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Chapter 104.2

So, what type did he like?

He liked those who took the initiative and he liked to be loved. There were actually many people who could do both, but he was still single.

His love, was destined to be difficult to surrender, because he had no way of trusting someone completely, let alone believing that he could spend the rest of his life with someone without regret.

There were still sixty or seventy years left to go and he was only in his twenties. Who could guarantee that what he liked now, wouldn’t turn into indifference and something he was fed up with later down the line?

He watched his suitors pass him by. He knew they liked him, but he couldn’t trust the shelf life of the love they offered and he couldn’t trust them, so he held on tightly to his love, unable to give it away. What’s more he also didn’t know who to give it to.

He didn’t even, it seemed, have a particular favorite.

Of course, this didn’t include Jiang Xu. Jiang Xu was a friend and the affection given to friends and the one given to lovers wasn’t the same.

A little sad, Lin An Lan ate his food, carefully sorting out his feelings for Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu loved him, loved him a lot and Lin An Lan could feel it, but he wasn’t so fond of Cheng Yu’s family and even rejected it.

He hated Cheng Feng and didn’t want to get involved with him.

Besides, was his current love for Cheng Yu love for Cheng Yu’s love or love for Cheng Yu himself?

Perhaps if Cheng Yu didn’t love him that much, then Lin An Lan felt that they could give it a try first and stay together if they were a match and separate if they weren’t.

But instead, Cheng Yu loved him, loved him too much. It was already cruel to Cheng Yu that he had left this time, so if they tried again and separated because it didn’t work out, Lin An Lan thought Cheng Yu would probably not be able to handle it.

That was like giving him hope for the second time and then shattering his illusions once again.

That was too cruel, Lin An Lan couldn’t bear to do it.

He sighed. So, should he or should he not tell Cheng Yu that he had recovered his memory?

Not knowing what to do, Lin An Lan put his chopsticks down, put the leftovers in the fridge and washed the dishes.

When Cheng Yu woke up from a nap, the rain had stopped and the room was dark. He leaned back in bed, not wanting to move much.

Picking up his cell phone, he looked at it. Many people had sent him messages, but not one of them was from Lin An Lan.

It was as if Lin An Lan had forgotten about him. After he left, he never contacted him again and if his messages hadn’t gone out, he would have wondered if Lin An Lan had blacklisted him.

He was really cruel, Cheng Yu thought. How could he be so cruel? They had at least been together for so long, could it be that all those days of love was fake?

Opening Lin An Lan’s WeChat page, he wanted to send him a message but then withdrew it, looked at the WeChat interface in silence and then backed out.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door and Cheng Yu’s heart rose immediately. Who was it? Was it Lin An Lan?

He had left in such a hurry, not even taking a key, could it be that he had come back?

Cheng Yu hoped with trepidation, but then felt in his heart that it couldn’t be, it couldn’t be him.

Getting out of bed, he moved out to open the door.

But it wasn’t Lin An Lan standing outside the door. It was Hua Rong and Xu Sheng.

“I’ve come to see you. I bought you some porridge and snacks.” Hua Rong told him.

Cheng Yu closed the door with a bang, causing Hua Rong to freeze for a moment before he knocked on the door, “What are you doing? Open the door.”

“I told you he’d be angry.” Xu Sheng said, “You see, sure enough he’s not happy.”

“Whose side are you on?” Hua Rong shot him a disgruntled look, “Wasn’t I doing it for his own good?”

Xu Sheng said helplessly, “It’s not as if you don’t know that in his heart, Lin An Lan is a heavenly fairy-like figure, his white moonlight, his cinnabar mole. You went to find a cabbage to replace his white moonlight, can he not be angry?”

“But the problem is that he treats Lin An Lan like his white moonlight but does Lin An Lan pay any attention to him? He treats him like he is cabbage.”

Enraged, Cheng Yu opened the door and glared at Hua Rong angrily.

“You’ve opened the door now.” Hua Rong laughed, “You see, in the end it is Xu Sheng and I who have come to see you. Even if you are in tremendous pain and die at home, Lin An Lan wouldn’t care a hoot.”

Cheng Yu raised his hand to close the door.

Squeezing in hurriedly, Hua Rong sighed, “Alright, alright, I won’t talk about it. Come, eat first. I’m guessing you haven’t eaten a bite all day, right?”

“What’s up with Xie Hui?” Cheng Yu asked, “How did he get involved with you?”

“I just happened to bump into him, thought he looked a bit like Lin An Lan and so brought him to you. So even if you don’t have the real one, it’s nice to have the fake one, right?”

Cheng Yu:……

“Right?” Hua Rong put the food on the table for him, “It’s about time you got out. After all these years, haven’t you h*anged yourself on the tree that is Lin An Lan enough? How many eight years can you have? How much longer do you plan to waste on him? If you can’t get out on your own, then I can give you a push. Isn’t Xie Hui good, isn’t he okay? If he’s not, then what type do you like? What do you like about Lin An Lan? His personality? His temperament? Tell me what you like about him, and I’ll help you find someone similar okay?”

“What do you like about Fang Yueshui?” Cheng Yu asked him, “His face, personality, temperament? Tell me what you like about him, and I’ll help you find someone similar okay?”

Laughing, Hua Rong took out his cigarette case and lighting a cigarette, said, “Ah Yu, you can’t compete with me. I have already let him go and I haven’t changed like the way you have now for him. I can walk out on my own, but you can’t right?”

“It’s been eight years. Anyone else would have given up, but you’re still waiting. I didn’t advise you in university because I thought he was really nice, so it was normal for you to like him, but now, how long has it been since we graduated from school. Many of our university friends have had children, yet you’re still waiting. Do you think you’ll be able to get him after waiting? Do you think you’re really going to be together?”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything.

“So it’s time for you to come out. You know it yourself, he doesn’t love you, the two of you won’t work out, so it’s time for you to give up.”

Xu Sheng also advised, “Yes Ah Yu, it’s been so long. Hua Rong is an a*shole that’s why he came up with such a bad idea, but it’s not a good thing for you to be like this.”

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