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Chapter 19

The crew had only rented a few shooting locations because the drama was a modern one, so they didn’t go to the film city to shoot.

Zhuo Siya had already arrived, and together with him was Lin An Lan’s assistant. When he saw Cheng Yu, he didn’t know what to say, so he simply greeted him.

Lin An Lan had told him on the phone about his current relationship with Cheng Yu, so he didn’t say much more, and only introduced Zhuo Siya and his assistant’s Yang Wang.

However, he had lost his memory and knew about Zhuo Siya and Yang Wang from Cheng Yu, so he didn’t introduce them specifically – Cheng Yu was much more familiar with them than he was.

When they followed the staff into the fitting room, the costume maker was busy, but when he saw them, he stopped what he was doing and took their measurements while choosing clothes for them to try on.

Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan both had very good figures and were walking clothes hangers, so in a short while, the costume maker took down their measurements and the modifications and sent them to the stylist for a fitting.

The styling of a modern drama was much easier than a costume drama, especially since they were both men.

Director Zhang also came at this time, and stressed to the stylist, “They have to be handsome, whether as a student or as an adult later on, especially Lin An Lan. He plays Gu Shuyu, and both Jing Huan and Sun Xin Xin like him, so he has to be handsome so that the audience can understand and feel the feelings of the characters in the drama.”

“Got it, Director Zhang.”

Several stylists worked on Lin An Lan’s and Cheng Yu’s hair’s for a long time, then finally decided to keep the bangs as a student, while as an adult, Lin An Lan could keep them, but Cheng Yu didn’t necessarily need them.

They discussed the make-up for a while, and tried out several versions of make-up and styles on both of their faces before finalising the make-up design.

“Take a break for the next half month, see you on the set in half a month.” Director Zhang said with a smile.

“Okay.” Lin An Lan said, “You’ve worked hard.”

“Not really, go back and read the script properly.”


However, he and Cheng Yu didn’t have much time to rest, because the recording of had started.

In order to respond to the new trend of the times and to better pass the broadcasting audit, this season of <Backpacking For Youngsters> had taken on the banner of remembering the hardships and the sweetness of the past, and had set the first phase of the trip abroad in a mountain village.

It was a very backward village, with no running water pipes. The villagers who were well-off had built a well in their yards, while the less well-off villagers had to fetch water from the village’s largest well with buckets carried on flat stretchers.

The village’s only shop was the most popular place in the village, and the monthly fair in the town was the happiest time for the village’s children.

When Lin An Lan received the programme’s schedule for the first leg, he thought the team had gone to a lot of trouble, “It’s not easy to make variety shows these days.”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu laughed, “But I’ve never been to a place like this before.”

He was a standard young man from a wealthy family and although he wasn’t close to his parents and didn’t live at home, he didn’t need a special driver to get around, and didn’t need a regular gardener, cook, cleaning lady or even a housekeeper like at home. However, being from a wealthy family, there were many things that he had heard of but had never seen before.

Lin An Lan wasn’t as surprised as he was, “My father’s old home is also in the village. It’s also very backward, but I quite like it, the mountains and clear water, even if one only earns two or three thousand a month, as long as you don’t have any serious illness, you can still live a very leisurely life.”

Cheng Yu instantly turned his head to look at him in alarm, “You remember?”

Lin An Lan also froze for a moment, looking at Cheng Yu in surprise.

He tried to search for other memories based on this recollection, but couldn’t find any.

“I don’t know,” he said, “I was just unconscious, but when I thought about it again, I couldn’t think of anything.”

He frowned, feeling a vague headache come on. Seeing this, Cheng Yu rubbed his brow, advising him, “Don’t worry, if you can’t remember, don’t think hard. I can tell that you’re recovering slowly, so you don’t need to push yourself.”

Lin An Lan nodded, but he couldn’t help but feel sad again as he remembered what Cheng Yu had told him before — his parents were gone.


It was the day after he had found Cheng Yu. He had taken his cell phone out as he went through his contacts in WeChat, asking Cheng Yu to give him the run down.

When it came to his parents, Cheng Yu had been silent for a long time before he said, “Your parents are no longer around.”

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, incredulous.

Cheng Yu hugged him, explaining to him slowly and gently, “You were originally an orphan. Your adoptive father was a high school teacher and your adoptive mother was a street office director, both of them came from mountain villages, but university students of that generation were worth a lot of money, so they both had good jobs after graduation.”

“They had a child before, a boy named Lin Bo, a firefighter who was killed in the line of duty. Losing their son in their middle age, the old couple almost didn’t make it out of their sorrow. Later, your father’s school organized a charity event and went to the orphanage where you lived. You looked very much like Lin Bo, so your father liked you a lot.”

“You were already six or seven years old at that time, past the best time for adoption, but the families who came to adopt children from the orphanage wouldn’t choose children like you who could already remember things and had ideas, so you were left behind.”

“Your father’s heart softened and after talking to your mother, he took her to see you and they decided to adopt you. But they were in their fifties by then, and weren’t getting any younger.”

“Then, when you were in high school, your mother got sick and passed away. At the end of last year, your father fell sick and left too.”

He hugged Lin An Lan tightly, comforting him, “But they both loved you very much, and you’ve grown up now, so when they left, they were very relieved.”

As he listened, Lin An Lan’s body trembled uncontrollably, and some images appeared in his mind. They were very blurred, not clearly visible, but they made him sad.

He thought to himself, it had to be a picture of how he and his parents used to get along, but he couldn’t remember.

He turned around and hugged Cheng Yu, lying quietly on his shoulder, like a wounded beast licking its wounds in silence.

He had wanted to see his parents, so Cheng Yu took him to the cemetery.

There, he saw three connected headstones to each other. Two erected by him for his parents, and one erected by his parents for his brother whom he had never met.

