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Chapter 18

Cheng Yu watched Yu Heng close the door then smiled at Lin An Lan, “How about it, I told you my brother would support us, he was just surprised at first because he didn’t expect me to actually catch you up. “

Lin An Lan nodded, “Speaking of which, I haven’t met any of your friends yet.”

“I’ll take you to meet them later when I get the chance.” Cheng Yu kissed him, “They would definitely be surprised and shocked to find that I’m actually with you.”

“Your friends also know that you like me?” Lin An Lan was surprised.

“What’s so incomprehensible about that? I’ve liked you since high school, it’s been almost ten years, even if they’re slow, they should have come around by now.”

Lin An Lan instantly felt that things really weren’t easy for him, “You’ve really been chasing me for a long time.”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu hugged him, “Everyone thought it was impossible for us and advised me to give up, but I didn’t, and looked, I succeeded.”

He took Lin An Lan into his arms, his voice gentle and ethereal, “That’s why it’s said, that the heavens sometimes still reward those who persevere.”

Even if it was just a momentary bit of sweetness, it was still something to be cherished.

Cheng Yu kissed his ear, whispering, “I really like you so much, An An.”

Lin An Lan hugged him, responding in a small voice, “I like you too.”

He felt that things really weren’t easy for Cheng Yu, really not easy, so he had to like him properly in the future.

He had to like him a little more every day than he did the day before.

He kissed the side of Cheng Yu’s face looked at him with a smile, “I will like you well.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu said happily.

The two of them had had a week’s rest at home when they received the notification that their audition for the cast of [Yun Yun] had been successful.

“The pre-production work of the crew is almost ready, if you’re not busy, you can come over tomorrow to try on the costumes so that they can be adjusted according to your size, and in half a month’s time, the shooting can officially start.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan answered.

It just so happened that Cheng Yu had also received the notice, so the two of them went together.

As usual, Sun Meng had the driver pick them up in the artist’s van .

This was the first time Lin An Lan had seen Sun Meng ever since he lost his memory. Although he knew that he was Cheng Yu’s agent and had a good relationship with him, he was still inexplicably wary that things would be awkward.

It could be said that he carried a sense of alienation and distance from everyone else except Cheng Yu.

He had asked Cheng Yu, “Was I the kind of person who was easy to get along with before I lost my memory? Was I very warm, very personable?”

“No, not really.” Cheng Yu laughed, “You weren’t difficult to get along with, but you didn’t like to get along with other people either, you only accepted people you approved of. Towards others, you were gentle and polite, but only gentle and polite.”

Lin An Lan thought this was quite in line with his character.

“What about my attitude towards you?” Lin An Lan was curious, “Was I also gentle and polite to you?”

Cheng Yu didn’t know how to answer this question. His relationship with Lin An Lan was hard to define. If it wasn’t for Jiang Xu, their relationship might not have been so hard, and Lin An Lan might have had a chance to become friends with him.

But then there was Jiang Xu.

“You were gentle, but not polite. Jiang Xu doesn’t like me, so you didn’t spend extra time with me. Most of the time, I was very discreet, I just watch you from a distance, and said hello when I met you.”

Lin An Lan was shocked, “Was it that bad?”

Cheng Yu pinched his face, “Yes, but sometimes, I’m wasn’t so smart, I’d intentionally bump into you, or create opportunities to appear next to you.”

“I was actually quite scheming too.” Cheng Yu said honestly, “Mr. Lu Xun1Lu Xun was one of the earliest and best-known modern Chinese writers was right, if you don’t become a pervert in silence, you will perish in silence.”

“It’s if you don’t explode in the silence, you will perish in the silence. Why are you tampering with Mr. Lu’s famous words?”

Cheng Yu laughed, “It’s probably because I didn’t explode, if I did, then this would have been a seize you by every possible means story.”

Lin An Lan chuckled, “You, seizing by every possible means?”

He looked at Cheng Yu up and down, only feeling that Cheng Yu’s gentle character and the word ‘seizing by every possible means’ didn’t fit.

“You might just fit the description of a tycoon, a domineering tycoon.”

“Nonsense,” Cheng Yu disagreed, “I also fit the description of seizing you by every possible means and marrying you.”

Lin An Lan laughed instantly.

But he soon felt sorry for Cheng Yu again.

