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Chapter 73.1

Lin An Lan allowed Cheng Yu to hold him for a while before he looked at him with a thoughtful expression.

He wanted to ask him if he knew about his connection to Jiang Xu, but he was afraid that if he didn’t know, he would make Cheng Yu feel depressed.

But if he didn’t say anything, it wouldn’t be appropriate either.

It didn’t make sense that both Jiang Xu and he knew about it now, but Cheng Yu didn’t.

“You……” Lin An Lan hesitated for a moment then asked him cautiously, “you said before that the conflict between you and Jiang Xu wasn’t easy to describe. Can you, tell me now?”

Cheng Yu didn’t expect Lin An Lan to ask him this question. He’d only asked him this question once, and he’d never brought it up again. Was he asking again because of his argument with Jiang Xu?

“Why are you asking me this again?”

“I’m a little curious.” Lin An Lan whispered, “I seem to have just inadvertently learned Jiang Xu’s underlying reason for targeting you, so I wanted to see if what you believe to be the true reason is the true reason. I’m afraid you are mistaken.”

Cheng Yu was shocked, this was something he hadn’t expected.

He had guessed that the argument Jiang Xu and Lin An Lan might have had was perhaps the same as before. He didn’t expect that Lin An Lan would know the root cause of Jiang Xu’s conflict with him.

Had Jiang Xu told Lin An Lan about their relationship?

No, Lin An Lan’s claim was that he had just found out by accident, which meant Jiang Xu hadn’t told him, but that Lin An Lan had guessed it by chance.

He knew that Jiang Xu was an unplanned bomb that would destroy his relationship with Lin An Lan at any time if he didn’t dismantle him.

Cheng Yu was a little annoyed. He didn’t want Lin An Lan to know the true nature of his relationship with Jiang Xu because he was afraid Lin An Lan would discover something else, and he was even more afraid Lin An Lan would realize that everything Jiang Xu had been saying, everything he hadn’t been willing to believe, might be .

But he already knew now.

“Then tell me, what is the root cause of his targeting me?” Cheng Yu tried to sound him out.

Lin An Lan, afraid that telling him directly would impact him greatly, said tactfully, “It has to do with your father.”

Cheng Yu’s heart sank instantly, feeling that he was unlucky.

He was right. It seems, Lin An Lan really knew.

He lowered his eyes, smiled slightly then said softly, “You’re right.”

Lin An Lan was surprised, “So, you’ve known all along?”

“Why wouldn’t I know?” Cheng Yu touched the side of his face, “I know a lot of things, and if there are things I don’t know, it only means that I’m not interested in them.”


Lin An Lan looked at him suspiciously, “You don’t, seem to hate Jiang Xu.”

Unlike Jiang Xu’s resentment towards Cheng Yu, to Cheng Yu, Jiang Xu was just like a passer-by. All his grievances against Jiang Xu had nothing to do with his father, it only had to do with he himself.

He was so calm that even when Jiang Xu came to him and made trouble over and over again for reasons they both knew, he just looked on coldly as if his anger had nothing to do with him and the only thing that mattered was he himself.

Lin An Lan was puzzled, “Don’t you hate him?”

Cheng Yu laughed softly, and with this laugh, it was as if he were saying that the wind was so strong today, without a trace of emotion.

“I don’t even care about my father, so why should I care about his illegitimate son?”

“There aren’t many people in this world that I care about, and there are many people that I don’t care about. My father is among them, as well as Jiang Xu, so I have no feelings for them.”

Smiling tenderly at Lin An Lan, he leaned closer to him and said in a warm voice, “My feelings are precious, so I wouldn’t allocate them to people who don’t matter. Whether it’s hate or love, they don’t deserve it; would you bother with a dog? I wouldn’t.”

Lin An Lan blinked, his heart aching for him inexplicably, but at the same time he couldn’t help but admire him.

He thought to himself, Cheng Yu was amazing, and it was incredible that he had such mental strength.

He didn’t allow himself to be trapped by other people’s mistakes, let alone let them affect him. He looked at Jiang Xu and his father indifferently, and under his indifference, Jiang Xu, who always jumped up and down, seemed like a clown.

No, he was just embarrassing as he tried to draw attention to himself through his own childishness.

Jiang Xu’s upbringing was undoubtedly a failure.

But Cheng Yu, whose mother died when he was young and whose father never cared for him, grew up to be a man of such character, which was no small feat.

It was admirable.

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but nod and then nod again, “You’re right, your emotions don’t need to be affected for them, they don’t deserve it.”

Laughing, Cheng Yu wrapped his arm around him, “That’s right.”

If he had known about Jiang Xu earlier, perhaps when he was in primary school or junior high school, then, Cheng Yu thought to himself, he would have been angry too.

Maybe he would have even hated him too.

But by the time he found out, he was already in university.

At the start of his freshman year, Cheng Feng suddenly remembered that his son had entered university and as if the sun had risen from the west, wanted to do his duty as a father, so he drove Cheng Yu to school to report.

Cheng Yu had thought it unnecessary, but he couldn’t stop his sudden fatherly love, so they went to school together.

Afterwards, when Cheng Yu was done tidying up his bed in the dormitory, Cheng Feng’s fatherly love experience came to an end then he received a call and decided to leave first.

Later that night, Cheng Yu received a call from Yu Heng.

After leaving his dormitory, Cheng Feng met Jiang Xu at the entrance of the school.

Jiang Xu had stopped him and said a few words to him.

“Hello, my name is Jiang Xu.”

Cheng Feng nodded, “Hello.”

“My mother’s name is Jiang Liying.” Jiang Xu had said nervously.

Cheng Feng let out a laugh, “Who? I haven’t heard of her before.”

He said it casually and calmly, as if he had never met a woman called Jiang Liying in his life.

When he finished saying this, he didn’t even look at Jiang Xu for a second and left gracefully.

Cheng Yu was shocked, but that was all.

He had long since lost any feelings for Cheng Feng and had long since passed the age of longing for his father’s love, or caring for his father.

So although he was shocked, that was all. He didn’t even think it was a surprise, after all, it was only natural for a man like his father to have an illegitimate son.

But what did it matter to him? He didn’t care about Cheng Feng anymore, so should he care about Cheng Feng’s stray son?

They could do whatever they wanted.

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