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Chapter 57.2

Lin An Lan walked through the darkness in the silence and pushed open the door, only to see two children he knew and didn’t know. It was him and Jiang Xu from his childhood.

He looked at his tender face, at the low table and chairs, and guessed that this must have been on his first day of primary school.

He was right. This was indeed the first time and day he had started primary school.

He didn’t know anyone in his class well, only Jiang Xu, who lived in the same building.

So his adoptive father asked the teacher to make him and Jiang Xu tablemates.

That afternoon, he felt very tired and wasn’t in a good state of mind so he placed his head on his desk and nodded off lightly.

Suddenly, Jiang Xu whispered in his ear in surprise, “Xiao Lan, why is your face so red?”

Lin An Lan lifted his eyelids sleepily, blinking in confusion.

Jiang Xu then leaned on the table as well, his arm touching his as he said in confusion, “Your arm is hotter than mine.”

Lin An Lan touched it, but didn’t feel anything.

He touched his own forehead with a thought, but he couldn’t tell if it was a normal temperature.

He had to touch Jiang Xu’s forehead, he also touched his own, he said to Jiang Xu, “Feel my forehead, is it hot?”

Jiang Xu lifted his hand and touched it, asking him, “Do you have a fever?”

“I don’t know.” Lin An Lan said honestly.

“Wait a minute,” Jiang Xu said then stood up and ran out of the classroom.

When Lin An Lan saw Jiang Xu again, the homeroom teacher was following behind him. Tilting his head, he said anxiously, “Does he have a fever? His face is so hot and it’s red.”

Their homeroom teacher touched his forehead. It was indeed higher than the normal body temperature.

He reassured Jiang Xu, “Finish your lesson first, I’ll take Lin An Lan to the school nurse’s office to have a look.”

“I want to go with you.” Jiang Xu raised his hand.

“No, you’re not sick, stay in class.”

“But Uncle Lin said we’re good friends, I have to look after him at school.”

Their homeroom teacher was amused, “You take care of yourself.”

When he pulled Lin An Lan out, Jiang Xu looked on pitifully then followed behind them step by step out of the classroom door, grabbing Lin An Lan and not letting go.

Lin An Lan dismissed him, “I’m going to see the doctor with our teacher. Listen to the lesson in the classroom, when I come back, you still have to tell me what the teacher said, otherwise I won’t know what the teacher said in this lesson.”

Jiang Xu thought about it, then agreed reluctantly, “Then come back early.”


The homeroom teacher smiled, then took Lin An Lan to the school doctor’s office to have his temperature taken. There, he was given medicine and told to lie down on the hospital bed and rest.

“You should sleep, school will be over in an hour or so. I just looked at the timetable, your next class is art class. I’ll help you ask the art teacher to give you a leave of absence later, he won’t punish you.”

As their homeroom teacher said this, he covered Lin An Lan with a blanket, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a fever, you’ll be fine after taking the medicine and sweating it out.”

When Lin An Lan heard what he said, he closed his eyes and fell asleep obediently.

He didn’t want to be sick, he wanted to get well quickly because it took money to cure the illness and without money, his mother and father couldn’t cure the illness and because of that they may not want him anymore.

It had been hard for him to get a new mum and dad. If he got sick again and couldn’t be cured, then he might have to go back to the orphanage again.

Lin An Lan remembered very clearly, Sister Xiao Qiao had told him about what had happened to her brother who was always smiling. He’d had a fever that burned his brain, so his parents didn’t want him and left him at the door of the orphanage.

Just like what had happened to him once.

He didn’t want to burn his brain, he didn’t want to be left on the doorstep of the orphanage anymore.

Closing his eyes, he pushed himself to sleep and his medicated body cooperated with his thoughts, because in a few moments, he fell asleep.

Their homeroom teacher sat next to him, occasionally placing a wet towel on his forehead to help cool him down.

Lin An Lan slept heavily until the school bell rang, then was woken up by their homeroom teacher and went back to class with him.

When Jiang Xu saw that he was back, he ran to him happily and asked him, “Xiao Lan, are you alright?”

After he asked, he frowned, “Why is your face still red?”

Lin An Lan raised his hand to touch his face. It didn’t seem as hot as it had been before.

“I’m fine.” He told him. “I took my medicine, I even slept and the doctor said to go home and continue taking the medicine and I’ll be fine.”

After he said this, he went to his seat, packed his bag, and walked out of the classroom with Jiang Xu.

The scene shifted and Lin An Lan saw that he seemed to have grown up a bit. Although his face still had a bit baby-fat on it, he was obviously older than when he had been in the classroom before. He looked like he should be around ten years old.

But he didn’t seem to be in a good shape, because he had chicken pox.

Chicken pox was such a headache. It was both contagious and itchy.

Lin An Lan could only take a leave of absence to stay home. As he stayed home while reading, his arm was itchy, making him want to scratch it.

“You can’t scratch it,” Jiang Xu said as soon as he saw him move his eyes to his arms and legs, immediately stopping him.

“Scratching it will leave scars.”

Lin An Lan didn’t care, “On my arm, not my face.”

“That’s not good either.” Jiang Xu advised him, “Uncle and Auntie have said, you’re not allowed to scratch it, so you can’t.”

Lin An Lan thought of his adoptive parents then gave up.

Jiang Xu was right next to him, he wasn’t afraid of contracting it at all.

Lin An Lan moved his stool, sitting further away from him, “Don’t get too close to me, you haven’t had it before. You could get it if you get too close.”

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  1. Tbh, Jiang Xu is good when he was a child. Now that he’s an adult… Meh, he’s annoying.

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