I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 149.2

Stepping out, Cheng Feng returned to his own study then called Cheng Yu, “What’s the matter regarding the shares?”

“You’ll find out if you investigate.” Cheng Yu said calmly in reply.

Cheng Feng was silent for a long time then finally said helplessly, “Your grandfather won’t control you any longer.”

“That’s good then.”

“Can’t you really compromise a little?” Cheng Feng took a step back, “Even if you want to marry Lin An Lan, it’s not difficult to have a child. You can find a surrogate and Lin An Lan can also be with you. Wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds for the two of you?”

Cheng Yu sneered, “Why would I think about a woman’s uterus after choosing to marry a man?”

“Will the child I have really be mine and Lin An Lan’s? Won’t it still be mine and another woman’s? I don’t need that. If there’s ever a technology that allows Lin An Lan and I to have children together without anyone else’s help, I would be more than willing to welcome it. But if we have to rely on someone else, then I don’t need it and I don’t want it.”

“Xiao Yu…..”

“You don’t need to persuade me and you can’t persuade me. If I were you, I would choose to stay out of it with cool detachment, not saying a word or bothering. Just like when I was a child and I couldn’t change your behavior when I found you with one woman after the other, so I stopped trying to persuade you and just watched coldly as you came home every day with the scent of different women’s perfume.”

“Isn’t that fair? I couldn’t persuade you when I was a child and you can’t persuade me now that you are old. Life is never perfect, but the imperfections make it real and help us appreciate happiness. Is a biological child always better? Is there necessarily always more happiness when one is related by blood? Lin An Lan’s adoptive parents weren’t related to him in the slightest, but they gave him all their love and he grew up under their loving care, that’s why he has become the gentle and strong person he is now.”

“As for me, we might have the closest blood relation and I believe and acknowledge that I am the only son in your heart, but what difference does that make? Is there any real family bond between us?”

“So why cling to so called blood relations? In this lifetime, we live as human beings, not as blood relations.”

Cheng Feng tried to persuade him again, but Cheng Yu had already hung up.

In his mind, he had never considered surrogacy before. Such an act that run counter to both moral values and law was unnecessary and not worth considering.

Instead, he thought about going to the welfare home Lin An Lan used to live and adopting a child to create the family Lin An Lan longed for.

His An An had once lived there, yearning for someone to take him home. They could become another Father and Mother Lin and take another Lin An Lan out of his loneliness and raise him to be a gentle and strong person.

Cheng Yu felt that this was good, that this was already a complete and happy family.

But he was in no hurry to tell Lin An Lan about this idea. They weren’t even married yet, so there was no need to think about this so far ahead.

If possible, he wanted to wait a little longer before adopting a child. He and Lin An Lan had just gotten together and hadn’t enjoyed enough of the sweetness of them being together yet, so naturally he was in no rush to have a child. They could wait until Lin An Lan felt that they were ready to have a child then adopt.

Cheng Yu was in no hurry, he had always been patient with Lin An Lan.

After Lin An Lan finished filming, Yang Wang told him that Cheng Yu had called.

Taking his phone, he opened Wechat to read the message Cheng Yu had sent him: [It’s okay now, nothing will happen in the future.]

Lin An Lan called back, “Are you talking about your family?”

“En.” Cheng Yu replied.

“You’ve resolved the issue?”


“How did you do it?”

“Naturally, I found his weakness and tied my weakness to it.”

Lin An Lan thought about it then understood it vaguely, however he guessed that there was more to it than that. Whatever Cheng Yu did, it was definitely not as simple as he was making it sound, but since he was only saying this much, Lin An Lan didn’t want to ask more. He could guess and imagine the shock and anger on Cheng Xiao’s face at that time.

“I just knew you would be able to resolve it.”

Cheng Yu’s heart softened at his words. “You trust me that much?”

“I do.” Lin An Lan continued with a smile, “No matter where, no matter what, I will always believe in you.”

Cheng Yu was instantly happy, his heart full of joy, “Then it’s a good thing I didn’t let you down.”

“You will never let me down.”

Where was he willing to let him down?

Hearing him say this made Cheng Yu want to see him again; Lin An Lan always managed to easily arouse his thoughts and love. Even if it was just a casual remark, he could make him fall for him without hesitation.

He truly loved this person, only him.

Hanging up the phone, Lin An Lan got ready to eat when he suddenly remembered something. He asked Pei Qiu, “Are you going to take the exams soon?”

Pei Qiu pouted pitifully, “Yes, dear.”

“I’ll teach you a few more things these days so that you can pass the exam even if you guess.”

Pei Qiu felt that things were very difficult for him. “Then I’ll have to worship you more in the future.”

Looking at his pitiful appearance, Lin An Lan couldn’t help but pat his head, saying as he did so, “There’s no need, just memorise your English words well.”

“I’m memorising, I’m memorising. Now I’m even dreaming of English words.” Pei Qiu said with a bitter expression.

Lin An Lan patted his shoulder, “Keep up the good work.”

However, he withdrew his hand, it was June and Cheng Yu’s birthday was coming up. He had never celebrated Cheng Yu’s birthday with him before. When they were in high school, Cheng Yu had wanted to invite him to his birthday party, but he never went.

For so many years, Cheng Yu had wanted to celebrate his birthday with him every year, but every year he never appeared. Now that they were finally together, this was the first time that he would celebrate Cheng Yu’s birthday with him. He wondered what gift he should give him.

Lin An Lan thought about it silently. What should he give? What would make Xiao Yu, his little tulip happy?

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