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Chapter 44.2

The second year of high school was a busy time for students, and Lin An Lan was strict with himself. He had a lot of papers to write every day, a lot of exercises to do, and he had to help Jiang Xu improve his grades, so he really didn’t have the extra time to spare for Cheng Yu.

His time was clearly divided into three sections: time for his parents, time for his own studies, and time for Jiang Xu.

At that time, the three most important people in Lin An Lan’s life were his parents who adopted him, Jiang Xu who grew up with him, and if there was a fourth person, it was probably the biological son of his adoptive parents whom he saw in a picture, the unrelated brother whom he had never met.

Cheng Yu was just one of his many classmates, so he wasn’t worth him giving up any of the time he could use to spend with his parents, to improve himself, or to discipline Jiang Xu for him.

He refused Cheng Yu politely and went back to his seat.

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything as he looked at his back.

He felt that he could understand, just as he had to accept it even though he was disappointed.

He continued to lie on the table and stare at Lin An Lan in the front row.

Day after day, he watched him and tried to get close to him again and again.

And every day that he looked at him, his heart yearned for him more and more.

Every time he got close to him, his heart beat faster.

In this way, he fell in love with Lin An Lan day after day, in the persistence of not being able to get him but not willing to give up, in the unconscious search for his figure every day.

Love came suddenly, but it seemed to make sense, as it should.

He had even dreamt that Lin An Lan was sitting in the classroom next to him, giving him a lesson on a math problem he couldn’t solve.

The sun shone in and shone on Lin An Lan’s face, giving it a dreamy look that seemed ready to dissipate.

So he stared at him unblinkingly.

Just at that moment, Lin An Lan asked him, “Do you now understand how to solve it?”

Of course Cheng Yu understood, but he didn’t want to say that, because he was afraid that if he did, Lin An Lan would disappear.

So he shook his head and played dumb, “I don’t understand, explain it to me again.”

Lin An Lan didn’t get angry, explaining it to him carefully and patiently once again.

Cheng Yu leaned over the table and looked at him, asking himself how come he looked so handsome no matter what.

Lin An Lan turned his face sideways then lifted his eyes, “Look at the paper, don’t look at me.”

Cheng Yu smiled in reply, “You look better.”

“Do you want to learn or not?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head immediately, looking like a good boy, “I want to learn, I want to learn.”

He looked down at his paper but couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Lin An Lan, who also couldn’t help but ask, “Am I that good looking?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head, ” You’re very handsome.”

“Then you can look for five minutes and when you’ve seen enough, listen carefully.”

Cheng Yu smiled unconsciously then started to admire him seriously.

Lin An Lan just allowed him to look as he smiled.

Cheng Yu lifted his head slowly and moved closer to him, looking directly into his eyes.

He saw himself in Lin An Lan’s eyes, but the him he was seeing was very small and unclear, so he moved closer unconsciously. Lin An Lan didn’t have time to avoid him so when their lips touched, Cheng Yu saw the surprise in his eyes.

Before he could say anything, the alarm clock rang and Lin An Lan disappeared, making Cheng Yu open his eyes anxiously.

The next day, Cheng Yu never dared to look at Lin An Lan, only feeling that it was probably because he didn’t explode in the silence that was why he had become a pervert in the silence and had had such a dream.

He felt ashamed and sorry towards Lin An Lan.

But he couldn’t help but raise his eyelids to look at Lin An Lan quietly.

He did like him a lot, and he thought, no matter what kind of like it was, first of all, he liked Lin An Lan.

The love Cheng Yu felt for him came earlier than he had expected, but he peeped into it carefully, not daring to touch it and not daring to show it.

He hid his love in a place where no one could touch it, and only took a brief glance at it every day when he couldn’t resist.

It was a treasure that belonged to him, and only to him alone.

He was the only one in the whole world who knew about it.

“Cut.” Director Zhang interrupted Cheng Yu’s thoughts.

“Xiao Cheng, you’re too full of emotion, tone it down a little.”

Cheng Yu nodded his head and pulled himself out.

Lin An Lan asked as he looked at him, “Is there something wrong?”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “It’s nothing, I was just thinking about the past.”

But this wasn’t the first time. Cheng Yu thought to himself, this drama was affecting him more than he thought. Every time he shot a familiar scene or a familiar mood, it would make him think of the past and immerse himself in it.

It was clear that it was already in the past, and that there were some scenes that he would never recall again, but they were still aroused by the drama and brought out by Jing Huan’s emotions.

He couldn’t restrain his own emotions and became more and more infected by Jing Huan’s emotions.

Fortunately, in the drama, Jing Huan was much more luckier than he was, and outside of the drama, he had already achieved what he had once wanted.

He used the cover of the desk to hold Lin An Lan’s hand on the chair without the expression on his face changing.

Lin An Lan was so shocked that he almost looked at the people around him subconsciously, but he managed to restrain himself.

He turned his head to look at Cheng Yu but didn’t look him directly in the eye, deliberately putting on an understanding expression.

Cheng Yu shook his hand, smiled then said, “I’m sorry, I have to ask you to do it again with me.”

“It’s okay.” Lin An Lan responded.

Cheng Yu looked at him, wanting to kiss, hold him and take him into his arms.

However, since they were still filming, it was naturally impossible.

Therefore, he could only rub Lin An Lan’s fingers and say warmly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin An Lan whispered.

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