I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 146.1

“The thinking of the older generation is often like this and besides, your family has really large properties.”

Having reached this point, Cheng Yu asked Lin An Lan, “An An, in the future, do you want us to adopt a child or adopt one from the Cheng family? If my father wants us to adopt one from the Cheng family, will you be able to accept it?”

“I can.” Lin An Lan answered, “Both are fine, I can accept either.”

“Then we’ll see how things go at that time.”


While talking, Lin An Lan arrived, so Cheng Yu alighted as well then had a meal with him before leaving reluctantly.

Looking at his back as he left, Lin An Lan thought of his happy expression in the elevator and almost ran up to hug him from behind.

Let’s wait for another time, Lin An Lan thought to himself. He would hug him the next time they saw each other, so he would let his little tulip slip away for now today. Otherwise, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist taking him home.

He was so cute, he wanted to grab.

Looking at the big smile on his face, Pei Qiu asked him, “Is he good looking?”

“Isn’t he?” Lin An Lan asked him back.

“He is pretty good looking, let’s look again.” Pei Qiu agreed readily.

Smiling, Lin An Lan rubbed his hair. “Let’s go, you haven’t finished your paper for today.”

Pei Qiu wilted instantly. “The English level four test and I aren’t compatible. How about I go sleep first instead?”

“Try your best.” Lin An Lan encouraged him. “What if you pass?”

“Then I’ll give you a discount, 30% off!”

Remembering something, Lin An Lan asked him, “How much is your appearance fee?”

“Young Master Cheng told me not to tell you.”

“Then what if I want to hire you to help me in the future?”

“Young Master Cheng said to charge it to his account.”

“What if I want you to investigate something concerning him without you letting him know?”

Pei Qiu: “….”

“Will you accept the job?” Lin An Lan asked.

Pei Qiu: “….”

“You won’t accept it?”

Pei Qiu shook his head.

“So you won’t accept the job?”

Pei Qiu continued shaking his head.

“What does that mean?”

“It’s too difficult.” Pei Qiu pleaded pitifully. “Why do you have to give me such a difficult multiple-choice question? I’m just a baby!”

“Maybe it’s because when parents divorce, the baby can only stay with one of them.”

“Dad, please spare me!” Pei Qiu begged.

Lin An Lan sighed. Sure enough, the child always tended to be closer to his mother.

He patted his cheap son’s head then said, “Let’s go, let’s do your paper first.”

Pei Qiu nodded frantically, feeling that doing the paper was much easier than making the choice of whether to accept the job or not.

Sigh, being a baby was so exhausting!

After resolving the issue with Jiang Xu, Lin An Lan once again threw himself into the intense filming schedule.

Meng Tingyun asked him, “Has Cheng Feng caused you any trouble lately?”

“Not for now.” Lin An Lan looked at him. “Has he caused you trouble?”

Meng Tingyun shook his head. “I already told him it might not work out, so now that it hasn’t, it’s not unexpected.”

“That’s good.”

“Lin Ge, are you really not worried at all?”

Meng Tingyun was very worried. He kept on feeling that things wouldn’t end so easily.

Lin An Lan had nothing to worry about, because could worrying solve the problem? If it couldn’t, then forget it and let Cheng Feng be.

He had already worried about these things before he’d decided to be with Cheng Yu, so he didn’t need to worry again now.

Smiling, he said to Meng Tingyun, “Focus on reading your script.”

Soon, it was the end of May and Lin An Lan had an event to attend.

And by the time the event was done and he was on his way back, it was already one o’clock in the morning.

Sitting in the car, Lin An Lan was resting with his eyes closed, with Zhuo Siya and Yang Wang sitting beside him, both already very tired.

As the car turned onto a small road, Pei Qiu was about to make a turn when he saw a truck driving straight towards them.

He quickly turned the steering wheel to the other side to avoid it.

However he turned too fast, causing the three people in the back seat to wake up instantly.

Yang Wang was about to complain when he saw a bright light flash by. The next second, he heard a loud ‘bang’.

Stopping the car, Pei Qiu jumped out and went over to open the door of the truck.

The driver was lying on the steering wheel with blood seeping from his head. Pei Qiu wasted no time in calling the police and then searched him for his identification card and cellphone.

He recorded the information he needed as Lin An Lan watched silently beside him, feeling scared inside.

“Was it an accident?” Lin An Lan asked.

“En.” Pei Qiu answered without looking at him.

“Let’s go.”

“Was it really an accident?” Lin An Lan wasn’t very convinced.

Pei Qiu smiled, “Don’t we still need to investigate it? Let’s go back first.”

Not asking any more questions, Lin An Lan got in the car.

Seeing them return to the car, Yang Wang asked curiously, “How is he?”

“He’s not dead yet.” Pei Qiu said in reply.

“Thank goodness you swerved in time, otherwise we would have crashed into him.”

“Yes.” Pei Qiu started the car.

“What did you do before? Were you a driver?” Yang Wang asked him.


“But your reflexes were really fast and your timing was perfect.”

Pei Qiu just smiled, “I used to car race.”

Yang Wang was instantly interested, however he noticed that Lin An Lan had been silent with a serious expression on his face, so he didn’t ask any further. Instead, he whispered to Lin An Lan, “Lin Ge, what’s wrong? Are you still scared?”

“I’m fine.” Lin An Lan closed his eyes, “Let’s rest for a bit.”

Zhuo Siya looked at him but didn’t say a word.

Ever since Cheng Yu had brought Pei Qiu, he’d vaguely had a certain premonition and now, it seemed to have finally come true.

Sighing, he patted Lin An Lan on the shoulder then urged Yang Wang, “Let’s rest.”

After experiencing this ordeal, everyone was tired and so went back to their beds to sleep after arriving.

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