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Chapter 161.2

It was December, so it was cold, and sitting in front of his laptop, Lin An Lan looked through a new batch of scripts, but wasn’t quite satisfied.

As he was determined to transition to the film industry, he placed great importance on scripts, hence he’d rather leave his schedule empty than accept a project with a mediocre script.

However, while he could pass on scripts for now, he had to participate in commercial events, especially the end-of-year fashion and film galas, which were not to be missed.

Zhuo Siya showed him the new schedule, a densely filled table of activities, and after crossing out a few items, Lin An Lan told him, “Don’t schedule anything around the New Year. I want to take a break.”

“Alright.” Zhuo Siya noted it down.

Looking at the calendar, Lin An Lan suddenly realized that his birthday this year was quite late, falling in early January. It would be his first birthday since regaining his memory, and he figured that Cheng Yu would want to celebrate it with him, so he kept that day free as well.

After arranging his schedule, he allowed Zhuo Siya leave.

At the end of December, Director Zhang brought some unexpected good news to Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu— ‘Yun Yun’ had been nominated for this year’s Golden Osmanthus Awards, with both Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu being nominated for Best Actor.

Hearing this news, Lin An Lan could barely contain his excitement. “Really?”

“En.” Director Zhang said gently, “I think Xiao Cheng’s performance is quite good too. We’ve been talking about having dual male leads, so I didn’t nominate him for best supporting actor, but for best actor. No matter who wins the award between you two, I’ll be happy.”

Lin An Lan thought so too.

He would be happy regardless of who won the award.

If Cheng Yu won, he would have a grand finale and even if he retired, at least he would have a trophy to witness his past glory.

And if he himself won, that would be a good thing too.

So it would be great for either of them to win the award, but if he had to choose, Lin An Lan hoped it would be Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was about to retire, and this might be his last film. Lin An Lan hoped he could end it with pride. As for himself, he still had a long way to go as well as future opportunities.

But Cheng Yu’s thoughts were completely different. “I’m retiring, what’s the use of winning an award? You on the other hand, haven’t established yourself in the film industry yet. Having an award will make things easier for you, and you’ll have better film resources.”

His words made sense, but Lin An Lan wasn’t willing.

He looked at Cheng Yu with a smile, “Let’s wait for the final result. Anyway, I hope you win the award.”

Cheng Yu, helpless, pulled him into his arms. He didn’t really care, but Lin An Lan genuinely wanted him to win, so they would see the result.

“If neither of us wins, will you be upset?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“Yes.” Lin An Lan admitted candidly, “Who wouldn’t feel upset if they were nominated but didn’t win? But it’s normal. With so many nominees and only one trophy, someone is bound to feel disappointed. So it’s normal to feel upset, it’s not a big deal. When we wake up the next morning, it’ll be a new day.”

He wanted Cheng Yu to have a trophy, but he also saw the situation clearly. Winning an award was a matter of fortune; Lin An Lan felt he could accept whatever outcome.

“Being nominated is already an affirmation, so it’s great that we’ve been nominated.” He smiled.

Seeing that Lin An Lan’s mentality was quite good, Cheng Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief and nodded lightly, “En.”

In the blink of an eye, it was early January. After attending the fashion gala, Lin An Lan’s birthday was just around the corner.

He observed Cheng Yu secretly and found him acting as if nothing was happening, showing no signs that his birthday was coming up in a few days.

That shouldn’t be the case, Lin An Lan thought. Cheng Yu already knew last year that his birthday was celebrated according to the lunar calendar. This year, for the solar calendar birthday, he had only given him a gift but didn’t buy a cake, indicating that they would celebrate the lunar calendar birthday. But now he seemed to be pretending as if nothing was going on. Deciding not to expose him, Lin An Lan just watched him put on this act, waiting to see what he would do on the day.

Seeing Lin An Lan busying himself methodically, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but ask himself, could he have forgotten his own birthday? Impossible. He had regained his memory and so should have remembered that he celebrated his birthday according to the lunar calendar. Besides, this year on the solar calendar, he had only given him a gift but didn’t buy a cake, making it so that it didn’t resemble an official birthday celebration. It couldn’t be that he was thinking that just because there had been a birthday gift, his birthday was over, right?

Feeling a bit uneasy, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Do you have any work scheduled in the next couple of days?”

Lin An Lan smiled behind his back then replied, “No.”

Cheng Yu was relieved.

Lin An Lan also felt reassured. Sure enough, it was all an act.

He waited patiently, and then, his birthday finally arrived.

On the eve of his birthday, Cheng Yu said to him with a smile, “I’ll take you out for some fun tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan said cooperatively, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll know when we get there.” Cheng Yu scratched his nose playfully.

Lin An Lan didn’t ask any further.

The next morning, around nine o’clock, Cheng Yu woke up Lin An Lan calmly and after they had washed up and had breakfast, they finally left the house.

Having called Wang Cheng to drive, he himself accompanied Lin An Lan in the back seat.

Seeing him keep the location a secret, Lin An Lan didn’t ask any more questions.

And leaning against Cheng Yu, dozed off for a while, until the car stopped. Opening his eyes, he asked, “Are we there?”

“We are.” Cheng Yu replied, kissing his forehead. “I was ready to carry you out of the car if you hadn’t woken up.”

Laughing, Lin An Lan, opened the door of the car and stepped out.

As soon as he got out, he realized that they had arrived at the city’s largest amusement park, which had become quite famous recently.

Seeing the amusement park, Lin An Lan’s heart softened immediately.

His adoptive parents had already been quite old when they adopted him, so even though they took him to amusement parks when he was little, they couldn’t accompany him on thrilling rides like roller coasters. What’s more because he was small, his adoptive parents naturally didn’t feel comfortable letting him play alone, so he hadn’t experienced many exciting rides growing up.

The most thrilling thing he had ever done was probably bumper cars.

As he grew older, he forgot about this and focused on studying and spending time with his parents. For occasional leisure and entertainment, he was more inclined to watch movies, sing, or play table tennis, and rarely visited amusement parks.

One day, while he and Cheng Yu were watching TV at home, the news mentioned that a popular amusement park was packed again during the National Day Golden Week and Lin An Lan had asked casually, “Is it really that fun?”

Cheng Yu replied, “It’s not bad. Some of the attractions are quite interesting. I went there last year. Do you want to go?”

“It’s fine.” Lin An Lan said. “I actually haven’t played much in amusement parks.”

Cheng Yu was surprised. “What do you mean?”

Lin An Lan then recounted his childhood experiences. He spoke calmly, not feeling any sense of regret. However, at the time, Cheng Yu had caressed his head then pulled him into his arms.

Perhaps, it was at that time that was when the idea of taking him to the amusement park began to take shape in Cheng Yu’s mind.

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