He was a very sunny and handsome man, with a bright smile, who did look a bit like him.

He stood in front of their headstone quietly then put the flowers down.

He thought to himself that his parents and brother were both such good people, in their next life, they would meet again, become family, and be happy for a long time.

If he could, he hoped that he could meet them again and become a family again.

On that day, Lin An Lan wasn’t in a good mood and although he had no memory, no specific details of their relationship, he somehow felt that what Cheng Yu said was true. His adoptive parents must have loved him very much, that was why even if he had forgotten about them, after knowing they were gone, he couldn’t contain his sadness.


When Cheng Yu saw him fall silent again while he was talking with a sad expression on his face, he knew he was thinking about his parents. He deliberately pinched his face, shook a finger in front of his face and teased him, “Smile for me.”

Lin An Lan looked up, not reacting for a moment as he looked at him confusedly.

Cheng Yu lifted his chin, “Where did this handsome boy come from, give me a smile.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile as he pushed his hand away, Cheng Yu took it in his, shaking it, “If this little handsome guy doesn’t want to, then I’ll give him a smile.”

He smiled very handsomely, making his already mesmerizing face became even more appealing.

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile too as he held his hand.

“Such a beautiful smile, I’ll reward you with ten taels of silver.”

“Am I only worth ten taels of silver?” Cheng Yu pretended to be surprised.

Lin An Lan laughed, “What did you expect?”

“Aren’t I worth a thousand gold coins?”

“So Mr. Cheng is trying to sell a smile?”

Cheng Yu wrapped one hand around his waist, leaned close to his ear and whispered, “We’re so close, what’s the point of selling smiles? I don’t sell smiles, I only sell my body, if Mr. Lin is willing to buy, I can give you a hundred percent discount, and I’ll also give you my name.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Cheng Yu eyes curved into a smile as he asked him, “Didn’t your heart flutter? It’s better to act than to have your heart flutter, for only 0 yuan, you can take home a super handsome guy!”

Lin An Lan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He could only nod, “Okay, report to my bedroom tonight.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu answered, “Remember to inspect the goods when the time comes~”

Lin An Lan: …… That won’t be necessary.

“There will be time for that later, tomorrow will be the recording of the show, it is better to test it another day.”

“Spring flowers and autumn moons show the passing of time, the inspection should be done before it’s too late.” Cheng Yu encouraged.

Lin An Lan patted him on the shoulder, “Mountains multiply and streams double back, it would be happier to test it some other time.”

Cheng Yu smiled instantly, “Okay, what you say goes.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “That’s good.”

The next morning, the two of them took their artist’s vans early and left separately.

In order to avoid suspicion, Lin An Lan didn’t even buy the same flight ticket as Cheng Yu, and had his driver take a detour after leaving the house.

As Cheng Yu watched his actions, it made him he want to make their relationship public even more.

However, he only thought about it, but didn’t dare do it, after all, they weren’t really lovers.

When he thought of Lin An Lan’s memory of his father’s words at home yesterday, he felt frightened. The worst thing about memory loss was that you never knew when one would regain his/her memories.

And how much memory would be recovered.

However, what was certain was that he would never interfere with Lin An Lan’s memory recovery.

He always remembered, that no lie could fool a person for life. He knew this very well, that was why he cherished every second he spent with him.

Leaning back in his seat, he suddenly remembered a saying: “I don’t care if it lasts forever, I only care if I once had it.”

How was that possible? Cheng Yu laughed lightly, if there was a chance for forever, who would be willing to care only about having had it once? But there was no other choice, so he had to comforted himself this way

He opened his secret account, refreshed his Weibo page, and looked at the new fan fiction and videos of the Yu Lan Super Talk he was following, before he leaned back, resting in his seat.

This time, the programme team didn’t make an official announcement in advance, but wanted to do so while recording.

Therefore, except for a few guests who deliberately released information to their fan base in order to alert their fans, the other guests’ fan base didn’t know that their idols had already embarked on the recording of the variety show at this time.

Lin An Lan was in the car when he heard Zhuo Siya say to him, “The program team just sent me a message, saying that when you arrive at the recording location later, you will choose a room in groups of two’s, and that the forming of the group will be done by you guys choosing. They mean that you and Cheng Yu are both very popular, so if you form a group right away and become the surprise that should be left for later earlier, it will be a waste of your popularity, and it will also make a lot of people focus only on your scenes and lower their expectations for the other groups.”


“That’s what they’re thinking, you and Cheng Yu can start by not choosing each other. If you want, the team will arrange for the other two guests to create the persona that they are your fans, so that when the recording starts, these two people will show their liking for you and show their desire to be in your group, so that when the time comes, you and Cheng Yu can go along with it and say yes to them because of their initiative and enthusiasm.”

“But you can also show your admiration for each other after the choosing of the groups, saying that you also want to be in a group with each other, so that you can motivate the audience and keep them looking forward to your success in the latter part of the show and continue their enthusiasm for the show. It’s also an effective way to even out the footage and keep the ratings of the show up.”

“At the same time, if you don’t team up with Cheng Yu, your footage will actually increase. You and Cheng Yu are equally popular, so if you’re in a team, the crew won’t dare to favour you, nor will they favour him, so you’ll have to share the footage equally, but if you’re in a team with someone else, you’ll definitely become the main character in the group, and you’ll get more footage.”

“Personally, I think this suggestion is feasible, what do you think?”

Lin An Lan thought quietly for a moment and replied, “I don’t have an opinion, it’s up to Cheng Yu, if he’s okay with it too, then yes, if he’s not, then I’ll support him.”

Hearing this, Zhuo Siya frowned slightly, but didn’t refute, he just nodded, “Okay then.”

Cheng Yu’s response was quick, “I don’t agree.”

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