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Chapter 23.1

Lin An Lan’s tone was light, “No.”

The eyes of the girl who asked the question dimmed instantly.

The girl next to her said, “Can’t she like you even if she really really likes you? How will you know if you like her or not if you don’t try?”

Lin An Lan shook his head and said, “There’s no need for me to do that.”

After he said this, he lowered his head and continued to write his homework. Jiang Xu also seemed to have seen some clues as he didn’t say anything more.

Cheng Yu looked at the girl in front of Lin An Lan who pretended like nothing was wrong, said a few words to him before leaving and inexplicably felt a sense of sadness, after all like felt for like.

He didn’t feel happy that Lin An Lan had invariably rejected her, he just felt that they were all pitiful. Because they weren’t Lin An Lan’s type, they weren’t even qualified for a try.

All items were entitled to be tried out and returned only if the user wasn’t satisfied.

But they weren’t even eligible to be tried, they were sentenced from the beginning, they were returned by Lin An Lan.

He lowered his head, thinking about what Jiang Xu had just said about Lin An Lan’s type.

He was definitely not quiet, not to mention obedient, so he probably only fit the category of gentle, or at least he would be very gentle with Lin An Lan.

So, the only thing he could work on was the cooking aspect.

It wasn’t that difficult. He already lived alone, just that he usually ate out, so if he wanted to, he could learn how to cook without eating out.

He was a man of great self-control and a fast learner, so it didn’t take long for him to learn the common noodle dishes and home-cooked dishes.

Later on, he also learnt some special and difficult dishes.

He tried to learn more so that when he had the chance to show off in front of Lin An Lan arrived, he would be able to make the dishes that he liked, but even until the time when he mastered this skill, and had learned everything he thought he should, he never got that chance.

–Because Lin An Lan didn’t give him that opportunity.

Cheng Yu thought this was normal, after all, he had guessed this would happen when he had first started to learn how to cook.

He didn’t lose heart, he just went back to his old ways of going to restaurants with his friends or ordering takeaways himself.

It wasn’t until Lin An Lan knocked on his door that he realised that he was lucky to have waited for his chance to show off his skills, even though he was many years too late.

The skills he had learned for Lin An Lan could finally be used for their right purpose.

That was why he liked to cook for Lin An Lan, after all, he had waited for this day for too long.

When Cheng Yu finished chopping the vegetables, Auntie Wang looked at him with satisfaction, liking him more and more.

“I didn’t expect you to be so handsome and such a good cook, any girl who marries you in the future will be lucky.”

Cheng Yu laughed and said, “It depends on whether he is willing to.”

“You’re so handsome and you can cook, can she not want you?”

“Not exactly.”

“Then that girl’s standard is too high.”

That’s because Lin An Lan was outstanding, Cheng Yu thought, that was why he only wanted to find someone he liked.

It was normal. People liked what they liked, Cheng Yu understood and accepted it.
“Let’s start.” Cheng Yu instructed, “you can stir-fry the vegetables now.”


But before they could stir-fry, they needed to start a fire.

Aunt Wang asked them if anyone wanted to try it, and Jian Yada volunteered, “Me, me, me.”

She hadn’t been able to build the fire for more than a few minutes before she started choking and coughing.

Chen Yingjie urged Cheng Yu, “Yu Ge, why don’t you try.”

Cheng Yu refused, as it required a lot of skill and he couldn’t do it, “I’ll rest.” he said.

He had just finished chopping vegetables, he was tired and wanted to rest, so Chen Yingjie tried it himself, but the result was that he teared up almost immediately because of the smoke.

Auntie Wang laughed, helped them build a fire, and said, “Come, Xiao Jian, bring the rice over and put it here.”

Jian Yada took the rice over hurriedly.

Auntie Wang put the lid on the pot, pointed to the frying pan next to her and said to Chen Yingjie, “It’s time to pour the oil.”

Chen Yingjie picked up the oil pot and poured it in, however Auntie Wang kept an eye on him not allowing him to pour too much.

Chen Yingjie didn’t know how to stir-fry at all, but Jian Yada knew a bit, however as the sun was scorching hot and the earthen stove was too hot, Cheng Yu sent her to set the table and chairs.

