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Chapter 28.1

Wang Cheng was excited to see that the Yu Lan Super Talk, which had been silent in the morning, had become lively in a flash. He hastily set up several backup groups for future use.

After Cheng Yu attended the opening ceremony, he found out that the cast had made an official announcement, causing the Yu Lan Super Talk to be active now.

He logged in and retweeted the official announcement of the drama with the words: first time working with @Lin An Lan, I’m looking forward to it. I hope everyone will like the role of Jing Huan.

The Yu Lan fans were still trying to share the posts when they saw that their Cheng Ge had reposted the Weibo. They screamed with excitement once again, running to Cheng Yu’s post and while helping him with his comments, shouted in the group, “Did you see it? Did you see it? Cheng Ge has @ An An, he didn’t even @ Fan Ruiwen. This is fuc***g blatant bias!”

“Cheng Ge is too good. He started spreading sugar as soon as he came online.”

“Why hasn’t An An replied yet? An An replied quickly, mum is anxious!”

“I don’t think An An has seen it yet, but he’ll reply when he sees it later.”

“I’m shedding tears of joy, my magnolia has finally broken through the ground. It has gone from small seeds to little buds.”

“Who isn’t? This mum fan is weeping.”

When Lin An Lan finished talking to Zhuo Siya, he opened Weibo as Zhuo Siya had said to prepare to repost the official announcement of the drama group’s Weibo, but just as he logged in, he saw that Cheng Yu had @him.

He looked at Cheng Yu’s repost then sent him a WeChat, asking him: [Why did you only @ me in the repost and not Fan Ruiwen? Is it okay?]

Fan Ruiwen was the actress who played the role of Sun Xinxin in the drama.

Cheng Yu replied quickly: [It is to avoid suspicion. I never @female stars.]

It made sense. The mainstream tendency was to make the opposite sex interact with each other a little more intimately which would lead to more publicity, but if it was an interaction between stars of the same sex, netizens would only think that there was nothing but friendship between them. Even if they took a step back to consider, they would only think that they were pretending. They wouldn’t think that the stars were a couple.

Because of this, Lin An Lan didn’t think about it too much before he reposted Cheng Yu’s repost with the message: first time working together, please take care of me. Hello everyone, I am Gu Shuyu.

After he finished doing this, he clicked on Cheng Yu’s Weibo page and realized that he wasn’t following him.

He followed him quickly, and after following him, he found that they were following each other. Then did this mean that Cheng Yu was already following him, but he hadn’t been following Cheng Yu?

It was probably because he didn’t pay attention to such things in the past, Lin An Lan thought. Then later on, although they became a couple, he didn’t log in to Weibo, so he didn’t think about it.

After all, he really didn’t surf Weibo very often.

He didn’t think much about it, but the Yu Lan CP fans felt a mouthful of sugar after another.

“Report! An An has replied!”

“Ah ah ah ah, he even said ‘please take care of me’, so sweet!”

“An An reposted Cheng Ge’s Weibo instead of reposting the official Weibo, ah ah ah, it’s too sweet!”

“An An also only reposted Cheng Ge’s repost and not Fan Ruiwen’s.”

“My heart goes out to Miss Fan Ruiwen. Yu Lan’s bias is too obvious!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh, An An is following Cheng Ge. When I just looked at his follow list, Cheng Ge wasn’t on it but it’s on it now.”

“But Cheng Ge didn’t follow An An back, woo woo.”

“No. I just clicked on the list of Cheng Ge’s followers and it shows that they are following each other, meaning Cheng Ge was already following Lin An Lan.”

“Could it be that Cheng Ge followed An An a long time ago?”

“It seems so. I once clicked on his list of followers and found that he was following An An.”

“!!!! Such a piece of candy, I can’t believe I didn’t get to eat it before!”

“So Cheng Ge had a crush on An An long ago?”

“Help, I’ve been searching for ages so why haven’t I found it yet!!! When exactly did Cheng Ge start following An An?”

“Check again.”

“I’ve already seen the preview. The rest is a range that can’t be viewed without permission. Woo woo, when exactly did Cheng Ge start following An An?”

“If you’ve reached the range where the Weibo page is unviewable, then Cheng Ge should have really been following An An for a long time.”

“F**k, so our Yu Yu has… a crush?”

“Our Cheng Ge’s humble online crush.”

“Too abusive. ‘After so many years of waiting, you’ve finally followed me back’. Today is the day when fans shed tears for Yu Lan!”

“Who would have thought that we would have so much sugar today? I’m still in tears.”

“This is different! These are tears of happiness!”

The group of Yu Lan fans were so excited that they didn’t stop all afternoon chatting in the group non stop.

When Cheng Yu, on the other hand saw his fans suddenly bringing Lin An Lan up, he excitedly opened his secret account on the spot and started a new round of lottery.

Magnolia Blossom: Good news! Our Yu Lan CP is finally cooperating! To celebrate this great news, there will be a draw of 1314 people to play for a win of 66 yuan each. Wishing the Yu Lan CP a happy cooperation! Requirements: follow Yu Lan Super Talk, follow Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, but don’t cursed them. (Except for Jiang Xu’s fans)

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