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Chapter 17

“I’m going abroad for business in a few days, so I came to see you before leaving.”

He said this, but his eyes were fixed on Lin An Lan behind Cheng Yu.

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but frown, a little puzzled.

Cheng Yu approached him and opened the door with a smile, “An An and I went out on a date that’s why we came back a little late. When did you arrive, did you wait long?”

Yu Heng withdrew his gaze, turning to Cheng Yu, “No, I just arrived.”

He looked at Cheng Yu for a long time, then a smile appeared on his face, “And here I was wondering why you were so quiet this month. It turns out you were on a date, busy in love.”

Cheng Yu laughed, “Isn’t it true that the moment we meet, we are better than countless others.”

Hearing the hidden message in his sentence, Yu Heng didn’t make things difficult for him. He only nodded and said in a gentle voice, “It suits your character.”

Relieved to see that he didn’t intend to expose him, Cheng Yu heaved a sigh of relief then looked back at Lin An Lan, hugging him as he entered the room.

“I have something to say to you, I’ll wait for you in the study.” Yu Heng said, walking towards the study.

Cheng Yu replied with an “okay”, unpacked the shopping bags and started to put the items in the fridge.

Lin An Lan took the things he was holding out of his hands hurriedly and said to him, “Go and talk to your brother, I’ll clean up, don’t keep him waiting.”

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yu reassured him, “He won’t be angry.”

Lin An Lan felt that this wasn’t necessarily the case and remembering the look in Yu Heng’s eyes at the door, asked uncertainly, “Does your brother not like me?”

“How could he?” Cheng Yu knew that he would think this way, so when he heard him ask this, he rounded up his lie without blinking, “It’s not that he doesn’t like you, he’s just surprised.”

“I told you, we only confirmed our relationship a week before you lost your memory, and it was still a secret, so not many people knew about it. It was only Jiang Xu on your side who knew about it, but on my side, I didn’t tell my brother.”

“So while my brother doesn’t know that we’re together, he knows I like you and have been chasing you, that’s why he just laughed at me for having a date and being too busy in love.”

“He should have guessed, but he was surprised when he first saw you, that was why he looked at you a little longer.”

Lin An Lan felt that it was more than that. He remembered the way Yu Heng had looked at him just now, not only was he surprised, he was also serious.

But he soon figured out that it was probably because Cheng Yu had been chasing him too hard, so Yu Heng, as Cheng Yu’s older brother, felt sorry for his younger brother.

“You have a brother?” Lin An Lan said curiously.

“He’s my cousin.” Cheng Yu explained, “My uncle’s son.”

Lin An Lan understood, “It’s like this.”

“Yes, but my cousin is good to me, so don’t worry, he will like you, and whatever I like, he will support.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Okay.”

Cheng Yu helped him put the items into the fridge and them some of the items away in the cupboard before he unhurriedly took two bottles of drinks and went into the study.

Watching him close the door, Lin An Lan went to the bedroom, lay on the bed and started scrolling through his phone.

Yu Heng who was sitting on the wooden sofa in the study waited for a long time before he finally saw his cousin.

He asked in a cold voice, “Have you calmed Lin An Lan?”

Cheng Yu nodded, placed a drink in front of him, sat down on the other side of the sofa, and said to him, “You scared him.”

“I scared him?” Yu Heng let out a laugh, “Did I scare him, or did you scare me? Why is Lin An Lan here? Is he here with a plan or not ?”

“I asked him to stay.” Cheng Yu took a sip of his drink and said slowly, “You’re thinking too much. Lin An Lan has amnesia. I lied to him, told him I was his boyfriend, and I left him here.”

“Amnesia?” Yu Heng snickered, “Xiao Yu, is that you’ve acted too many movies? You believe such a dramatic thing? He didn’t lost his memory sooner or later, but he just had to lose his memory at this moment. As soon as he lost his memory, Jiang Xu couldn’t wait to find Cheng Feng? Do you dare say that Jiang Xu didn’t arrange this!”

“I dare.” Cheng Yu said calmly.

“You’re lying!” Yu Heng exposed him without mercy, “You’re deceiving yourself and others, you don’t want to believe that Lin An Lan was sent by Jiang Xu, so you even believe in such nonsense as amnesia.”

Cheng Yu gave a carefree laugh as he asked, “Brother, what difference does it make if I believe it or not?”

Yu Heng frowned.

Cheng Yu said calmly, “Could it be that if I believe it, I will let him go and let him leave?”

“I won’t, I would still welcome him with open arms, I will even thank Jiang Xu for giving me such an opportunity. So what difference does it make if I believe it or not?”

“Foolish!” Yu Heng said angrily, “Even if you like him, you can’t really jump into a trap knowing that it’s a trap!”

“I don’t care.” Cheng Yu crossed his arms and placed them on his folded legs, “I can afford to lose, but I don’t think I’ll lose anything either. Trading an unknown risk for Lin An Lan, I’m willing and I’m happy.”

“Are you really not worried about Jiang Xu?”

“Are you worried?” Cheng Yu asked him in return.

Yu Heng didn’t say anything.

Cheng Yu laughed and said, “Look, you’re not worried either, are you?”

“What do I have to worry about? Jiang Xu can jump as high as he wants, but as long as my name is Cheng Yu, I have nothing to worry about.”

