I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 159.2

Sun Xinxin was a wonderful girl and both Jing Huan and Gu Shuyu thought so.

She was warm, cheerful and straightforward. She liked Gu Shuyu and when she sensed that he might have feelings for her too, she asked him boldly, “Do you like me?”

She said, “I actually like you quite a bit.”

She also felt distressed for Jing Huan because of the past that he had, so she tried to become friends with him as well. However she soon realized the distance he maintained with everyone but Gu Shuyu. So she stepped back to her original position gently, not insisting on him accepting her kindness.

She gave Jing Huan and Gu Shuyu space, telling her boyfriend, “It’s okay, you two are good friends. He’s quite solitary and you’re the only one he’s close to. It’s normal for you to have a strong bond, so I don’t mind.”

Her smile was full of sunshine and her heart was filled with warmth and brightness.

Jing Huan watched quietly, thinking that it was only natural for Gu Shuyu to like a girl like her.

At least, it was much more normal than liking him.

But they still broke up, in a peaceful albeit reluctant manner.

Gu Shuyu didn’t see Sun Xinxin off and Sun Xinxin didn’t look back as she headed towards her destination.

Jing Huan went to send her off. Amidst the bustling crowd, Sun Xinxin told him, “Thank you.”

However Jing Huan couldn’t bear her gratitude. He had coveted her boyfriend and although he hadn’t done or said anything, his heart had been constantly filled with thoughts of her boyfriend.

He didn’t deserve her gratitude or her magnanimity.

He told her, “Have a smooth journey and take good care of yourself.”

Sun Xinxin smiled, “I will.”

Waving, she said goodbye to Jing Huan.

She thought to herself, he was actually a very gentle person, which was why he had come to send her off in place of his friend, braving the pouring rain.

However she never expected that the next time they would meet would be at Gu Shuyu’s wedding.

She attended Gu Shuyu’s wedding in a low-key manner, watching him walk happily arm in arm with the bride and seeing Jing Huan still by his side. They seemed as close as ever and everything appeared unchanged, yet everything seemed to be changing slowly.

She didn’t drink alcohol, only having some soft drinks. She saw Jing Huan drink a lot and she didn’t know if he was drunk or not, but she couldn’t help feeling that he was either very happy or very sad.

But it should be happiness, she thought. After all, his best friend was getting married; it was a joyous occasion.

Gu Shuyu thought the same way as he smiled and advised Jing Huan, “Don’t drink so much, just a little is fine.”

Jing Huan shook his head, “It’s your wedding day.”

Smiling, he said, “I wish you a happy marriage and eternal happiness.”

He thought for a moment then added, “May you grow old together.”

Gu Shuyu and the bride both laughed.

Jing Huan laughed as well.

Sun Xinxin, who was watching them from a distance couldn’t help but laugh as well.

They all laughed and seemed to be happy, but after the wedding was over, they went their separate ways, headed in different directions.

Snow began to fall, turning the world into a vast expanse of white.

Gu Shuyu was in the bridal chamber, smiling as he looked at his bride, his eyes filled with happiness.

Sun Xinxin sat in her car, crying silently. She covered her face then wiped her tears. She smiled, but the tears didn’t stop.

Jing Huan didn’t cry; he never cried. He just walked silently through the snowy landscape, staring at the white expanse before him, then he turned around and looked deeply, deeply in the direction where Gu Shuyu was.

Then, he bowed his head to him.

The snow fell on him and he straightened up, but was unable to move for a long time.

Only he knew that he loved Gu Shuyu.

At this moment, music began to play and it was Cheng Yu’s voice, sad and desolate. The camera zoomed out slowly and Jing Huan’s figure became smaller and smaller. Turning around, he disappeared into the crowd, becoming just an ordinary person among the masses.

Cheng Yu’s song continued, and he sang to the climax of the first verse, “But it’s a pity you, a pity you, don’t look back.”

Lin An Lan’s tears couldn’t stop falling. He listened to the song quietly, but his heart felt as if it were weighed down by a huge stone, suffocating and oppressive.

He remembered the high school Cheng Yu, the university Cheng Yu, the Cheng Yu who came to him with a basketball asking, ‘Want to play basketball? We need one more person.’ The Cheng Yu who came to him with a problem saying, ‘I can’t do this, can you explain it to me?’ And every time he appeared not far away, bumping into him deliberately and even saying, ‘What a coincidence, you’re here for lunch too.’

He was like Jing Huan, yet also different from Jing Huan.

At least Jing Huan could sit by Gu Shuyu’s side, could touch his fingertips, but Cheng Yu could only watch his retreating figure and his cold demeanor.

They were alike, yet different. They both clung to their love but dared not cross the boundary.

Only because neither he nor Gu Shuyu had looked back.

Cheng Yu had once told him that if he had just looked back at him, given him a glance, even if he hadn’t said anything, even if his heart was still tangled and hesitant, he wouldn’t have hesitated to run towards him with all his strength.

He didn’t need confirmation, didn’t need an answer; he only needed one chance, one opportunity to see hope.

But the him before amnesia hadn’t given that chance and neither had the Gu Shuyu in the film.

As Lin An Lan listened to Cheng Yu’s song in the film reach the second verse, the climax changed to, “I say it’s for you, I say it’s for you, but it’s silence again.”

He wiped his tears silently, only to hear Cheng Yu’s gentle voice, “Why are you crying?”

As Cheng Yu said this, he turned around and lowering his head, wiped his tears.

Lin An Lan looked up at him, his heart filled with a mixture of emotions, both heartache and distress. Reaching out, he hugged Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu patted his shoulder, coaxing him softly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not Jing Huan. I’m much happier than him, so there’s no need to cry.”

Using his finger, he wiped Lin An Lan’s tears then taking out a tissue, wiped them away again and kissed his eyes gently, “Be good.”

Lin An Lan’s heart was so sour that he turned his head and simply buried himself in his arms.

Cheng Yu had never seen him like this before and somewhat at a loss, could only continue to coax him.

Actually, he himself wasn’t that sad. Although he had thought of the past while watching the film, he was happy now, so looking back at his past didn’t bring him sorrow, only nostalgia.

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