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Chapter 45.2

As soon as Lin An Lan got into the car, he leaned back, “I thought you had left.”

“I was about to, but when I passed by your artist’s van, I stopped again.”

He opened his arms, looking at Lin An Lan tenderly.

Lin An Lan smiled a little then threw himself into his arms, hugging him.

Cheng Yu wrapped his arms around his waist, and with a sharp eye, he noticed the cuffs of his pyjamas on his wrists and asked, “You haven’t changed your clothes?”

“It’s not convenient.”

That’s true, Cheng Yu said in his heart then asked, “Are you cold?”


Cheng Yu rubbed his back a few times, then hugged him tightly again and kissed the side of his face.

Lifting Lin An Lan onto his lap, he lowered his head to kiss him on the lips.

Lin An Lan responded to his kiss meekly then pulled away slightly, “I haven’t removed my makeup yet, I still have to ask the makeup artist to remove it later.”

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yu laughed, “I’ll take it off for you, you don’t need them.”

“You know how to?”

“You’re underestimating me.” Cheng Yu smiled then bit his lip, very lightly, leaving no trace, “What doesn’t your husband know?”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile.

“Take my car.” Cheng Yu said, “I’ll help you take off your makeup when we get back, I haven’t done it for you yet.”

Lin An Lan thought about it and thought that there was nothing wrong with it. It wasn’t uncommon for actors to go back to the hotel together when they were having a good chat, and since they were both boys, people wouldn’t think there was anything ambiguous about it.

“Alright.” Lin An Lan didn’t refuse.

Saying this, he tried to get off Cheng Yu’s lap, but was held down by Cheng Yu, “Let me hold you, ok?”

“I have to talk to Yang Wang, what’s more Wang Cheng and the driver have to come back. It’s not good for us to be like this.”

“What’s wrong with us being like this? It’s not like they don’t know we’re a couple.”

“Then we have to be aware of the repercussions.”

Lin An Lan patted his hand, “We’ll hug when we go back.”

Cheng Yu could only let go, feeling a little sorry for himself.

Lin An Lan kissed him on the face soothingly then poked his cheeks, “Smile.”

Unable to hold it in, Cheng Yu laughed.

Lin An Lan kissed him on the corner of his lips in satisfaction, “That’s better, don’t be unhappy.”

Cheng Yu took hold of him and said softly, “I’m not unhappy.”


Cheng Yu nodded his head.

He wouldn’t show it in front of Lin An Lan if he was unhappy. It was only this kind of petty and deliberate unhappiness that he would allow Lin An Lan to see.

He wrapped his arms around Lin An Lan’s waist and rubbed his ear, “I’m happy every day and every second I’m with you.”

Lin An Lan felt that this must be the truth, because Cheng Yu did like him very much.

So smiling, he kissed Cheng Yu and waited for him to get enough hugs in before lowering the window and saying to Yang Wang, “I’ll take Cheng Yu’s car.”

Yang Wang nodded, “What about me? Do you want me to come with?”

“No, you can take my car and follow us.”


Wang Cheng smiled and knowing that they wanted to go back, sent the driver a WeChat.

It was just as well that the driver had just finished his cigarette. When he returned, he noticed that there was an extra Lin An Lan in the car.

However he had heard about their relationship from Cheng Yu the day Lin An Lan joined the crew, so he didn’t say much and started the car.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu sat in the back row, while Wang Cheng sat in the front with the driver.

Wang Cheng wanted to get high on sugar face to face as soon as he thought that the people sitting behind him was his cp, but he just thought about it as he wasn’t bold enough. He could only keep his head down and look at the fanart of the Yu Lan Super Talk to quench his thirst.

Sigh, others couldn’t see the real thing, but he was sitting in front of them yet he had to look at fanarts like the others to quench his thirst.

This was really, all roads lead to Rome.

Sure enough, it wasn’t easy to be a fan!

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