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Chapter 81.2

What’s more, judging by Jiang Xu’s reaction in the car today, his pre-amnesia self, shouldn’t have noticed that Jiang Xu had gone behind his back to meet Cheng Feng secretly.

So, it was even more unlikely that he had gotten together with Cheng Yu.

There had to be something going on here.

Lin An Lan thought and thought, causing his head to hurt a little, but he was still unable to think of anything.

Seeing him frown, Cheng Yu asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Lin An Lan answered, “There are just some things that I can’t understand.”

“Then don’t think about it.” Cheng Yu said hurriedly, “What you can’t understand, let it go for a while.”

Nodding, Lin An Lan stopped thinking about it.

Anyway, now that Cheng Yu was his boyfriend, the whys didn’t matter.

Love, had few reasons in itself.

Maybe he had been touched by Cheng Yu’s persistent pursuit, that was why he had said yes?

It wasn’t impossible.

As he was thinking about it, Jiang Xu’s text message came again. Lin An Lan looked down at it. It was about Jiang Liying. Jiang Xu said he hadn’t gone to see her, that he had listened to him.

If he hadn’t lost his memory, or he had been his senior year self, he would have been happy to see him say this, Lin An Lan thought to himself.

There were always parents who thought their children were like trash, who threw them away at the drop of a hat and picked them up when they wanted. They didn’t feel bad when they threw their children away, but when they picked them back up, they acted as if they regretted it and couldn’t bear to part with them.

As if the ones who had thrown them away wasn’t them.

So disgusting.

Looking at the four large words ‘I listened to you’ at the end of the text message, Lin An Lan sighed helplessly. If he could really listen to him, would there be still so much going on?

He was just too unwilling to listen to him.

Lin An Lan was inexplicably a little annoyed. At the very beginning of his amnesia, when there hadn’t been a trace of it, he hadn’t cared about Jiang Xu at all. He just accepted that he had such a friend out of duty, and accepted that this friend had appeared before him.

But he wasn’t bothered by Jiang Xu; he just found him irritating.

But as the past filled his mind with the delicacy of time, Lin An Lan couldn’t not care about Jiang Xu the way he did before.

After all the years they had spent together from childhood to adulthood, he knew everything about him and every one of his joys and sorrows.

Most of all, he was the only one who remembered the warm past he’d had with his foster parents.

Many times, when people were in a relationship, it wasn’t the person they couldn’t let go of, it was the time they had spent with them.

It was because there were always good moments along the way, that was why they were hesitant to let go.

Lin An Lan was sure that his feelings for Jiang Xu were now very thin, but he was also aware that the only person who had been with him the longest in the world, apart from his deceased parents, was Jiang Xu.

He was disgusted by Jiang Xu’s bad attitude, angry at Jiang Xu’s slander of Cheng Yu and hated Jiang Xu for not keeping his word, but he was also sorry that they had come all this way, to this end.

Eighteen years, not ten, not eight, but Cheng Yu’s eight years had surprised and moved Lin An Lan, not barring the fact that he and Jiang Xu had known each other for eighteen years. They had gone through different stages of their lives together, but they had eventually parted ways, much to their surprise.

Pathetic, ridiculous, and sad.

When he finally put his phone away, Cheng Yu let out a sigh of relief, saying in his heart, he has finally stopped looking at it.

Ever since Lin An Lan said that Jiang Xu knew that he had lost his memory, Cheng Yu’s heart had been racing with anxiety.

He was so scared that with every text message from Jiang Xu, his fear grew.

He was afraid that Lin An Lan would believe Jiang Xu’s words and even more afraid that Lin An Lan would find out what was going on between them.

Their love affair existed only in his words, no one had seen it. There were no words or pictures recorded.

When Lin An Lan first asked him, Cheng Yu had said he had changed his phone, so all those chats were gone.

He had told him that they were in a secret relationship so they hadn’t dared to take any intimate pictures for fear of being discovered.

Lin An Lan’s phone had been damaged, and he didn’t like to post on his friends circle and Weibo, so he had believed his lies.

But Cheng Yu was scared, afraid that this lie would be exposed at any time.

“Are you going to see him tomorrow?” Cheng Yu asked.

Lin An Lan was reluctant, “I don’t want to go, let’s leave him alone for a few days.”

When he finished saying this, he said to Cheng Yu with curved eyes, remembering something, “Speaking of which, I even beat him up today.”

“Huh?” Cheng Yu was surprised.

“He had insisted on saying bad things about you and I told him that if he said it again, I wouldn’t be polite with him but he said it again, so I punched him, and came back.”

Cheng Yu: !!!

“Do you have a camera in your car?”

Lin An Lan was instantly amused, “What are you thinking? Why wouldn’t I give myself a surveillance camera, what camera?”

Cheng Yu laughed, “I’m just surprised, I didn’t think you’d hit him, more so because of me.”

“He deserved it. I told him to stop, but he kept talking.”

Cheng Yu nodded with a smile, his mood lifting again.

He was always like this. When Lin An Lan thought a little more, he was afraid, but when Lin An Lan showed his preference for him, he was overjoyed.

His heaven and his hell were only at Lin An Lan’s whim.

He stood at the junction of light and darkness, waiting for Lin An Lan’s judgment.

“Thank you.” He said.

He took advantage of the lack of attention and held his hand tightly.

Lin An Lan smiled, “You’re welcome, it was my pleasure.”

“Then, if Jiang Xu comes to see you tomorrow, would you like me to have a chat with him?”

Lin An Lan was surprised, “You? What do you want to talk to him about?”

“Nothing, I just want to see how he’s going to sow discord between us.”

Lin An Lan was actually reluctant for him to talk to Jiang Xu. Jiang Xu’s resentment towards Cheng Yu was too deep, and Cheng Yu was in a good state of mind now, but he wasn’t sure if Jiang Xu’s resentment would affect Cheng Yu if he got up close to Jiang Xu.

“Are you that eager to talk to him?” He asked.

“Mostly I want to probe him.” Cheng Yu said honestly.

“Then it’s not impossible, just don’t let his emotions get to you. You’re in a good frame of mind and I don’t want you to become like him.”

“I won’t.” Cheng Yu laughed, “As long as you’re with me, I’ll always be positive.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re saying it as if you’re gloomy when I’m not around.”

Cheng Yu smiled but didn’t say anything.

“Then go.” Lin An Lan said, “Just don’t lose out.”

“Okay.” Squeezing his hand, Cheng Yu drew a heart in his palm slowly.

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