I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 85.3

“If you can quit cutting my fruit when you say that, then maybe I’ll agree.”

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Yuan Leren sigh with emotion, “I know the taste of dog food, it’s lobster with fruit salad.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan silently withdrew his hand that was peeling the lobsters.

Cheng Yu said deliberately, “Who asked you to speak nonsense? Take back your words that scared your Lin Ge.”

“I was wrong.” Yuan Leren said in embarrassment, “I just thought your relationship is quite good. You guys are old classmates and I know what it’s like. I’m like that with my best friend too. Lin Ge, please don’t take offense.”

“I don’t mind.” Lin An Lan told her. I just have a guilty conscience.

He ate for a while then went to swim in the sea.

Cheng Yu and Jiang Xu followed.

Several of them met in the water and not paying any attention to Jiang Xu, Lin An Lan swam forward. Cheng Yu followed him and, lowering his head, submerged himself partly under the surface and watched him from the water.

Lin An Lan was surprise, causing Cheng Yu to smile at him and in his surprise, he raised his head slightly and kissed him on the lips.

Startled, Lin An Lan’s whole body emerged from the water.

He wiped his face, his heart racing as he trembled with fear, scared even though he knew they hadn’t been filmed.

Cheng Yu deliberately swam some distance away from him before emerging to ask him, “Why aren’t you swimming?”

Lin An Lan hmphed. What do you think?!

How dare you ask me!

Raising his hand, he threw a handful of water at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu smiled, allowed him to splash it, and then a water fight ensued between them.

Jiang Xu on the sidelines: ……

Jiang Xu felt a stitch in his side as his stomach turn in anger and not resigned, threw a handful of water on Cheng Yu. Lin An Lan gave him a disgruntled look and then turned to swim back.

Jiang Xu: ????

Jiang Xu felt that things were too hard for him.

Cheng Yu followed and sat in the sun on the beach with Lin An Lan.

Jiang Xu also wanted to sit next to Lin An Lan, but Lin An Lan put a coconut next to him and then gave him a cold look when the camera wasn’t paying attention to their side.

Jiang Xu could only leave and look at him from a distance behind.

The sea breeze was warm and everyone was playing on the beach. Propping his head up, Lin An Lan enjoyed the feeling of the sun on his body, so comfortable that it made him want to sleep.

“Let’s go back.” He said to Cheng Yu, “I’m feeling sleepy.”

He wasn’t the only one. The others were sleepy as well and so headed for their villas one after the other.

Standing up, Cheng Yu reached out, pulled him up and sent him back.

Lin An Lan was indeed feeling sleepy, because as soon as he got to the room and took a shower, he lay down on his bed and promptly fell asleep.

Cheng Yu didn’t sleep, he changed into a snorkeling kit and went back out the door.

Instead of going to the beach where they had just played, he went to the one not far from his villa.

Diving into the water, he swam with abandon before he started to collect shells for Lin An Lan.

He remembered Lin An Lan picking up a shell and throwing it away because it wouldn’t pass customs. Shells wouldn’t, but the pearls inside them would.

As the New Year was approaching, Cheng Yu wanted to give Lin An Lan a New Year gift. If he could, he would like to give Lin An Lan a gift on every holiday of the year, but this might not always be possible, so he wanted to cherish their every holiday together and give him the most and the best gifts when he could.

Maybe one day they would be separated, but Lin An Lan wouldn’t be cruel enough to return the gifts given to him, right?

He supposed so.

Thinking this way, he looked for several larger clamshells.

By the time Cheng Yu felt that he was almost done and that a few pearls were sure to come out of the shells, he swam happily to the shore and was ready to go ashore, however when he looked up, he noticed a man on the shore.

It was Chen Yingjie.

Chen Yingjie whom he wasn’t familiar with, but who always liked to wander to his side and inexplicably always made it a point to target Lin An Lan.

Cheng Yu went ashore and looked around. The beach was remote and less frequented, and there was no sign of anyone but Chen Yingjie.

Putting the clamshells in the bag he had prepared earlier, he didn’t rush off. Instead, he asked him, “Something wrong?”

“There’s a little something.” Chen Yingjie said.

“That’s good, I have something to ask you too.” Cheng Yu told him.

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