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Chapter 63.1

On the 1st of December, the cast held a big birthday celebration for Lin An Lan.

The crew ordered a cake and flowers for him, and everyone gathered at the hotel, laughing and talking, the scene bustling.

Many of the actors who were filming with him took the opportunity to give him gifts and words of congratulations.

Fan Ruiwen, as the female lead, naturally gave them too, and the same went for Cheng Yu.

Lin An Lan ate the cake with everyone and took pictures, which ended the lively occasion.

The director took good care of him because seeing as his real birthday was the next day, he gave him a day off to have a good birthday and come back to film afterwards.

When Cheng Yu saw this, he quickly said that he also had something to do and needed to take a day off.

As the majority of his scenes were focused on Lin An Lan, Director Zhang didn’t give him a hard time and gave him a day off as well.

The two of them left the birthday party one after the other, and Lin An Lan had just walked out of the hotel restaurant when he received a WeChat from Cheng Yu.

There were only two words in the message: [Go home.]

Lin An Lan smiled and said back to him: [En.]

Putting his phone into his pocket, he walked out of the hotel and got into his artist’s van.

Cheng Yu took the long way around and Lin An Lan took the shortcut, so although they left the hotel at different times, they arrived home at about the same time.

When Lin An Lan arrived, he saw Cheng Yu already sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

He hadn’t turned on the lights, but had lit two candles, and in the hazy dimness, he looked like a prince that had stepped out of an oil painting.

“Why didn’t you turn on the lights?” Lin An Lan asked him.

Cheng Yu laughed as he stood up, “I just happened to see so many candles and candle holders in the drawer, so I lit them up.”

“It’s not bad, is it?” He said, “It sets the ambience pretty well.”

Lin An Lan looked down at the candles on the table, which were pure white and beautifully made, inserted straight into the candlestick, their flames swaying as if they had fallen to earth by mistake.

“It’s quite pretty.”

Cheng Yu approached him and said gently, “Then you’ll blow out the candles later.”

“Blowing again?” Lin An Lan laughed, “I just finished blowing some.”

“En, practice makes perfect. You’ll have to blow them again.”

Lin An Lan’s eyes curved in a smile and he nodded, “Alright then.”

Cheng Yu picked up the candles and pulled him into his bedroom.

As it was already late, Lin An Lan grabbed his pajamas and headed for the bathroom.

Cheng Yu didn’t rush to take a shower, he just lay in bed, waiting for the zero hour, wanting to wish Lin An Lan a happy birthday right at the hour.

At 0:00, Cheng Yu sent out his edited post: “Happy birthday @Lin An Lan, another wonderful year, you will meet more happiness and surprises.”

This was a phrase he had posted often for so many years, only before, it had only been visible to himself. But this time, he was finally able to post it publicly.

He finally had the right to wish Lin An Lan well publicly and interact with him.

Looking down at Lin An Lan’s pictures on his phone album, he smiled tenderly.

The Yu Lan fans sat up in deathly shock from their sleep when they saw that the CP they shipped had posted sugar again!

Running around, they quickly informed their sisters who weren’t asleep to join in on the sugar rush.

“Oh my god, exactly 0:00 on the dot. Cheng really loves him!”

“The well-wishes are beautiful too, Cheng Ge put his heart into it!”

“I’m about to go to sleep when suddenly there’s a mouthful of candy, what’s the point of sleeping? Get up and get high!”

“Eating candy before bed can cause tooth decay, but! I can do it for Yu Lan! Let’s make the cavities more intense!”

“Cheng Ge used his heart, this must have been sent right on the hour. With this, it’s clear that he really likes An An.”

“They are old classmates, how can he not like him?”

“Happy Birthday An An. An An I wish you a happy time with Cheng Ge next year too.”

“Not just next year, but the year after that too~ Every year has to be so sweet!”

“That’s right!”

Lin An Lan came out of the shower, rubbing his hair as he urged Cheng Yu to take a shower.

Cheng Yu put his phone down and stole a kiss while he was passing by him, then quickly ran into the bathroom.

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile, muttering in a small voice, “What are you running for? It’s not like you’re going to get hit.”

He blow dried his hair himself, got into bed, leaned back against the pillows and started playing with his cell phone.

Cheng Yu’s birthday celebration post was hanging on his home page, so he saw it easily. His lips curving in a smile, he replied, “Thank you.”

He finished his comment and looked at the other people’s posts on the front page, without lingering much, and went offline.

After all, from 00:00 onwards now, even if it was really his birthday, at this time if there were other celebrities wishing him well and he didn’t reply, compared to just now when he had replied to Cheng Yu, it would look very much like a double standard.

Although, he did try to be a bit biased where Cheng Yu was concerned.

Thinking of this, Lin An Lan took the gift Cheng Yu had given him.

It was a paper bag that he had asked Yang Wang to take and hand over to him secretly, and he hadn’t opened it in the van, just to open it in front of Cheng Yu.

But Cheng Yu hadn’t finished showering yet, so Lin An Lan just looked at it and put it back on the bedside table.

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