“Cheng Feng won’t accept his own son liking a boy, not only Cheng Feng, Cheng Xiao won’t allow it either.” Yu Heng said.

“So what, do I care if he likes me or not now? I’ve long passed the age of longing for my father’s love so what does it matter to me if he likes it or not?”

“Xiao Yu, if you just want to fall in love with Lin An Lan, or stay together, but will marry someone else, then Jiang Xu won’t be a threat to you. But if, for example, you plan to be with Lin An Lan for the rest of your life, without children of your own, then even if your name is Cheng Yu, the Yu family won’t necessarily guarantee you everything you deserve from the Cheng family.”

“If Lin An Lan wants to be with me, I will only marry him in this life. If he wants to adopt, we’ll adopt. If he’s willing to adopt a relative’s son, we’ll adopt a relative’s son, if he’s not willing, then we don’t need children.”

“That’s impossible, the Cheng family won’t allow you to do that.”

“It’s not my concern whether they will allow it or not.” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

“That’s why I don’t support you and Lin An Lan being together.”

“Brother you’d better support it,” Cheng Yu smiled, “otherwise, your brother might be alone for the rest of his life, and that’s not what you want either, right?”

Yu Heng:….

Yu Heng sighed.

“You’re too stubborn.” He said, “Your obsession with Lin An Lan is too deep, it’s not good for you.”

“I know.” Cheng Yu looked at him, “But it has already reached this stage and there’s no cure for it, so we can only let it go on.”

“But it’s okay,” Cheng Yu laughed, “I feel like my whole world is brighter when I’m with him lately. Have you ever been in love? You should really try it, it’s really good.”

“What about when he gets his memory back? Or what if Jiang Xu gets what he wants, and he’s done with it and leaves you? At that time, will your world still be bright?”

Cheng Yu felt that he was putting a damper on his mood, “Why do you have to say such sad things when I am happy?”

“I have to live every day as if it’s my last, who cares who’s who tomorrow. It’s originally already a beautiful thing to have something fall into one’s lap, so how can it last?”

He looked at Yu Heng, his eyes clear and honest, “Of course I know he will leave, and I know he may not like me after he leaves this house, but I don’t care, it’s better to dream than never to have. It’s better to have a false display of affection, than to hear of it and not see it. I know what I’m doing, and I can handle it.”

“Can you really?”

“Of course, so stop being such a spoilsport and support me, brother. After all, we both know that this is just a flash in the pan, dreams don’t last, so let your brother be happy for the limited time he has.”

Yu Heng didn’t say anything else. It was only after a long time that he said, “Then I wish you happiness.”

“Thank you.” Cheng Yu smiled.

Yu Heng talked to him for more than an hour before he stood up and prepared to leave.

Hearing the movement outside, Lin An Lan came out to see him off.

Cheng Yu looked at Yu Heng, who had no choice but to explain to Lin An Lan, “I didn’t know you were staying with Xiao Yu, and I didn’t know you two were together, so I was a bit surprised, did I scare you?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, smiling at him, “No, I was just a little surprised too.”

“I didn’t bring you any gifts this time because I came in a hurry, I’ll bring one next time.” He said.

After saying this, he looked at Cheng Yu again, then said to Lin An Lan in a gentle voice, “Xiao Yu likes you very much, so since you’re together now, I hope you can understand each other and live well.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “We will.”

“Then I’ll be leaving first.”

“Be careful on your way.” Cheng Yu said.

Yu Heng turned around, opened the door and walked out.

As he pressed the button for the elevator, he sighed helplessly as he remembered what Cheng Yu had said to him, “I’m watching Lin An Lan, so don’t focus on him, brother”.

He sometimes couldn’t understand. In their family no one was ever the romantic-type, even Cheng Yu’s mother, after seeing Cheng Feng’s true nature as a womanizer, had given up on him.

So how could Cheng Yu turn out like this?

When he was in high school, he liked Lin An Lan, and now, he still liked Lin An Lan unchangingly.

At the beginning, Yu Heng didn’t take Lin An Lan seriously, but when Cheng Yu didn’t join the company as he had planned after graduation that year, and instead turned to the entertainment industry, he realized that things were much more serious than he had imagined.

He and Cheng Yu argued several times about this, but Cheng Yu showed no remorse, just said calmly, “I will do my own thing, don’t worry about it. As for Lin An Lan, love is an indispensable spice in life, brother you have never loved anyone, you haven’t tasted that taste, so you can stand and speak without pain. But I have loved, and unrequited love is still love, and I can’t leave it, so I have to make sure I can see him.”

Yu Heng had never been in love so he didn’t understand what was so good about love, he only saw Cheng Yu scarred and in love but struggling for it.

He just couldn’t understand why it had to be Lin An Lan? Why was it only Lin An Lan?

There were so many men and women in this world, and his brother was very outstanding, yet why did he focus on only Lin An Lan?

It had been almost ten years, hadn’t he learned his lesson yet?

However, for Cheng Yu, he had probably not.

Yu Heng couldn’t understand, but he knew Cheng Yu was right. One would always have to wake up from a dream sooner or later, so he didn’t mind, being in Cheng Yu’s dream, giving his love, support and goodwill.

His brother, despite his wealth and power, had never been happy and Yu Heng felt distressed for him, so he wanted him to be happier.

Even if it was only to quench his thirst.

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