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Chapter 14

Jiang Xu nodded, “You know I don’t like him, I don’t like him following you around like a dog, I don’t like him always wanting to be on stage with you. People don’t know why he’s in the movie, don’t I know? It’s because you acted in your first movie before you graduated, and he knew you were an actor, that’s why he followed you into the industry.”

“Xiao Lan, you promised me that you wouldn’t be on the same stage with him, and you wouldn’t do a drama or a variety show with him, have you forgotten?”

Lin An Lan was silent for a moment before asking him, “Is that how you used to talk to me?”

Jiang Xu didn’t hear the difference in this statement and didn’t notice the word ‘used to’.

He was still lost in his own emotions, trying to persuade Lin An Lan, “Yes, we were always like this before, and you always did what I said, how come now you’ve changed?”

Lin An Lan was angry and saddened for a moment.

He looked at the elevator as it descended and said calmly, “Jiang Xu, if you only want to say these words to me every time, then in the future, when you see me, you don’t have to talk to me.”

“What did you say?”

Lin An Lan turned his head to glare at him, his eyes fierce and unforgiving, “I said you’re a dog, a vicious dog that only barks all the time. What does it matter to you if Cheng Yu follows me or not, is it your turn to say you don’t like it! But you, from last night to today, have been barking like a dog in front of me, disgusting.”

Jiang Xu looked at him in shock, incredulously, “What did you say?”

His eyes were full of disbelief, as if he couldn’t accept that his long-time friend had said this to him.

“Xiao Lan, do you know what you’re saying?”

Lin An Lan laughed, “What, do you feel uncomfortable seeing me like this?”

Hearing the elevator ‘ding’ and the doors slowly opened, he raised the corners of his mouth in pleasure and said in a relaxed but cruel manner, “Then you better feel very uncomfortable, seeing you this way, it makes my heart feel more balanced.”

Finished with his sentence, he stepped into the lift, and closed the door in front of Jiang Xu’s unbearable gaze.

He was really fed up with his so-called best friend. He said he was a good friend, but he had lost his memory for a month and he hadn’t even taken the initiative to contact him.

Yes, he had blacklisted Jiang Xu’s WeChat, but before yesterday, he hadn’t blacklisted his phone calls, so he could receive text messages normally.

But what did his best friend do? Not a single phone call, not a single text message.

He finally called yesterday, not to ask him how his month was going, but to mock Cheng Yu and ask him not to record a variety show with him.

Even today, he didn’t ask how he was doing.

Instead, he once again belittled Cheng Yu and asked him not to film with him.

What kind of best friend was this?

He may have made promises, but he and Cheng Yu were already lovers, so those promises were naturally null and void.

He just didn’t understand how he could have such a friend? And he was even the best friend he had grown up with?

What exactly did he see in Jiang Xu?

If he could say, “Are you deliberately trying to make me feel uncomfortable being like this”, then why couldn’t he ask himself, “Was he deliberately trying to make him feel bad being like this?

Lin An Lan frowned in frustration and slowly walked out of the elevator.

If he wasn’t sure yesterday whether he had hurt Cheng Yu because of Jiang Xu, then today he was almost certain that because of Jiang Xu’s disgusting and demeaning behavior and because they had grown up together, he had definitely hurt Cheng Yu.

Maybe he hadn’t meant anything evil, he just hadn’t meant it, but it must have made Cheng Yu sad.

That was why he was upset, that was why he was so worried about losing him.

That was why he wanted them to star in a drama together and asked him, ‘Are you willing?’, when he found out that they might be doing the same variety show.

He must have done a lot of things in the past, things that made Cheng Yu sad and miserable.

He stopped in his tracks. At this moment, he suddenly felt that Cheng Yu was really a very powerful person.

He had obviously suffered in the process of chasing him, yet he still didn’t put any pressure or transfer negative feelings to him after his memory loss. He was patient, gentle, doted on and cared for him in every way.

He didn’t even denigrate Jiang Xu, didn’t say anything bad about him when his memory was confused and blank.

He just told him honestly that they were very close friends, that they grew up together, that they depended on each other, that they had a very good relationship.

He just told him that Jiang Xu didn’t like him.

In his limited and short memory, all the information he had heard from Cheng Yu was gentle and calm, a peaceful landscape he had painted for him and Lin An Lan listened to his descriptions, wandering in the sunshine.

However, the truth wasn’t so gentle and simple.

Not everyone was Cheng Yu, trying to create a world of light and splendour for him, there are always people who will jump out and tell him that reality is reality because it is not only sunshine, but also storms.

Lin An Lan accepted the storm, but he was even more moved by the person who tried so hard to build a flower house made out of glass for him.

He walked quickly to Cheng Yu’s car, and saw him leaning against it, a half-burned cigarette at his feet.

“You’re back.” Cheng Yu smiled.

Lin An Lan nodded, pulled the car door, and got into the passenger side.

Cheng Yu also opened the car door, just got in, before he could speak, he saw Lin An Lan leaning over and hugged him.

Cheng Yu was a little surprised and put his arm around his waist, asking him, “What’s wrong?”

“Did you smoke?” Lin An Lan was sensitive to the smell of smoke.

Cheng Yu said sheepishly, “I didn’t smoke, I just got anxious as I waited for you, so I lit one up to take in the smell.”

After he finished saying this, he added, “I won’t do it again next time.”

Lin An Lan looked at him suspiciously, “You said the same thing last night.”

Cheng Yu:….

Cheng Yu was a little embarrassed, “I’ll change, really, I’ll try.”

