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Chapter 131.2 Meng Tingyun liked Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu thought to himself


As Zhou Yan said this, he took a step forward. Zhuo Siya immediately stood in front of Lin An Lan, acting as a shield, “What are you trying to do?”

His voice was cold, “You almost hurt An Lan and you’re trying to act justified?”

“Exactly.” Yang Wang echoed, “You didn’t prepare properly for the scene, did you? Lin Ge did but Lin Ge didn’t hurt you.”

Zhao Peng Hai stopped them hurriedly, “Okay, okay. Zhou Yan, apologize to Xiao Lin and next time pay attention, don’t always do that.”

“Xiao Lin, don’t blame him too much. It’s his fault, but he probably didn’t do it by intention, so just forgive him this time.”

Hearing him say this, Lin An Lan gave him face, “Okay.”

Zhou Yan could also only take a step back and apologize, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay.”

As Meng Tingyun watched from afar, he thought to himself, Zhou Yan wasn’t anything good.

He deliberately went up to Lin An Lan at lunchtime and asked him, “Lin Ge, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m alright.” Lin An Lan responded calmly.

“That Zhou Yan is too hateful. He didn’t act properly in the last filming and almost hit you this time. I was watching, he accidentally hurt Sister Xu several times when he was filming with her.”

Lin An Lan looked up at him, “You’re watching quite carefully.”

“I’m a newbie, I need to observe more.”

Laughing, Lin An Lan didn’t say anything.

Meng Tingyun continued, “Lin Ge, do you want him replaced?”

Lifting his head in surprise, Lin An Lan looked at Meng Tingyun in disbelief.

Meng Tingyun was blunt, “With him like this, it’s not good for you and it’s not good for the rest of the crew, so it’s better to have him replaced with another actor.”

It was then Lin An Lan remembered what Yang Wang had said earlier. Meng Tingyun was the person an investor had settled on as he’d invested in the film. It seemed, what he had heard wasn’t a lie.

For him to be able to ask him this question now, it meant he was certain of the outcome. It was just, for him to just tell him this, wasn’t it a bit too naive?

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that and in the future, you shouldn’t say it again.”

Meng Tingyun didn’t understand, “Don’t you want it?”

“Casting is a matter for the crew, not the actors, and you and I are ordinary actors who don’t and shouldn’t have the right to change actors.”

Meng Tingyun frowned, “But the way he’s acting is obviously not good for the crew either.”

“Then Director Zhao will figure out what to do, not you thinking about how to replace him.”

Meng Tingyun nodded.

Lin An Lan looked at him, “Xiao Meng, you might have some sort of background, but background can’t help you solve everything, so don’t overstep your bounds. You can dislike someone, but you can’t erase that person’s existence because of your like or dislike. It isn’t your place to worry about this.”

Meng Tingyun gave an ‘oh’ then ate obediently.

Lin An Lan was relieved to see that he seemed to have listened.

Although he didn’t like Zhou Yan, that didn’t mean he was going to make Zhou Yan leave the crew or have the crew replace him just because he didn’t like him. He was just an actor, so he didn’t have that right, and Meng Tingyun even more so.

But while he didn’t have that right, Zhao Peng Hai did. Only, the current Zhao Peng Hai wasn’t planning to exercise it yet.

Changing an actor meant finding a new one, and it wasn’t a certainty that one would find the right one, and when one did, they would have to pay for them.

Zhao Peng Hai had paid Zhou Yan a lot of money when he hired him, which meant he didn’t have any money to pay anyone else, which was why he would always talk to Zhou Yan a few times afterwards using both hard and soft tactics, and Zhou Yan could hear the meaning behind his words, which was why he would settle down afterwards.

Seeing that Zhou Yan didn’t give Lin An Lan any more trouble, Meng Tingyun didn’t mention the replacement issue again and followed Lin An Lan like a tail, just like before.

After following him for a long time, Lin An Lan inevitably became more familiar with him and added him on Wechat.

When Cheng Yu came to visit him again, he saw Lin An Lan and Meng Tingyun who was sitting by him talking about something. Meng Tingyun’s gaze was on Lin An Lan and only on him, with his body moving unconsciously closer to him, to the point where he was almost sitting next to him.

Stopping in his tracks, Cheng Yu stared at Meng Tingyun sensitively.

His instincts warned him frantically at this moment, telling him that Meng Tingyun wasn’t simple.

He liked Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu thought to himself. He was looking at Lin An Lan so intently and only looking at him. What was it if not like?

But Cheng Yu wasn’t sure. He didn’t know Meng Tingyun too well, so he wasn’t sure if he had misunderstood him.

So after a moment’s pause, he took another step towards Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan stood up in surprise when he saw him appear, “Why are you here? You didn’t say anything in advance.”

“I was passing by.” Cheng Yu laughed, “So I came to see you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t believe him, “Really? Then sit down for a while, I have a few more scenes.”

Cheng Yu nodded and Yang Wang immediately moved a chair for him to sit down next to Lin An Lan.

Cheng Yu looked across at Meng Tingyun and smiled a little, “Hello. Meng Tingyun, right?”

Meng Tingyun nodded and said politely, “Hello Cheng Ge.”

“Hello to you too.”

“Cheng Ge, haven’t you been filming lately?” Meng Tingyun asked him.

“Not for the time being.”

“Why is that?” Meng Tingyun wondered, “Haven’t you come across a suitable script?”

“Yeah.” Cheng Yu answered perfunctorily.

Meng Tingyun nodded, “Then Cheng Ge I wish that you come across one soon.”


Lin An Lan waited until they had finished before he said to Meng Tingyun, “Xiao Meng, you go back first, I have some things to take care of.”

Meng Tingyun looked at him in surprise, unable to believe that Lin An Lan was kicking him away as soon as Cheng Yu arrived.

He was a bit aggrieved. Obviously they had been getting along well these days, so why was he not even allowed to stay by his side once Cheng Yu arrived? Was he so inferior to Cheng Yu?

But he didn’t dare to show it. He just nodded his head and said, “Okay.”

Having said that, Meng Tingyun stood up and left.

Cheng Yu watched him walk back, keeping his eyes fixed on his back.

Lin An Lan followed his gaze and asked him, “He’s good looking isn’t he? Very sunny?”

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