I raised my nemesis into my husband

I raised my nemesis into my husband

Author: 毛球球

Raws : gongzcip

I raised my nemesis into my husband

Total Chapters 93+ 5 extras


Everyone knows that Ning Sheng and Xu Ling clash every day.

But one day, Ning Sheng found himself reborn at the age of five.

He opened his eyes and found himself in kindergarten, holding a toy puppy, and sitting beside him was a small, furious version of his arch-nemesis.

Xu Ling was clutching his collar, fists clenched, just as fierce as he remembered.

Xu Ling: “You took an extra cookie. Put it down!”

Ning Sheng: …Who wants it?

At this age, Xu Ling was lively and sunny, far from the later gloomy and scheming version. He was even a bit cute.

Ning Sheng decided to get closer to his nemesis, build a good relationship, and avoid making enemies.

Ning Sheng’s toy puppy went missing and seeing him upset, his best friend, Xu Ling, volunteered to be his dog.

The reward was an extra cookie every day.

For just one cookie, Xu Ling would do anything for him—stand in for punishments, write his diary, scold annoying classmates.

So, over a decade later, when Ning Sheng was informed about his arranged marriage, Xu Ling stayed up all night, gathered his belongings, then chased his prospective partner away.

Ning Sheng: Wait…

Ning Sheng: I didn’t ask you to…

The other party’s expression wasn’t good. Ning Sheng praised him tremblingly for doing a good job and pulled out a small cookie.

Xu Ling, impassive: “Cookies aren’t enough, the price has gone up.”

Ning Sheng: ?

Xu Ling planted a kiss on his lips: “You have to use this as payment.”

Xu Ling x Ning Sheng

Sunny and outgoing big dog top x outwardly proud but inwardly cute, slow-witted little beauty bottom

Arch-nemesis turned childhood friends turned lovers

Double rebirth, but the top bought standing tickets, so he arrived a bit late/Top spoils the bottom/Bottom is pampered by everyone

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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