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Chapter 34.2

He was the scum.

Cheng Yu lowered his head, his long eyelashes fluttering slightly.

He asked, “An An, will you forgive someone who cheats you out of your feelings?”

“No.” Lin An Lan didn’t hesitate, “Human feelings are precious in themselves, they shouldn’t be played with casually.”

Cheng Yu nodded calmly, replying with a “Right.”

This was Lin An Lan, the sensible and alert Lin An Lan who had his own ideas.

It was the Lin An Lan he knew so well, the same Lin An Lan as before.

“You’re right.” He repeated the words softly and calmly.

There was no shock, resignation or loss in his voice, much less a struggle.

He had known this would happen but he still chose such a path of no return.

He had accepted his end, but he just wished that it would come a little later.

A little later to give him some more time, to allow him to keep creating more memories with Lin An Lan.

If a crush between two people lasted for a long time, then how could they have a long-lasting relationship?

But if it didn’t last for a long time, then every day and every night was worth cherishing and remembering.

He treasured and cherished these moments and wished with all his heart that they would last longer.

There would be countless days and nights when he would be separated from Lin An Lan, when he would be blinded, so he only wished that Lin An Lan could see him now and would stay by his side for a little bit longer.

Perhaps it was too much, but he would only ask for this once.

He stood up, walked to Lin An Lan’s side, reached out and embraced him.

His movements were gentle, but his hug was tight.

He asked, “An An, what do you call me?”

Lin An Lan looked at the side of his face in surprise, not understanding why he was suddenly asking this again.

Was it because of Jiang Xu?

Or was it because Jiang Xu’s arrival had reminded him of the time when he had been pursuing him?

It shouldn’t be because he was worried that he was really lying to him, right?

“I’m serious.” Lin An Lan whispered, “I’m sure I’m not lying to you and although I’ve lost my memory, I can assure you that I won’t deceive people with feelings, much less for someone I know.”

“I know.” Cheng Yu hugged him tightly. His voice was magnetic yet sounded lonely and faintly discernible, “You’re not someone who would deceive others’ feelings. I believe you, I know you wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Lin An Lan hugged him back, “Do you really believe me?”

“Really.” Cheng Yu hugged him tighter, “So An An, what do you call me?”

Lin An Lan couldn’t resting his head on his shoulder as he replied, “Husband.”

Cheng Yu’s heart stabilized in that moment.

It became peaceful, steady and fell back into place.

He asked again “What do you call me?”

Lin An Lan felt that this was probably the aftermath of having a crush for too long and chasing for too long.

At the slightest breeze, Cheng Yu would be afraid that he would leave.

If he didn’t like him so much, maybe he wouldn’t be so disturbed.

But if he didn’t like him too much, how could he have stuck with him for so many years, and after so many things, still didn’t give up?

He kissed Cheng Yu on the side of his face soothingly, and satisfying Cheng Yu’s heart’s desire, called him ‘husband’.

“Do you like me the most?” He asked in return.

Cheng Yu didn’t hesitate, “Of course.”

“What a coincidence then,” Lin An Lan pushed himself from his shoulder slightly, looking into his eyes, “I also like you the most.”

As Cheng Yu listened to his words, his heart glowed with sweetness and slight sourness.

If only this is really a good coincidence.

But what kind of coincidence was it?

This was just an artificially designed trap, disguised as a good coincidence.

“Who is your husband?” He whispered.

Lin An Lan felt helpless, “How many other husbands do I have? Of course it’s only the little flower I keep at home.”

Cheng Yu smiled, putting his arms around him again.

Lin An Lan also smiled, “So my little flower should thrive well.”

“Mm.” Cheng Yu whispered in response.

Lin An Lan hugged him quietly for a while and only after feeling Cheng Yu calm down did he let go.

Cheng Yu took a few skewers of grilled meat and handed them to Lin An Lan, “Here, your dinner.”

“Eat some too.” Lin An Lan placed a few skewers before him then took some for himself.

It was as he ate that he remembered what he had just tried to say to Cheng Yu.

He spoke gently, trying to persuade him, “Little flower, I think if two people are together, they are equal so if one party does something wrong, the other party can be angry or displeased. Even if you like me, if I do something wrong or irritate you, you should criticize and scold me instead of thinking that it’s fine.”

“You shouldn’t have to suppress your emotions for my sake.”

“I’m not.” Cheng Yu laughed.

“But you just said that if I had lied to you, you wouldn’t be angry.”

“Because I’m really not angry.” Cheng Yu winked as he looked at him, “You can’t ask me to get angry about something I won’t get angry about, right?”

“But…” Lin An Lan sighed, somewhat unsure of what to say.

Anyone would be angry if they encountered something like their feelings being deceived, but Cheng Yu said he wouldn’t get angry, moreover he really didn’t look like he was pretending not to be angry, but analysing this, it still too much like him.

Seeing him frown, Cheng Yu placed the meat in his hand next to his mouth.

Lin An Lan glanced at him, then opened his mouth to bite into the meat on the bamboo skewer.

“Aren’t you even worried about me becoming arrogant?” He queried.

“That’s much better.” Cheng Yu smiled and ate the rest of the meat on the skewer, the raging love in his eyes fading slightly, like a rising tide, lapping at the shore and receding quickly.

“Better that you should be proud and arrogant, that no one else would be able to satisfy your temper so that you can only stay by my side.”

Lin An Lan: ……

“Are those the ideas that are running through your mind?”

“Can’t they?” Cheng Yu said frankly, “If in this world, I love you the most, then why do you have to wrong yourself by going to someone else?”

Lin An Lan: …… It seems to be so true.

Cheng Yu smiled, “Isn’t it good to be my baby? What you say is what you are. I’ll give you whatever you want; my love is yours, my money is yours, I’m yours and just yours. You have absolute dominion over everything, isn’t that good?”

Lin An Lan: …… It’s not a question of whether it’s good or not, it’s too good to be true!

“Don’t tempt me, I can’t stand temptation.”

Cheng Yu smiled, moving closer to him, “Then tempt me, I can withstand temptation especially well.”

“Really?” Lin An Lan was skeptical.

Cheng Yu blinked, an innocent expression on his face, “You’ll know if you try it.”

Lin An Lan cocked his head to the side, reading him.

After a while he gave up, “Unfortunately, I can’t tempt people.”

Cheng Yu let out a laugh, “I thought I could get you to take the initiative once for nothing, seems like the plan went down the drain.”

“However,” he turned his head to look at Lin An Lan, “You yourself, are the most irresistible temptation.”

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