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Chapter 160.2

The ‘Goldfish’ cp Jing Huan and Gu Shuyu, as well as the ‘Lonely Heart’ cp Gu Shuyu and Sun Xinxin, successfully made their way into the cp rankings, rising rapidly.

Especially the ‘Goldfish’ cp. With the support of the Yu Lan fans, they almost broke into the top three as soon as they entered the rankings. Then they surpassed the second place, becoming the second most popular cp, only after Yu Lan.

As for the Yu Lan cp, Wang Cheng looked at the ever increasing number of fans in their forum and felt that their fan base was getting a bit too large, right?

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s pure fans shared the same sentiment. As soon as they left the cinema, they knew it was over. This cp was already popular enough, and now there would probably be even more fans.

Sure enough, right after the premiere, a slew of people joined the real life cp fandom, crying, “I’ve been abused mercilessly, I’ve been abused mercilessly. The film was too abusive! I came here for some sweetness.”

The Yu Lan fans immediately offered various types of candies, “Sisters, hugs for you! Check out Yu Lan’s daily interactions to ease the pain. Our Yu Lan is really sweet! All sorts of sweet moments will give you a toothache, especially in the variety show ‘Backpacking For Youngsters,’ where Cheng Ge kissed An An directly in front of everyone.”

Watching the video, the abused passers-by saw a group of people sitting around a table on a sandy beach, then Cheng Yu turned around and kissed Lin An Lan’s face. Lin An Lan was surprised but didn’t say anything.

Eating the candies excitedly, after two hours of video clips, they shouted, “I’m good now! I can go watch the film again!”

Almost all the ‘Goldfish’ cp fans turned into Yu Lan cp fans. After having their hearts broken from the film, they found sweetness in real life. They quickly bonded with the Yu Lan fans, thinking that from the way Yu Lan was so sweet, it had to be real. Maybe they had even developed feelings for each other while filming.

Compared to them, those who shipped Lin An Lan and Sun Xinxin were more miserable. The bad ending in the film, combined with the lack of interaction between the two actors in real life, failed to heal their wounded hearts. As a result, the fans of this cp felt even more abused.

“Ah ah ah ah, we all have bad endings, but ours is seriously too thorough!”

The happiness index of the ‘Goldfish’ cp fans skyrocketed and they watched the film again enthusiastically in tandem with the real life clips of Yu Lan.

Some talented editors even re-edited the film trailer and variety show clips, rewriting the plot and providing Gu Shuyu and Jing Huan with a happy ending.

For a time, the Yu Lan cp became a national sensation. Even those who didn’t ship them could understand the appeal after watching the film. They commented, “It makes sense; they have so many fans and both are so handsome. I don’t ship them, but I think they are quite suitable.”

The pure fans of Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan had black eyes, feeling that they probably wouldn’t be able to escape this cp in their lifetimes.

Contrary to the sadness of the pure fans, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were quite happy.

The film’s box office had exceeded their expectations, and they were discussing having a celebration party in the group chat.

Fan Ruiwen had never seen her fan base grow so quickly before. She secretly sent a message to Lin An Lan, asking, [Am I going to become popular?]

Lin An Lan replied: [Probably.]

Seeing his response, Fan Ruiwen happily sent a celebratory emoji.

Actually, she wanted to hype up a cp with Lin An Lan as they had a lot of fans shipping them who wanted to see their real life interactions. However, considering that he had probably already chosen Cheng Yu, she swallowed her words.

It didn’t matter. Her current situation was quite good. At least there were signs of her becoming popular, which wasn’t too bad.

As the popularity of the film continued to rise, Zhao Peng Hai cleverly instructed the editing department to work overnight to produce the trailer for ‘Breaking Dawn’ in order to promote the film.

Lin An Lan saw the group message and forwarded the official Weibo post that said: “It’s a different Lin An Lan, but equally exciting.”

Lin An Lan’s fans screamed with joy, “Looking forward to it! After ‘Yun Yun,’ this is the film I’m most excited about!”

“Ah ah ah, An An looks so handsome in this film too!”

“That last scene was too cool, right? Is this a story of a brother avenging his sister?”

“Another day of being enticed and tormented by big brother’s new film!”

The forum was also surprised, “Lin An Lan has already starred in two films?”

“Judging by the trailer, the next one seems quite different from this one. Lin An Lan is quite daring.”

“To be honest, his performance as Gu Shuyu was quite good. Both the male and female characters in the film liked him. He was the soul of the film. If he hadn’t held it well, the film would have been ridiculous, with no convincing plot. But he held it together flawlessly, so even though he occupied all the emotional scenes, I didn’t think there was a problem. He’s quite impressive.”

“But Zhao Peng Hai isn’t as stable as Director Zhang, right? I remember his films either have good word of mouth or just good box office.”

“But doesn’t that mean at least one of his films is good in either word of mouth or box office? Lin An Lan has just entered the film industry, so being able to get one good project is already impressive. Not every film can be like ‘Yun Yun,’ with both excellent word of mouth and box office.”

“I’m still a bit worried about him. The starting point of ‘Yun Yun’ is too high. With a current box office of 1.5 billion, by the time it’s taken off the screen, it will have reached 3-4 billion. If the gap between the second film is too large, it will feel…”

“It should be fine, right? Zhao Peng Hai is somewhat capable, and the theme is about fighting domestic violence. Perhaps they are aiming for awards.”

“Speaking of awards, ‘Yun Yun’ will definitely be nominated for the Golden Osmanthus Awards this year, right?”

“I’m not sure, but if it does get nominated, Lin An Lan will be quite happy. He will definitely be submitted as the leading actor and if he gets nominated for the leading actor in his first film, his fans can boast about it.”

“Then Cheng Yu will be getting the short end of the stick. Can he only be submitted as the supporting actor?”

“It depends on the production team. They said it’s a dual male lead, so technically they can both be submitted. But that would split the votes, so for safety’s sake, they might only submit one. If they only submit one, it’s definitely going to be Lin An Lan. With his role, it’s impossible to submit him as a supporting actor.”

“Woo woo woo, I feel even more distressed for Jing Huan now.”

Lin An Lan, reading the netizens’ discussions, also thought about this.

If they could be nominated, he would actually prefer to submit himself and Cheng Yu as leading actors together. But as the netizens had pointed out, the production team might be more inclined to submit him as the leading actor and Cheng Yu as the supporting actor considering the voting situation.

Lin An Lan was a little upset. In the beginning, Director Zhang had favored Cheng Yu for the role of Gu Shuyu, but Cheng Yu had wanted to act as Jing Huan instead and had recommended him for the role.

Now, with Cheng Yu competing for the supporting actor award and him for the leading actor award, Lin An Lan felt it wasn’t quite appropriate.

However, these kinds of things were usually not up to the actors themselves to decide. Moreover, no one knew if they would be nominated. Although ‘Yun Yun’ currently had a good box office and word of mouth, no one could give a 100% guarantee that there would be a nomination, so Lin An Lan only struggled with the thought briefly before putting it aside.

They would deal with that later. It was too early to worry about these things now. It was better to think about what to wear to the celebration party.

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