after Jiang Liying left Jiang Xu, Cheng Yu started to approach him, asking him questions or asking him to do activities with him in gym class, but that was the time when Jiang Xu was at his most decadent. His concentration had been on Jiang Xu, and so he hadn’t cared much about Cheng Yu’s approach.

In all seriousness, Lin An Lan felt that he wasn’t a person with high emotional needs. The events of his childhood led him to place more importance on family love, so what he cared about most at that time was his adoptive parents, and with them, he was satisfied.

Jiang Xu’s presence also filled the gap he had for friendship, together with some other ordinary classmates and friends whom he occasionally contacted, and so as he had little desire for friendship, he hadn’t been too impressed by Cheng Yu’s approach.

Under normal circumstances, if Cheng Yu had kept up that kind of initiative, they would have become friends.

After all, he didn’t hate Cheng Yu per se, because he, like most of the boys and girls, admired his looks and personality.

But as it happened, Jiang Xu and Cheng Yu had that kind of relationship.

Lin An Lan never dreamed that the world would be so small and that things would be so melodramatic. He had assumed that Cheng Yu’s family was happy, that was why he could live such a natural, unrestrained and cheerful life.

But he didn’t expect that he wasn’t as happy as he had thought he was.

He went online to look up Cheng Yu’s parents and saw that it was reported in the news back then, that the marriage between the Cheng and Yu families was bound to be a great story, but sadly, this great story, didn’t last long.

Cheng Yu’s mother died of illness when he was 13, Cheng Yu’s father cheated on his mother with Jiang Xu’s mother before he was even born and had Jiang Xu.

So Cheng Yu, was also just a few months older than Jiang Xu.

At that time Lin An Lan didn’t know that Cheng Feng and Jiang Liying, didn’t have the common relationship of a scum and his mistress as he had thought. The relationship they had was one where Cheng Feng was raising Jiang Liying in addition to her being his mistress. However she wasn’t the only one, but one of them.

From that day onwards, there was a subtle change in the feelings Lin An Lan had towards Jiang Liying.

Whatever the reason was, breaking up someone’s family was morally questionable, especially when the other already had a child.

He had lost a family before, so he knew better than anyone what it was like for a child to not have a home anymore.

He disliked Jiang Liying because of this and for this reason, hoped that Jiang Xu wouldn’t be like his mother.

Jiang Xu was innocent. At least at that time, he was innocent. He had no idea who his father was or what his mother had done. He had thought that his father was dead, and so would say often to Lin An Lan when he was a child, “I don’t have a father, my mother said my father is somewhere else, probably heaven.”

Whenever he finished saying this, he would become a little sad then lament, “Xiao Lan, you’re so lucky, your father is at home.”

Lin An Lan would then nod fiercely and after going home, hug his dad.

This was his dad, his dad only.

That was why when Cheng Feng appeared, Lin An Lan had looked at Jiang Xu first, afraid that Jiang Xu would want to recognize this father, afraid that his friend would be like his mother, a destroyer of someone’s family.

After pulling Jiang Xu away, he had made a pact with him. Jiang Xu wasn’t allowed to go to Cheng Feng and he wouldn’t go near Cheng Yu.

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