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Chapter 25.2

“Do you want to carry me?” Lin An Lan suddenly asked Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu looked at him in surprise, “Aren’t you afraid that someone will see?”

“There’s no one here, and you can put me down once we get down this slope.” Lin An Lan responded with a smile.

Cheng Yu naturally couldn’t wait. He moved in front of him, bent down and Lin An Lan lay on his back.

Carrying him on his back, Cheng Yu walked down the slope step by step and leaning on his shoulders, Lin An Lan hugged him gently.

What was Cheng Yu look like? He thought.

Like quicksand.

Soft and delicate, never giving you pressure, so soft that you wouldn’t even feel his presence once you stepped on him.

But once you did, you’d fall into his feelings, and with every step you took, you’d only sink deeper and deeper.

Eventually, you’d be stuck in the mud and be unable to get out.

You couldn’t even escape even if you wanted to.

At the beginning, although he had known that Cheng Yu was his lover, he only had the knowledge that they were in a relationship, but he didn’t have the feeling of being in love.

That was why he agreed to Cheng Yu’s request to live together, because he had wanted to regain his feelings and not lose his love just because of his memory loss.

But it was unfair to Cheng Yu and unfair to his former self.

But at that time, he….. he didn’t think that they would develop so quickly.

Lin An Lan didn’t think of himself an emotional person. He didn’t have many friends before his memory loss, and he didn’t want to get to know anyone afterwards.

He had only approached Cheng Yu with the sense of responsibility at the back of his mind.

At that time, there was no love in his heart, only responsibility.

But Cheng Yu’s feelings were too deep, his love too strong, his character too reserved.

He was always afraid that he would feel wronged, afraid that he would be unwilling to do something, afraid that he would be unhappy, so he restrained himself, leaving only the most peaceful love for him.

Lin An Lan felt his love and affection and liked the feeling of being loved by him, so he had also learned to love Cheng Yu.

He looked at the side of Cheng Yu’s face and kissed him softly.

Cheng Yu looked back at him, his eyes shining with stars.

Lin An Lan then kissed him again on the mouth, prolonging the kiss quietly for a moment.

Although he was still not very emotional, not interested in many people or things, and sometimes too rational, he was willing to focus his feelings on Cheng Yu.

He was also willing to let go of his overly rational side in front of him once in a while.

He hoped that his little flower would no longer feel unloved or unworthy of being loved as he grew up under his care.

Reaching out, he grabbed a handful of stars in the sky, then let go, scattering the starlight in his hand towards Cheng Yu.

His little tulip, would shine brightly in his love too.

Cheng Yu carried him down the slope before setting him down.

Standing up straight, Lin An Lan walked back with him.

On the fourth day of recording, Cheng Yu finally carried out the plan he had planned to implement on the first day.

He went to the shop in the village, ready to buy candles and wine.

At this time, Yuan Leren was still manning the shop and when she saw him coming, she asked in confusion, “Cheng Ge, why are you here?”

“We’re supposed to go back tomorrow, so I’m buying something for the owner of our house.”

Hearing this, Yuan Leren instantly felt that he was on to something, “Right, I didn’t even think of that. I’ll buy some gifts for my house owner before I go back later.”

After she finished, she asked curiously, “Cheng Ge, what do you want to buy? It’ll guide me when I buy my gifts.”

“I’m buying some household items,” Cheng Yu said calmly. “Those are more practical.”

Yuan Leren nodded, “Indeed.”

Cheng Yu lifted his chin, looking at the shelves behind her, “Can you give me some of the switchboard, soaps, torches, candles, wire balls, water bottles and cups, on the shelf behind you?”

Yuan Le Ren took a bag hurriedly and filled it up for him.

Cheng Yu watched carefully, took the bag, and then asked her to add an extra red candle, “I think the red one is thicker. It will last longer.”

Yuan Leren didn’t doubt his words and took the red candle for him quickly, making a mental note to buy some red ones for herself later.

Done with his purchase, Cheng Yu asked her to get a bottle of white wine.

Yuan Leren smiled as she handed it to him, asking, “Is this also for the owner of the house?”

“This is for cooking tomorrow.”

Yuan Leren let out a ‘wow’, giving him a thumbs up, “Cheng Ge you really know a lot, so amazing.”

“But the students don’t really need too much wine in their foods, so I can drink a little.” Cheng Yu whispered.

Yuan Leren was amused, thinking that he was much more approachable than she had thought he was at first.

Cheng Yu paid for the items, took his things and went back to the house where he lived with Lin An Lan.

At this time, Lin An Lan was still in class, so he wasn’t home.

He put the things away, then walked back to the school leisurely, ready to listen to Lin An Lan’s class.

Today was their penultimate day in the village. Tomorrow afternoon, they would be leaving the village to return to the city they lived in.

If it wasn’t for the positive energy that the show was promoting and to give the children a fairly successful week, Lin An Lan and his team would have gone back on the third day after the recording.

The only reason they had stayed two more days was to finish the week’s lessons for the students and to see what they had started through to the end.

This was the kindness of the programme team towards the children, although the children may not understand it.

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