He just couldn’t help it. Whenever he was upset he always wanted to smell some tobacco to calm his mind.

“Baby, give me some time baby. I promise it won’t take too long, I just can’t help it sometimes, but I really want to quit.”

Lin An Lan didn’t give him a hard time, because Cheng Yu was very courageous and resolute in this regard, stopping when he said he would stop smoking. He just liked to smell tobacco once in a while, so he believed he would quit slowly.

Nodding, he looked at the man in front of him seriously, thankful that he could still remember and find him even after he lost his memory.

If he hadn’t found Cheng Yu first, but had gone to Jiang Xu, based on Jiang Xu’s dislike for Cheng Yu, he might have belittled him, and then, Cheng Yu would have to pursue him all over again, and would also have to suffer all over again.

He really couldn’t bear it.

He hugged Cheng Yu, rubbed his shoulder and acted coquettishly to him, “Husband.”

Cheng Yu pleasantly surprised. He didn’t understand how he could be like this even after talking to Jiang Xu, or was it Jiang Xu who had given him new instructions?

He lifted Lin An Lan onto his lap and asked gently, “Baby, what’s wrong, did something happen at the audition?”

“No.” Lin An Lan smiled, “The audition went well, Director Zhang said I should go back and wait.”

“Then that’s good.”

“But I just ran into Jiang Xu.” Lin An Lan said.

Cheng Yu’s hand on him stiffened. He hadn’t expected Lin An Lan to be honest about this; what was he thinking? Why did he say this?

Was it because he had really lost his memory, that was why he was telling him out of habit about the people he met and things that had happened? Or was it to make him believe him, so that he could act as if he was telling the truth first?

Cheng Yu was unable to tell.

Hence he could only pretend to be surprised as he asked, “You met Jiang Xu?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “When I came out of the elevator after the audition, he was on the first floor. Then he said he wanted to talk to me. I had just reached this floor, but he dragged me up again.”

Cheng Yu looked at him. He was telling the truth, the scene he had seen just now was exactly as he was describing it

“What did he say to you?” He asked, nervous.

Just talking about it made Lin An Lan furious, “Are you sure he’s really my good friend? The good kind?”

Cheng Yu:????

Cheng Yu nodded his head, “I’m sure.”

He was simply so very sure, okay? He had seen Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu being inseparable since high school, and after so many years, even though a lot of people had gone their separate ways, it was only these two who were still together.

“You really are very good friends.”

Lin An Lan frowned, “But he doesn’t look anything like that.”

He spat, “You don’t know, Jiang Xu called me last night. I hadn’t heard from him for a month, but he didn’t even say a word of concern, he just told me not to record the variety show with you, and he said the same thing today as well, that I can’t star in the drama with you.”

“Is that even a friend? A very good friend at that? Even my agent is concerned about what is going on with me these days and if I’m okay. He on the other hand only tells me not to do this or that. It pisses me off.”

“It’s probably because he doesn’t know you’ve lost your memory.” Cheng Yu said soothingly when he saw that he was angry.

When Lin An Lan heard him say this, he became even more angry, “You’re still speaking for him, he doesn’t speak for you at all!”

Cheng Yu laughed, “He doesn’t like me, otherwise why wouldn’t he let you and I share the same stage?”

Hearing this, Lin An Lan asked him, “So, I really listened to him and never once shared the same stage with you?”

Cheng Yu nodded. There were so many events in the entertainment industry every year, but it was only the two of them who were able to avoid each other perfectly. Netizens even commented that it was too much of a coincidence, only he knew that it wasn’t a coincidence, it was simply deliberate.

“You two are good friends, moreover you’re very loyal and protective, so you’re willing to meet people he likes, and people he doesn’t like, you don’t like.” He hugged Lin An Lan to him, saying appreciatively, “That’s actually a very good quality. If I had friends, I would want my friends to be on the same page as I am.”

This was indeed something he would do, Lin An Lan thought, but, “things are different now, he can’t continue treating you like this.”

Cheng Yu kissed his face and said softly, “It’s okay. It doesn’t matter what he does and it’s not as if I like him, so as long as you don’t agree it’s okay.”

“Of course I didn’t agree.”

He looked at Cheng Yu, saying seriously, “I scolded him, then rejected him.”

“You scolded him?” Cheng Yu was surprised.

Lin An Lan nodded, “He said something bad about you first. I couldn’t stand it, so I scolded him back.”

Cheng Yu:!!!

“You scolded him because of me?!”

“Yes.” Lin An Lan didn’t understand what he was surprised about, “Why, can’t I?”

You can! Why can’t you! This was too great!

What could be better than this?

Absolutely nothing!

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but laugh, and the more he laughed, the happier he became, “You scolded him because of me.”

“Shouldn’t I have done that?” Lin An Lan was puzzled.

“You should, why shouldn’t you? As the old saying goes, it’s better to tear down ten temples than to ruin a relationship. He’s obviously trying to ruin our relationship, he deserves it.”

Finished saying this, he smiled and kissed him several times, “You scolded him well.”

Lin An Lan smiled back, looking at him with curved eyebrows.

Cheng Yu moved closer to him and pressed his forehead against his, saying warmly, “I just didn’t expect that you would one day scold him because of me. You used to like him a lot and cared about him.”

“That was before.” Lin An Lan said righteously, “You are my boyfriend now. Whoever doesn’t respect you, I won’t respect them either.”

Cheng Yu felt his heart go weak in that a moment.

He reached out and stroked Lin An Lan’s face, asking him, “Honey, am I a good boyfriend?”

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