I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 68.1

“That’s for the best, after all, I won’t regret as well.”

Cheng Yu finished, closed the door and rejoined Lin An Lan.

”How did it go?” Lin An Lan was curious.

“He said that you took the photo album to your house last year.”

“Last year?” Lin An Lan thought for a moment and said thoughtfully, “Then it’s probably because with my dad gone, there was no one at home, and I live there because of my job, so I took the photo album with me.”

Cheng Yu nodded his head. He had guessed the same thing.

A glimpse of something made one miss it.

Lin An Lan sighed, thinking he kind of still wanted to see it, but unfortunately he couldn’t.

“Let’s try to find some time to go back, I want to see my old pictures.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu responded.

Lin An Lan smiled and leaned into his arms, watching TV with him.

When Jiang Xu received the call that the cake had arrived, he had just come out of the kitchen when he saw Cheng Yu holding Lin An Lan in his arms, talking and laughing as they watched TV together.

Jiang Xu: ????!!!

Jiang Xu was so angry that he walked over in big strides, raised his chin and said to Cheng Yu, “The cake has arrived, go and open the door.”

Cheng Yu didn’t trade words with him. He just stood up and walked towards the door.

Jiang Xu, quick-eyed and pained, sat down next to Lin An Lan and lowered his voice, “Why did you let him put his arm around you! Is he worthy?!”

Lin An Lan nodded, “He’s quite worthy.”

Jiang Xu was furious, “Am I working hard in the kitchen to cook just so that he could cuddle with you outside?”


“I !!!!” Jiang Xu nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Lin An Lan looked at him with a smirk, “Angry? There is nothing to be angry about, you’d better go and cook, I’m hungry.”

“Xiao Lan, you really don’t have to be so cooperative with him, he will like you even if you don’t do this.”

“Cooperate with me in what?” Cheng Yu asked.

Jiang Xu was shocked by his sudden appearance, then looked up to glare at Cheng Yu, “Don’t f*cking hug him. You’re addicted to taking advantage of him aren’t you?”

Cheng Yu smiled, “You claim hugging others is an act of taking advantage of them?”

After he finished, he bent over the coffee table, kissed Lin An Lan directly on the mouth and asked Jiang Xu, “Then what is this called?”

Jiang Xu: !!!

Jiang Xu stood up and punched him.

Lin An Lan hurriedly moved to pull him, “What are you doing?!”

“He took advantage of you, how dare he kiss you! He’s crazy!” Jiang Xu exploded in anger.

Lin An Lan said to himself, ‘What’s a kiss? We have already driven the car.’

But when he saw that Jiang Xu looked so cranky that he was about to explode, he didn’t dare add fuel to the fire and took his arm and said, “You go and cook, stop making trouble.”

“Let him go.” Jiang Xu pointed at Cheng Yu, “I don’t want to see this kind of scum.”

“No way.” Lin An Lan didn’t hesitate in giving him answer, “Even if you leave, he won’t leave.”

Jiang Xu gritted his teeth and looked at him, Lin An Lan looked straight at him without the slightest hint of giving in.

Angered by the calmness in his eyes, Jiang Xu reached out and took his arm, ready to speak to him alone, however Cheng Yu squeezed Lin An Lan’s shoulder.

He took a step closer and put his arm around Lin An Lan, his eyes fixed on Jiang Xu, his tone soft, “You haven’t asked An An if he’s willing to go with you.”

“What’s it to do with you? Let go!”

Cheng Yu sneered, “Then why don’t you let go?”

When Jiang Xu heard this, he tried to fight him again.

Lin An Lan stopped him quickly, asking him angrily, “What are you doing? Are you finished? Did you ask me to go home today just to fight with him in front of me in my house?!”

“I’m doing this to help you, he took advantage of you.”

“I allowed him take advantage.” Lin An Lan glared at him, “Can he kiss if I don’t want him to? If I didn’t want him to kiss me, I would have stopped him already, why should you stand up for me?”

“How could you let him take advantage of you!” Jiang Xu was so angry that his chest started hurting.

Lin An Lan defended himself loudly, “I like him, he’s my boyfriend, it’s normal for us to kiss, not to mention kissing for a whole day.”

Jiang Xu: !!!

Jiang Xu was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood, his whole being visibly upset.

When Lin An Lan saw that he couldn’t refute, he took advantage of the situation, “Are you still going to cook or not? If you want to do it, go ahead and do it, if not, forget it, don’t go crazy over such things here. You’re not tired causing trouble, but I’m vexed just by watching it.”

“I won’t do it!” Jiang Xu was furious, “Don’t you like him? Let him do it for you! If you like being taken advantage of by him so much, why should I stay here? I might as well leave the time for you two to have a good kiss, okay?”

With that, he turned and grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

Hearing him close the door with a bang, Lin An Lan was speechless. He even had the nerve to be angry????

Even he wasn’t mad, but Jiang Xu was mad????

With this temper, he looked more like a young master than even a standard young master like Cheng Yu!

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