I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 158.2

This was pretty good. Cheng Yu was very happy.

However while he was happy, netizens were not.

Everyone was discussing it that soon, the topic made it to the hot search: ‘Cheng Yu will never sing ‘I Love You the Most in the World’ again’.

Fans who had just been attracted by the song clicked in and saw the video of his Q&A with the host.

“Why?! Why won’t he sing it again!”

“F*ck, he sounds so lucid that I don’t know whether to call him a clear headed person or not!”

“Although I was really moved by the emotions in the song, I still like it even without the emotions. Ge-ge, please don’t do this!”

“Please sing it live, at least once. We kids haven’t heard it live yet!”

“Am I the only one who thinks he’s quite responsible by doing this? He sings when he has the emotions, but doesn’t exploit fans or make extra money when he can’t sing it with the same emotions. It’s quite responsible for both the song and the fans.”

“I feel that he really respects the song, that’s why he’s only willing to sing it when he’s in the best state. Now that he’s not in that state, he won’t sing it. He must really like the song.”

“No way, no way, no way, right! It’s so obvious that it’s lip-syncing but no one suspects it? He hasn’t sung live since the song was released and now he’s saying he’ll never sing it again. Think, think carefully!”

“Don’t you know that a lot of live performances nowadays are lip-synced? If he was lip-syncing, would he even care about the live performance?”

“Ignore that troll. It’s so obvious that it’s Cheng Yu’s voice, but he’s still trying to slander him. Don’t donate your ears if you don’t want them, just keep them to yourself and don’t harm others. In my opinion, he got too immersed in his role while filming, that’s why his emotions were abundant when recording the song. Now that he’s finished filming and out of the role, he no longer has those emotions, so he won’t sing it. After all, he’s an actor, not a singer, and it’s his emotions, not his technique, that touched people with this song.”

“Upstairs, your explanation is correct.”

After the tour, Cheng Yu saw Sun Meng waiting anxiously for him. As soon as he got off the stage, Sun Meng immediately told him about the netizens’ reactions.

Cheng Yu’s expression was calm. “I expected it.”

“And you still dared to say it?”

“I’m just telling the truth.” Cheng Yu said. “I really can’t sing it now and I probably won’t be able to in the future, so I won’t sing it again.”

“Are you that certain?”

Cheng Yu narrowed his eyes, “You don’t believe in our love?”

Sun Meng: ….

Sun Meng hastened to express his loyalty. “I was just asking out of habit. I really believe in you two! I believe you two will grow old together and always be in love. He definitely really loves you!”

Cheng Yu was satisfied. “That’s more like it. Anyway, this matter is settled. In a few years, I’ll be retiring from the entertainment industry, so these small things aren’t worth fussing over.”

Hearing this, Sun Meng came to a realization. Yes, compared to retiring, Cheng Yu no longer performing this song didn’t seem worth discussing or worrying about.

“Right.” Cheng Yu reminded him, “don’t authorize the copyright of this song to anyone. No commercial performances, adaptations, or profit-making covers are allowed.”

“What about Lin An Lan? Won’t you give it to him?”

“He doesn’t need it.” Cheng Yu smiled. “He won’t have the emotions to sing this song either.”

“Neither of us will need it.”

After saying this, Cheng Yu walked forward and Wang Cheng followed after him quickly, saying sweetly in support, “Cheng Ge, you’re right! I also think neither you nor Lin Ge will need this song!”

“Have you been working with other artists lately?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“No.” Wang Cheng replied. “Sun Ge said that I’m still your assistant and you haven’t retired yet completely, so he didn’t arrange for me to work with other artists. He just arranged many other activities for me.”

“When the time is right in the future, you can go and work with An An.” Cheng Yu looked at Wang Cheng. “You’re quite clever and with only Yang Wang as an assistant on his side, you going there could help share some of the burden for them.”

Wang Cheng was slightly stunned then agreed without much thought, “Okay.”

Cheng Yu raised an eyebrow, “You agreed quite readily.”

“Cheng Ge, aren’t you and Lin Ge a family?” Wang Cheng laughed. “Being an assistant to Lin Ge is still like being your assistant; there’s no difference. Besides, I’m the second biggest fan of Yu Lan. My favorite people in the entire entertainment industry are you and Lin Ge. Since you’re retiring, my best choice would naturally be Lin Ge. By working with Lin Ge, I can continue being a fan and share the sweet moments with everyone!”

Hearing this, Cheng Yu patted him on the shoulder, quite moved, “Your have a great mindset!”

“It’s mainly because you, Cheng Ge, are amazing. You’ve managed to make Yu Lan grow stronger and you even made your relationship with Lin Ge a reality!”

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