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Chapter 145.2

As a child, Lin An Lan had studied hard not because he liked it, but because all parents liked children who had good grades. He had wanted to be liked, so he had worked hard to maintain good grades.

When he grew up and became an actor, it wasn’t because he liked acting either, but because he knew that people couldn’t live without money. His father was already old, and he knew that he wanted to give him a good life, so he had to have enough money. Therefore, he became an actor by taking advantage of the opportunity presented to him.

And during the months when Father Lin was seriously ill, he had spent money like water, but hadn’t felt any hint of unwillingness. He had just been grateful that he had enough money to provide his father with medical care and had also been grateful that he could and had hired the best doctors so that he wouldn’t regret it in the future.

From the past till the present, what he cared about was people, living, breathing people.

Therefore, when he’d had amnesia, he had hoped to avoid being discovered with Cheng Yu before going public, just like other normal celebrities. But now, he didn’t care about those things. It would naturally be best if they weren’t discovered, but if they were, he didn’t care. He cared more about Cheng Yu and wanted him to be happy.

“You are more important.” He said as he looked at Cheng Yu tenderly, “You are the most important, more important than anything else, my career, Jiang Xu and other people and things.”

“I like being with you and I like the feeling of being able to kiss or hug you whenever I want.”

Cheng Yu was stunned. He had never thought that happiness could be like this.

He had thought that Lin An Lan was already good enough, and that he already loved him a lot. But now, he found that Lin An Lan could even be better, and that he could love the person in front of him even more.

“I think I might have to go back on my words.” He said softly.

Lin An Lan was confused, “Go back on your words?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “You said before that you were afraid that I would love the version of you with amnesia more than the real you and I said I loved both because they are both you. But now, I feel like I might love the current you more, the real you with the most complete memories.”

He looked innocent and sincere.

Lin An Lan raised an eyebrow, “Oh?”

“You’re too good.” Cheng Yu said, “The past me would definitely be jealous of the current me.”

Whether it was him in high school, in university, or the him who had nervously been in love with Lin An Lan when he’d had amnesia, they would all be jealous of the present him who had the current Lin An Lan who said, ‘You are the most important, and I like the feeling of being able to kiss or hug you whenever I want.’

Suddenly laughing, he wrapped his arms around Lin An Lan, hugging him tightly.

“An An, you’re too cunning!”

Lin An Lan: ??? How was he cunning?

Cheng Yu said excitedly, “You’re too cunning! You are so good and loveable, yet you still rejected me after recovering your memories, saying that you were afraid you weren’t as cute as the you that had amnesia, afraid that you weren’t as loveable. You did it on purpose, right? You were trying to trick me and then convince me to give up. Luckily I persisted in pursuing you, otherwise I would have missed out on so much!”

He looked down at Lin An Lan with a doting expression on his face, “You little liar.”

Lin An Lan: ….

He wasn’t, he didn’t, he shouldn’t say nonsense!

How could he have thought that Cheng Yu’s rose-tinted lover’s eyes were the best in the world, and that with his 800 layers of filter, he thought he was good no matter what he looked like.

Lin An Lan felt a bit helpless, yet inexplicably pleased. He had still been worried that his current self might not be as suitable for Cheng Yu as the him who had had amnesia, and had been afraid that Cheng Yu might long for his past self who was sunny and optimistic without him knowing.

But now it seems he didn’t have to worry.

Cheng Yu seemed to like his original personality better.

That was great.

Smiling, Lin An Lan looked back at Cheng Yu then turned his head without saying a word.

Cheng Yu wrapped his arms around him from behind, hugging his shoulders and rubbing his head against his, “Really good.”

He added, “An An, you’re really good.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh, responding with an ‘en’ sound.

It was quite good, they were both quite good.

Cheng Yu remained excited even after they got back into the car.

Lin An Lan didn’t bother him, allowing him to enjoy his happiness.

It wasn’t until they were almost at the filming location that Lin An Lan spoke to Cheng Yu, “I heard from Jiang Xu that your grandpa called him and asked him to return to acknowledge his ancestry.”

Cheng Yu replied with an ‘oh’ sound, “I know.”

“You know?”

“Pei Qiu.” Cheng Yu raised his chin, gesturing to the person in the driver’s seat.

Looking up, Pei Qiu smiled at them through the rearview mirror, “That’s right.”

Lin An Lan felt that his day was quite full. He had to help Cheng Yu with his work, study for his English exam and sometimes act as his driver.

What a master of time management!

“Then do you know Jiang Xu didn’t agree? He said he wouldn’t go back, he promised me that he wouldn’t.”

“That’s not true.” Cheng Yu told him. “He didn’t respond at the time, neither accepting nor rejecting it.”

Lin An Lan thought for a moment then said cautiously, “I believe he’s serious this time. I’m willing to trust him.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “That’s best.”

There was no way Jiang Xu could go back to the Cheng family; Cheng Feng wouldn’t allow it and the Yu family wouldn’t allow it either. If he really were to go back, the situation would definitely become troublesome.

“It’s best that he doesn’t go. If he doesn’t, he can be a star, have money and freedom and can like whoever he wants and do whatever he wants. But if he goes back, he’ll be caught in the struggle between the two families and he’ll be powerless.”

“I feel the same way.”

Cheng Yu laughed, “But I never thought that my grandfather would value bloodline inheriting so much so that he would insist that my father leave a descendant behind.”

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