I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 78.1

These were sweet intimate words Cheng Yu hadn’t expected. He looked at the person in front of him in surprise. His heart was clearly guilty, yet he could hardly restrain his shameful heart that was moved.

He embraced Lin An Lan, whispering, “Thank you.”

“So you have to have faith in me.” Lin An Lan said, “Have faith in yourself too.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “I will.”

The two finished talking, turned off the light, and went back to sleep.

The next morning, when Lin An Lan woke up early, he felt his forehead, took a temperature gun and was surprised to find that his fever had gone down.

When Cheng Yu woke up, he saw Lin An Lan coming out of the bathroom, his face full of joy, “I’m well.”


“Touch me and see.” Lin An Lan walked up to him, bent down and sent his body over.

Cheng Yu lifted his hand and touched his head. It wasn’t hot.

“You fell sick so suddenly and you’ve gotten better fast.”

“That means I’m in good health.” Lin An Lan’s eyes curved in a smile.

Cheng Yu nodded, got out of bed, started to wash up.

Since Lin An Lan had recovered from his illness, he felt revitalized. He ate breakfast and went out to prepare for filming.

As Zhuo Siya was worried about his health, he followed him around.

When Director Zhang saw him coming, he asked him, “Are you feeling better?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “I apologize for the delay of a day.”

“It’s okay.” Director Zhang didn’t mind at all, “Health is the essence of the revolution. Getting well first, is more important than anything else.”

Lin An Lan had worked with him for so long that he could see that Director Zhang was a man who worked hard, but outside of work, he cared more about the physical and mental health of his actors than the average director.

It was no wonder that all the artists he had worked with praised him, Lin An Lan felt that he himself liked Director Zhang’s personality.

He chatted with Director Zhang for a few minutes then took the script and went to rest.

The first scene of the day was between Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen. It was rare that Lin An Lan was seeing a scene between the two of them so he watched it carefully.

However he was halfway through the scene when he heard footsteps. When he looked up, Jiang Xu had appeared in front of him again.

It had clearly been only a day since they had seen each other, but Lin An Lan found himself in a very different state of mind from the last time they had met.

Before he remembered Jiang Xu and his teenage years, although he didn’t like the way he was behaving now, he was still mindful of the fact that he was his friend and had left him a little bit of affection.

But now, when he looked at Jiang Xu, he felt that he had feigned compliance, broken his word and betrayed his trust.

He had promised him that he wouldn’t go to Cheng Feng, but he had gone to see him in his first year of university – just a year after he had made his promise.

He was such a disappointment.

Lin An Lan withdrew his gaze and continued to look at Cheng Yu.

En, it was his little flower that looked better, in every way.

When Jiang Xu noticed that he had turned his gaze away from him and toward Cheng Yu, he stepped in front of him discontentedly, blocking his view.

“Xiao Lan, I came to see you. There’s something I want to say to you.” He said in a gentle tone.

Lin An Lan replied to him calmly, “You’re blocking my view.”

“Xiao Lan …… “

“You’re blocking my view.” Lin An Lan looked up at him, “Get out of the way.”

His tone wasn’t good and seeing that he seemed a bit angry, Jiang Xu could only back away.

Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen shot for another twenty minutes before the scene was over.

The next scene was also between the two of them, but they could take a twenty-minute break to re-apply their make-up and memorize their lines.

Fan Ruiwen called her make-up artist and asked her to re-do her lipstick.

Cheng Yu looked at Lin An Lan out of habit, then he saw Jiang Xu.

Standing next to Lin An Lan, was an uninvited Jiang Xu.

He frowned. He felt that Jiang Xu’s arrival was very unfavorable to him.

As he continued looking on, he saw Lin An Lan waving at him.

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