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Chapter 26.1

Lin An Lan was a little sad to see them go. He knew very well that after they left, these children would continue to play in the village in groups as before, with one or two occasionally being sent to school by their families.

The children wouldn’t be upset that they couldn’t study, but the adults would.

So, Lin An Lan couldn’t let go.

But he could not change anything; he could not stay here for these children, nor could he take them with him out of this mountain village.

He wasn’t the parent of these children, nor could he be responsible for their fates.

Lin An Lan finished preparing for his last lesson, closed his book and left the school with Cheng Yu.

The camera man filmed them until they finished bathing and got ready for bed, and then left.

Cheng Yu closed the door, turned around and slipped into Lin An Lan’s bedroom.

Lin An Lan had also turned off the camera by this time.

After a few days, they had a tacit understanding.

Cheng Yu walked up to him and asked him, “Do you want to sleep?”

“Don’t you want to sleep?”

Cheng Yu thought for a moment, “Sleep is fine, I guess.”

Saying this, he moved to the cupboard and took candles from it.

Looking at the candles in his hand, Lin An Lan was confused, “What are you doing with them?”

Cheng Yu smiled a little, approached him and bent down, “Close your eyes.”

He should close his eyes again?

He closed them obediently.

Cheng Yu lit the candles and placed them on the bedside table and turned off the light.

He took the wine out and poured it into the new glasses he had bought.

Lin An Lan had his eyes closed as he waited belatedly for his next step, cocking his head to the side as he asked, “Can I open them now?”

Cheng Yu walked to him with the glasses in his hand and sat next to him, saying in a warm voice, “Yes.”

Lin An Lan opened his eyes and saw the room dimly lit by candlelight with Cheng Yu sitting in front of him, his handsomeness shining through and in his hands were two glasses of wine that were not too full.

“What is this?” Lin An Lan asked out loud.

Cheng Yu smiled as he gazed at him, handing a glass to him. Lin An Lan reached out to take it, still confused.

It was only when Cheng Yu’s arm wrapped around his and the two intertwined their arms that he snapped out of it, “You want to drink a crossed-cup wine1crossed-cup wine is the formal exchange of cups of wine between a bride and a groom as traditional wedding ceremony?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu didn’t deny it.

He glanced at the word ‘happy’ on the wall behind them, then looked at the red candles burning on the bed, and said softly, “I bought candles and wine, and there’s a ‘happy’ character here. An An, let’s drink a toast and get married.”

Lin An Lan’s heart pounded and he couldn’t help but look towards the bedside table.

There, red candles were burning.

The dancing firelight dotted Cheng Yu’s eyebrows and eyes, further setting off his handsome face and compelling his heart.

He looked on in awe, his heart beating so fast that he almost lost his grip on the glass.

He looked behind him at the ‘happy’ character which was very large, bright red and faintly festive under the candle flame.

He knew that Cheng Yu liked this ‘happy’ character and that he liked this wedding room, but he hadn’t expected that he would think so much about it, he hadn’t expected that he would buy candles and wine, and that he would want to drink a toast with him here.

It was childish.

Childish, as if they were playing house.

And yet, it was so sincere.

So sincere that it made his heart race.

He looked at the person in front of him. Cheng Yu was still waiting for his reply.

His eyes were focused, reflecting his appearance in his eyes.

He was looking at him as if he was the only one in his world.

Lin An Lan nodded, then lifted his hand slowly, bringing the glass to his mouth.

Cheng Yu also lifted his arm and mirroring his movements, drunk the crossed-cup wine with him.

This was their first time drinking the crossed-cup wine. The glass was ordinary, the wine was even more ordinary, and the wedding room even belonged to someone else.

Yet, they were both very happy.

They both suppressed their excitement and frantic heartbeats.

Cheng Yu thought to himself, with this glass of wine, with this day, even if Lin An Lan regained his memory in the future and left, he would be satisfied.

Lin An Lan, on the other hand thought to himself, that with this glass of wine and this night, he would never leave Cheng Yu in his life.

Cheng Yu liked him a lot, he really, really wanted to marry him for the rest of his life.

Putting down the cup in his hand, he raised his eyes to look at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu moved closer to him and said gently, “After drinking the crossed glasses, shouldn’t the groom kiss the bridegroom?”

Lin An Lan nodded with a smile, his fair face turning a little red as it was baked by the flames of the candle.

Cheng Yu leaned in and kissed him and Lin An Lan hugged him, responding to his kiss.

They had already kissed so many times that they were both familiar with each other’s rhythm and habits.

Lin An Lan hooked his neck and moved closer to his arms, his body melting slowly.

This really wasn’t the right place, he thought, or else they would have actually gone on to do the later deeds.

But it was a suitable location, otherwise, they wouldn’t be here to drink their wedding toast.

He leaned into Cheng Yu’s arms, thinking that sooner or later, they would have their own wedding room, and at that time, they would be cavorting in their own wedding room, instead of rubbing up against someone else’s.

Waves of joy rolling in his heart, Lin An Lan couldn’t stop his love from surging. He lifted his head and kissed Cheng Yu again.

He kissed and nibbled on Cheng Yu’s lips, went back to kissing his chin, then finally simply got off the bed, poured some of the wine in a wine glass, took a sip and fed it into Cheng Yu’s mouth with it in his mouth.

“Is it sweet?” He asked as he kissed Cheng Yu’s lips.

Cheng Yu smiled and nibbled on his lips, saying back to him, “It’s not as sweet as you are.”

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