“Not anymore,” he said, “I don’t care about Jiang Xu anymore, only you, so all my time from now on will be yours.”

“Hmm.” Cheng Yu smiled.

Lin An Lan didn’t want to force himself to change his personality, and Cheng Yu wouldn’t force him to do so, so when they met, he just said “Hello” to Sun Meng and didn’t say anything more.

Naturally, Sun Meng didn’t dare to say anything to him other than a polite, “Hello, hello.”

As Cheng Yu sat down next to Lin An Lan, the driver started the car. Cheng Yu introduced to Lin An Lan, “My agent Sun Meng, assistant Wang Cheng and driver Shi Wei.”

Lin An Lan nodded.

“I have another assistant but he’s not here today. His name is Zheng Shuo, you’ll see him later.”


Cheng Yu finished introducing them to him then said to Sun Meng and the others, “He is Lin An Lan, you know him.”

Sun Meng nodded, Wang Cheng also nodded, and even Shi Wei who was driving nodded.

Lin An Lan was a little embarrassed, but he quickly thought to himself, he was a star and these people were all in the entertainment circle so naturally they knew him, even if they didn’t know that he and Cheng Yu were in a relationship before today, they knew him as a person.

Last night, they had told their agents that they were dating.

Zhuo Siya had been silent for a long time before he said in a tone with neither approval or disapproval in it, “I understand. If you like him, then I won’t interfere.”

After he told Cheng Yu about his agent’s reply, he asked him how his side was doing.

Cheng Yu laughed as he said, “They’re happy.”


“And my assistant.”

Alright, but, “Happy about it?”

“They’re not blind, they’re with me every day, they can see I like you.”

“Weren’t we dating in secret? Why were you acting so obvious?”

“We are in a relationship, but before that, I was chasing you. What celebrity can hide their pursuit from their agency team? They knew all along, they just didn’t think I’d get it.”

Lin An Lan was confused, “Didn’t anyone see us getting together? Even though you did chase me for a long time, didn’t anyone think you’d be successful because you were so persistent?”

“Someone did.” Cheng Yu laughed, “Me.”

He looked at Lin An Lan, saying softly, “I thought I will succeed, I like you so much, there is no one in this world who likes you more than me, so who will you be with if not me? It’s a loss to be with anyone else!”

Lin An Lan was amused by his words. Hugging him, he sighed, “Luckily your brother supports us now, so we have our first supporter.”

“It’s not just him either.” Cheng Yu laughed, “We still need cp fans. When the variety show and movie airs later, there will be more people supporting us.”

“Netizens don’t know the real situation, it doesn’t count.”

“Then there will be more and more.” Cheng Yu said, “At least my agency will be happy to hear it.”

“Even though my agency doesn’t like it, they respect that I like you and don’t forbid it, so it’s a kind of silent support.”

Cheng Yu smiled a little, thinking to himself, if Zhuo Siya heard this, his face would definitely be very nice to look at.

But his happiness had to be built on the depression of some people, so Cheng Yu nodded shamelessly, “No objection is support.”

“Has Zhuo Siya arrived yet?”

Lin An Lan was reminiscing when he suddenly heard Cheng Yu’s voice. Without meaning to he turned his head to look at him, “He’s on his way too, we’ll meet up on the set later.”


When Cheng Yu finished speaking, he saw Lin An Lan suddenly smiling. He looked at him in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Lin An Lan responded. He just felt that the current situation was inexplicably a bit like a couple’s family meeting each other.

When Cheng Yu heard him say this, he didn’t ask any more questions, he just reached out to scratch his nose, looking at him dotingly.

Seeing his artist flirting with his boyfriend like no one was around, Sun Meng lowered his head silently, assuming a very quiet state and turning a deaf ear to them.

Wang Cheng, on the other hand, looked at Lin An Lan a few times secretly, thinking that Cheng Yu had actually chased him. This was simply the ninth wonder of the world!

When Wang Cheng thought of this, he suddenly realized that he hadn’t signed in at Yulan Super Talk today, so he took out his phone, tapped his hidden account and logged in.

Yu Lan: I’m so happy today, I will select 66 Magnolia CP fans for the cash prize. 666 for each person, hoping that the magnolia flowers will bloom soon. The request, follow Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu on Weibo, then follow Yu Lan on Super Talk and Weibo, without cursing both sides. (Except for Jiang Xu fans)

Wang Cheng lifted his eyes silently and looked at Cheng Yu. It seemed Brother Cheng was in a good mood today.

