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Chapter 36.2

When Jing Huan returned to the hospital after work, he saw that his mother was eating with Gu Shuyu.

He could tell that his mother liked him a lot as she was talking and laughing with him, Gu Shuyu was also smiling and looked happy, and when she saw him come in, she even took the initiative to ask him, “Have you eaten? Do you want to eat some?”

Jing Huan declined, saying, “I’ve already eaten.”

After eating, Gu Shuyu went out to throw away the rubbish and Jing Huan followed behind, asking what had brought him here.

They leaned against the window and chatted as the sun set and the evening sun spread across the sky, the golden rays slowly wandering around the window, gilding it with a golden glow.

Amidst such a view, Gu Shuyu suddenly spoke, “Jing Huan, which school did you study at before?”

Jing Huan froze for a moment, then replied, “Fifteenth High School.”

“Oh.” Gu Shuyu nodded, “Your school isn’t very good, the teachers aren’t good either and the school ethos is average.”

Jing Huan gave a low ‘hmmm’, inexplicably feeling a little inferior.

“So your bad grades may not be your fault, it’s your teachers who didn’t do a good job. You need to change schools and change teachers.”

“That’s all in the past.”

“But it can also be something in the future.”

Gu Shuyu looked at him, smiling at him in the afterglow of the setting sun as he said, “Jing Huan, you need to study. The way you are now, you won’t be able to give your mother a good life in the future.”

“I admit that studying isn’t the only way out, and one’s value doesn’t necessarily have to be realised through studying, but for most people, studying is the simplest and easiest route to success. You’re fixing cars now, aren’t you? But you can’t spend your whole life fixing cars. You can imagine you’ll have a 4S shop and become a shop manager, but there are always fewer and fewer shop managers and more and more shop assistants.”

“So, you might as well go back to school.”

The afterglow of the setting sun tinted his face with an orange glow and as he stood in the light, he glistened.

Jing Huan said, “I don’t have the time, nor do I have the extra money and I don’t think, I’ll be good study material.”

Gu Shuyu said gently, “I’ll help you. Even if I fund you, when you go to university later, when you come out you can work for my family.”

Jing Huan shook his head.

Gu Shuyu asked him, “Don’t you have confidence in yourself? If you don’t even have this confidence in your drive, how can you rely on your high school diploma to compete with others in the future?”

He continued, “Jing Huan, I can help you. I’m not helping you unconditionally, I have my own selfish reasons. I’ll help you get back to school, but you must leave the afternoons after school for me, and the future.”

Not understanding, Jing Huan questioned, “Why?”

“Why are you helping me so much?”

“But you want it, don’t you?” Gu Shuyu’s tone was calm and gentle, “We’re the same age, I know you better than your mother does.”

Jing Huan stared at him in a daze, unable to speak.

He looked at the young man in front of him. Gu Shuyu’s face was half in the light, half otherworldly and as he smiled faintly, with that brilliant halo of light around him, he was like a god who was staying temporarily on earth.

Jing Huan stared at him, unblinking as emotions raged in his eyes slowly, all those suppressed longings and unwillingness, all those once abandoned dreams, all rekindled in this moment.

The overwhelming emotions hit his heart, wrapping a dreamy layer of colour around the Gu Shuyu in his eyes.

That day, there was someone in his heart.

It wasn’t the beginning of the birth of his love for Gu Shuyu, but it was a moment that belonged to Gu Shuyu that he couldn’t forget.

His mother kept him in the world, but Gu Shuyu taught him to be grateful for the world.

He became the person Jing Huan wanted to be most in his life.

“Cut.” Director Zhang said through a speaker, interrupting the flow of Cheng Yu’s emotions, “Cheng Yu, the emotions in your eyes are too deep, you should tone it down a little.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu nodded.

He closed his eyes and after hearing “a”, he went through the scene with Lin An Lan over again.

However, when he finally looked at Lin An Lan, his eyes were no different from before.

Director Zhang shouted ‘cut’ again, “Cheng Yu, your eyes aren’t right, you still need to tone it down a little, don’t have such deep feelings, because at this time Jing Huan hasn’t fallen for Gu Shuyu yet.”

Cheng Yu frowned. It wasn’t right, he thought to himself. Even if Jing Huan didn’t like Gu Shuyu at this time, it was only right that his feelings for Gu Shuyu at this time should be deep.

So why should he tone it down?

At this time, Jing Huan was surprised, happy, grateful and even disbelieving. He couldn’t contain his excitement, having received this surprise unawares so how could he possibly go about suppressing his emotions?

Moreover if he hadn’t deliberately suppressed it, how could the emotions in his eyes at this time not be deep?

Cheng Yu turned to Director Zhang and said seriously: “Director Zhang, I don’t think the emotion in Jing Huan’s eyes at this time would be shallow. To him, this is something he never expected, it’s a longing he had suppressed in his heart, a longing he hadn’t told anyone about, thinking no one would explore it but Gu Shuyu found out and satisfied this longing, he couldn’t have just looked at him blankly, right? The affection in his eyes must have been very deep.”

Director Zhang tried to persuade him, “Xiao Cheng, at this moment Jing Huan hasn’t fallen in love with Gu Shuyu yet, so how can his eyes have such deep emotions?”

“Because Gu Shuyu peeked into his heart and satisfied his longing. Even if he had no love for Gu Shuyu at this time, he is grateful and surprised that such a person exists in his heart.”

Cheng Yu tried to explain this emotion to him patiently as he looked at him.

Director Zhang initially wanted to refute him, but then slowly felt that there seemed to be some truth in what he was saying.

He had been away from school for too long after all, and Cheng Yu was younger than him and had been away from school for a shorter period of time than he had, so he could probably understand better what 17-year-old Jing Huan was feeling at the moment.

“Alright then, let’s do as you say. I didn’t expect you to understand the character of Jing Huan so well.”

Cheng Yu froze for a moment, unable to say a word.

It was only then that he realised, with the benefit of hindsight that the reason why he had walked up to Director Zhang, had repeatedly analyzed Jing Huan’s psychology with him and told him with great certainty that Jing Huan’s feelings couldn’t be just a shallow feeling was but a layer of fluctuating water, a cover.

Not because of anything else, but because he knew the feeling all too well.

Like Jing Huan, he wanted someone to peer into his heart, to reach out to him, to accompany him, to walk with him.

So, Jing Huan met Gu Shuyu and he met Lin An Lan.

The only difference was that Gu Shuyu saw his hidden longing and fulfilled it, becoming the light that Jing Huan had never dared to touch in his life.

Whereas Lin An Lan…

Cheng Yu unconsciously looked behind him. Lin An Lan was standing not far away, watching him with concern and seeing him turn around, he gave him a gentle smile.

As he smiled softly and beautifully, it was as if Cheng Yu was looking at he and Lin An Lan from eight years ago, long before time changed.

It was a time he remembered very clearly and the starting point of the countless midnight dreams he had.

At that time, he was only in his second year of high school and Lin An Lan was also in his second year.

They were in the same class, but Lin An Lan was the top of the class and he was at the bottom of the class.

But Cheng Yu didn’t care because all Yu Heng asked of him was to enter the AP class, as for the others, they never asked anything of him in terms of study or life.

At that time, Cheng Yu wasn’t interested in anything and spent most of his time playing games, surfing the internet and reading comics.

When Yu Heng wasn’t busy, he would visit him and take care of him, but when Yu Heng was busy, Cheng Yu felt as if he had little connection with the world.

He lived a dull and boring life until Lin An Lan appeared on his radar.

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