“You guys arrived just at the time when there’s a hot spell during autumn.” Auntie Wang wiped the sweat from her head, “That’s the bad thing about the mountains, it’s so cold in the morning and night and so hot when the sun rises.”

Seeing that Cheng Yu had stir-fried two dishes, Chen Yingjie wanted to share the burden with him, “I’ll continue, Yu Ge, rest for a while.”

Cheng Yu was also feeling the heat so without saying much, he handed the spatula to him and stood to the side, telling him, “Just stir it.”

He unbuttoned the third button on his shirt, unbuttoned the sleeves then pulled them up, exposing half of his arm.

Just at that moment, the director came to their side to observe their progress.

“Not bad, it’s looking good.” The director said with a smile.

Cheng Yu smiled a little, not saying a word, however when he turned his head, he saw that Chen Yingjie was about to stir fry the vegetables.

He grabbed the spatula hurriedly and asked him to get the plate, while he himself rescued the dish and hastily filled it.

The director asked in surprise, “Xiao Cheng, you even know how to cook?”

“Yu Ge is a good cook.” Chen Yingjie boasted, “He’s a professional.”

“I’m not all that good.” Cheng Yu said modestly.

When the director saw how well he was doing, a plan instantly formed in his mind.

“Xiao Cheng, turn on your phone now and live broadcast your cooking, I’ll ask the publicity team to start promoting the show. The show hasn’t been announced officially yet and I’ve been looking for the right time. Now that the opportunity is here, we might as well seize it and do it today.”

Cheng Yu only felt as if he was really acting based on impulse, “Are you sure?”

“Very.” The director smiled, “Let’s set the live broadcast platform at Seal Video, the webcast platform for this variety show is also signed by Seal.”


Saying that, Cheng Yu logged into his Weibo account and sent out a post.

Cheng Yu V: Twenty minutes later, Seal Video, a surprise live broadcast.

After he sent out this post, he contacted Sun Meng via WeChat and the director had the show’s publicity staff contact Seal Video, ready to cooperate with Cheng Yu.

Sun Meng quickly helped him register an account on the platform and gave him the password.

Logging in at the right time, Cheng Yu started the live broadcast.

Although he had only sent out the post twenty minutes ago, he was so popular that the live stream room was almost full to bursting at the start of the broadcast. It had exploded!

The director was in tears as he looked at the soaring number of people in the live broadcast room. Look at this popularity, this showed that their variety show could also definitely explode!

Cheng Yu fixed his cell phone in the position he had prepared and smiled as he interacted with the fans in the pop-ups, “Guess where I am?”

The fans looked at the dilapidated wall behind him, and at the cooker in front of him and wondered, “Ge, are you recording some kind of show?”

“Where is this? A village?”

“D*mn, you can even cook? Awesome!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah, I want to eat what you make.”

“I thought you were one of those young masters who lead a pampered life, I never expected that you could cook… you’re too powerful!”

“Your black shirt is kill**g me!!!! So handsome!!!!”

“Ge’s collarbone is too superior, I want to kiss it.”

“Ge, where exactly are you? Are you recording a variety show?”

“Guess.” Cheng Yu said in reply.

The pop-ups screamed, “I don’t want to guess, I just want to focus on licking your face.”

“I want to eat your cooking, it looks so good.”

“It’s very rare that you live broadcast, you must be doing it because of work. You’re definitely recording a show, a cooking variety show, right?”

“I want to see it, I want to see it, when will it air?”

“It’s not a cooking variety show,” Cheng Yu replied, “but as to when it will be aired, I don’t know.”

“So it’s really a variety show?!!!”

“My Cheng Ge is recording a variety show? Simply amazing!”

“Heavens, which variety show is so powerful that they were able to invite Cheng Ge? I always thought you didn’t do variety shows.”

“Woo woo woo, friend, I’m a fan girl, tonight, I want to watch, please!”

Cheng Yu smiled a little, and the pop-up screen was instantly filled with excited fans shouting, “Don’t smile, when you smile too much you become a crime magnet, don’t you know?”

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