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Chapter 139.2 Cheng Feng’s message & a past of Cheng Yu

Lin An Lan thought about it for a while then unable to bear it, called Cheng Yu.

“What’s wrong?” Cheng Yu asked, concerned, “Why aren’t you asleep so late? Has something happened?”

“No.” Lin An Lan replied gently, “I was just thinking about some things and I’ve figured it out, so I wanted to talk to you about it.”


“Your dad sent me a message a few days ago, asking me to meet him.”

Cheng Yu instantly sat up straight, “There’s no need to go.”

“But I want to go.” Lin An Lan told him. “I’ve never spoken to him before, I want to meet him.”

“There’s no need for that, I can handle our family’s affairs.”

Lin An Lan felt that his reasoning was incorrect. “Being together is a matter for two people, how can you handle it alone? Even the most happily unencumbered couples have to meet each other’s parents, so it’s normal for me to meet your father.”

“Then I’ll go with you.”

“There’s no need.” Lin An Lan refused. “I’ll go alone. I definitely want to see him once, alone, to talk to him. But you don’t have to worry, nothing will happen to me. Even if your father is extremely dangerous, he won’t eat me on the spot.”

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but worry, “Then I’ll wait for you outside.”

“No, you focus on what you have to do.”

“An An, how can I possibly have the heart to focus on anything else when you’re like this? Call me before you see him and wait until you’re done to hang up. I won’t stop you or disturb you, but I must stay in a place where I can see you and I must know what you two talked about.”

Seeing that Cheng Yu was insistent, Lin An Lan stopped refusing. Although he felt that it was unnecessary, if Cheng Yu felt more at ease this way, then so be it.

His peace of mind was more important.

Lin An Lan told Cheng Yu the time and place of the meeting before turning off the light and getting under the covers to get ready for bed.

The next day at noon, after Lin An Lan finished his lunch, he was about to have his driver take him there when he saw Pei Qiu following him with his bag.

“I’ll drive you.”

“You know where I’m going?”

Pei Qiu nodded, “One of my tasks is to keep an eye on the movements of Cheng Feng, Cheng Xiao and Jiang Xu. It can’t be that you think that now that I’m here on a business trip with you, I’m not going to do any work right?”

Lin An Lan:…. Sorry, he really thought that way.

“You have a lot of tasks.”

Pei Qiu waved his hand, “The more able one is, the more work one should do. Besides, I get paid the same amount of money. Young Master Cheng is my big client after all.”

“I’m very curious about what other clients you have besides him…..”

“Idle rich young masters, wealthy wives whose husbands cheat, cinderellas who have stepmothers and so have stepfathers, down-on-their-luck snow white princes and rich second-generation heirs who, unable to beat their opponents, are unconvinced and sincerely hire me as a stand-in fighter.”

Lin An Lan: “….. You have a large clientele and your business is quite diverse.”

“They’re all referrals from repeat customers, mainly because I’m good value for money.”

Lin An Lan looked him over for a moment. He didn’t know if he was good value for money or not, but he was certainly attractive.

“When did you find out about the issue between Cheng Feng and I?” He asked.

“The night you received the message.”

“And you didn’t tell Cheng Yu.”

Pei Qiu shook his head.

“Why?” Lin An Lan was a bit curious.

He had thought that Cheng Yu didn’t know about it and that Pei Qiu, who was responsible for checking this information for him, must not have noticed it, but to his surprise, he was aware of it. Only, he didn’t tell Cheng Yu.

This was a bit of a rarity.

“I know Cheng Feng sent you a message and I know the contents of the message, but because it involves you, Young Master Cheng doesn’t want to invade your personal privacy. Anything related to you doesn’t need to be reported to him. If you want him to know, you’ll tell him. If you don’t, he’ll respect your wishes.”

Lin An Lan was shocked. Cheng Yu had previously checked on some things about him, so he had assumed that if Cheng Yu wanted to know something, he would know it.

But now it seems that things had changed.

“New rules?”

Pei Qiu nodded, “This year’s. When you lost your memory last year, his requirement was that if Jiang Xu contacted you, I was to tell him, but that I didn’t need to tell him the contents of the conversation. I just needed to tell him when he contacted you, how long and so on.”

“Isn’t it very self-abusive?” Pei Qiu couldn’t help but complain, “Just knowing that the other party contacts you, but not knowing what was said, making guesses and then thinking in the worst direction. I sometimes advise him but he doesn’t listen. If it weren’t for the principle that the customer comes first, I really want to listen to what you guys talk about and then reveal it to him subtly so that he doesn’t look so sad every time he hangs up.”

Hearing him say this, Lin An Lan thought of something.

He remembered that night, when he had just told Cheng Yu that he had decided to act as Gu Shuyu, Cheng Yu had been excited, but after a little while, he went to the study and started to smoke, feeling sad.

He had asked Cheng Yu what was wrong, but Cheng Yu had told him about his parents’ situation.

At that time, he had assumed that it was something that had happened in his family, but the more he was with him, the clearer it became to him that for Cheng Yu, his family only consisted of Yu Heng. His parents weren’t people that could make him sad, so that day’s so-called family matter, had obviously been an excuse.

However everyone had scars they didn’t want to reveal. Lin An Lan had them, so he understood that Cheng Yu also had them.

That was why he didn’t ask him what he had really been upset about that day. Now that he thought about it, he seemed to know.

He had received a call from Jiang Xu while Cheng Yu was taking a shower and then he told Cheng Yu that he was willing to act as Gu Shuyu.

For Cheng Yu at that time, he must have thought that this sudden change was because of Jiang Xu.

When he was in the bathroom and didn’t know that Jiang Xu had called him, he thought he had come round, that he did it for him, that was why he had been very happy.

But when Pei Qiu reported to him that Jiang Xu had called him while he had been in the shower, that he had answered and that they’d had a conversation, everything changed in the eyes of Cheng Yu, who didn’t know the contents of the conversation.

That was why he felt that he didn’t reciprocate his affection and was also worried that he was enduring humiliation in order to carry out an important mission for Jiang Xu, which was why he had said to him with sadness, “Baby, help me, stay with me forever.”

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