With this in mind, Wang Cheng reposted this Weibo, and said enthusiastically: [Choose me, choose me, choose me, Yu Lan is real, it will bloom sooner or later, without any doubt!]

He already had him, together with the fact that they were riding in a car together, how could they not be real?

Wang Cheng truly applauded his brother Cheng. It had seriously not been easy, but no difficulty was insurmountable if one was sincere!

He has been running this Super Talk for years, re-posting and giving away gifts, supporting this Arctic circle CP with his own efforts.

On his first day as Cheng Yu’s assistant, Wang Cheng didn’t serve tea or give him shoulder rubs, he set up accounts, 100 of them.

A month later, his probationary period ended and Cheng Yu was satisfied with him and gave him his first assignment.

Wang Cheng was so excited, so emotional, so eager, so excited, that he patted his chest and assured Cheng Yu, “Don’t worry, Brother Cheng, this is the first job you’ve given me, I will do it well.”

Cheng Yu looked serious, “Only success, not failure.”

“No problem.”

Then he was assigned to go to the active Super Talk.

Wang Cheng: ?????

Wang Cheng:!!!!

Wang Cheng:….

At that time, the Yu Lan Super Talk was really cold, even when you searched for this Super Talk, all that came up was a Yu Lan flower, and when you searched for these two words, the pictures on Weibo were all about two trees in a school, one was a Yu Lan tree, and the other was still a Yu Lan tree.

Cheng Yu, as the host of Yu Lan Super Talk, signed in every day with his small account and kept on posting photos of the two of them, but he was the only one in the Arctic circle, so no one would see his photos, even if they were beautifully retouched.

Wang Cheng never thought that there would be celebrities who would do their own real-life CP hype, not only by themselves, but also by others.

He shuddered, asking, “Does Brother Sun know?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu didn’t hide it.

“And he didn’t say anything?”

“He was the only one who said that it would be meaningless, so naturally he said one thing and I said another, and since it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil, he just gave up in the end.”

Wang Cheng:….

“Now you know. Either, you finish the job and continue to be my assistant, or you leave tis profession and keep the secret.”

Wang Cheng straightened his back immediately, saying in a firm tone, “I promise to finish everything! Brother Cheng, don’t worry!”

That night, Wang Cheng led his 100 secret accounts into the Yu Lan Super Talk.

After that, things were much easier. Once, Cheng Yu said, “I see that other CP’s seem to have some video clips.”

Wang Cheng, “Got it.”

With his new identity, Wang Cheng roamed around Cheng Yu’s group of Yu Lan fans, solicited the scissorhands in Yu Lan, and used the pretext of promoting, got them to help him make a video after they got acquainted.

He also accompanied it with, “Ahhhhhhh, you’re great, you have to take this red packet, I love your videos so much!”

A few days later, Cheng Yu said, “I see that other CP’s seems to have a fan fiction.”

Wang Cheng, “Got it.”

Wang Cheng put on his identity number two, explored in Lin An Lan’s grove fan group, contacted the drawers in the grove, and after getting acquainted with them again, used the pretext of promoting to get them to draw for him.

Then accompanied it with, “Ah ah ah ah. Indeed, Ju Ju you deserve your name. Your drawing is to great, I’m in tears. You have to accept this red packet, Ju Ju I love you!”

Cheng Yu watched contentedly, then used his own secret account to repost the video and the fan fiction, thinking from the bottom of his heart, “What a great match, why don’t they collaborate, over 521 reposts on Weibo, 52 people were drawn to hit 521, I hope Yu Lan collaborates soon.”

With his generous reposts and Wang Cheng’s excellent lurking skills, coupled with Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan’s popularity and face value, these two people, who had no apparent interactions with each other, really gained a group of die-hard Arctic circle cold CP fans.

These fans checked in every day, hoping that the two would work together soon. With their faces and physique, they made a great match, it was too bad that they didn’t work together.

Cheng Yu was responsible for sighing with them, “That’s right, that’s right, it’s too bad, sigh.”

When Wang Cheng thought of this, he stole a glance at the two people not far away and thought that his number of Super Talkers would probably be expanded soon.

He was really looking forward to it!

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