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Chapter 103.1 Lin An Lan recovers his memories (two)

Lin An Lan felt that this was the best solution to ensure to the greatest extent possible that both Jiang Xu and Cheng Yu could continue to grow up healthily.

But Cheng Yu obviously didn’t feel the same way, and at his wits end about his indifference, asked him, “Don’t you like me?”

Shaking his head, Lin An Lan told him, “I care more about my friend.”

Cheng Yu was smart, because he instantly knew what this sentence meant. Jiang Xu didn’t like him, so Lin An Lan also chose to be enemies with him.

He asked, “Can’t I be your friend?”

Lin An Lan smiled as he answered, “He’s my best friend.”

Looking at him, Cheng Yu didn’t say anything.

He couldn’t say anything, because there was nothing wrong with what he said. If Xu Sheng didn’t like someone, he wouldn’t become friends with them as well, so in the same way that Jiang Xu didn’t like him, Lin An Lan also refused to become friends with him, which was normal.

It was even too normal.

Interpersonal communication was always like this, Cheng Yu couldn’t say anything against it.

But he also couldn’t do anything to initiate contact with Jiang Xu either. He was only willing to use all his tenderness and patience on Lin An Lan. He couldn’t treat others as he did Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu was just one of the others.

Of course he knew, that at this time, if he could make friends with Jiang Xu, then Lin An Lan wouldn’t be caught in the middle and wouldn’t have to give him up because he chose Jiang Xu, but he didn’t want to.

He found it strange. He had no problems with Jiang Xu, they even had a drink together, and although the end wasn’t very pleasant, in any case there was no problem. He just didn’t understand why Jiang Xu disliked him so much.

Xu Sheng’s explanation for this was jealousy, “You’re such a winner in life, what guy wouldn’t be jealous? It’s just that I have a big heart, that’s why I can still be friends with you.”

Cheng Yu remembered that one time he had approached Lin An Lan to ask him a question and Jiang Xu had said ‘he’s so rich’, so he thought that perhaps Jiang Xu hated the rich.

But it didn’t matter, Jiang Xu didn’t like him and he wouldn’t try to please Jiang Xu. It was already rare to find someone in this world that he actively wanted to please, how could there be another one?

From then on, Cheng Yu began to look at Lin An Lan from a distance in silence, liking him silently.

Lin An Lan didn’t know this and he didn’t even have the time to care about this because in the first half of his senior year, Mother Lin suddenly became seriously ill and so he had little time to care about Jiang Xu or Cheng Yu, his attention was all on his foster mother. He couldn’t even study for a period of time.

Father Lin didn’t allow him to take leave of absence from school, Mother Lin lied to him that she was fine, and Lin An Lan put on a calm expression in front of his parents every day, but whenever he went back to his bedroom at night, he couldn’t stop worrying and crying.

Luckily, Jiang Xu was with him all the time and got him through that traumatic period.

The day Mother Lin left, Lin An Lan said to Jiang Xu, “Xiao Xu, I don’t have a mother anymore.”

Jiang Xu took his hand and said to him, “It’s okay, you still have your father and me. Look at me, I don’t have a mother either, but I’m fine.”

Looking at him, Lin An Lan nodded.

In his senior year, the whole year was shrouded in a layer of sadness, and in this layer of sadness, the only consolation, was probably that Jiang Xu’s grades finally improved. He seemed to finally realize that the bifurcation point of the college entrance exams would send different people to different places and as he didn’t want to be separated from Lin An Lan, he studied hard, finally catching up at the end.

They went to the same university and to Lin An Lan’s surprise, Cheng Yu also went to the same university. Although he wasn’t in the same department, he was indeed in the same school.

Angry, Jiang Xu had said, “He must be doing it because of you. He just can’t let go of you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t think that was the reason why, “His family is here, so it’s probably for convenience.”

But soon, it turned out that Jiang Xu was right. When Cheng Yu, who was a science student joined the literary club, Lin An Lan was finally willing to admit, that Cheng Yu probably still wanted to be friends with him.

People were like this. The less they got something, the easier it was to get attached. It was just that with Cheng Yu and Jiang Xu’s status, it was impossible for them to get along and Lin An Lan didn’t want them to meet or stay in the same place together. He didn’t know Cheng Yu, but he knew Jiang Xu all too well; Jiang Xu was immature, envious, jealous and naively thought Cheng Feng would give him fatherly love.

He couldn’t stay with Cheng Yu. It would not only ruin him, but also ruin Cheng Yu’s life.

At least for now, Cheng Yu didn’t know that his father had another child and other women, outside the home.

He was very fortunate, he shouldn’t suffer this kind of shock. If it was possible, Lin An Lan hoped that as geniuses never had their aspirations thwarted and as heroes never lost their way, a very fortunate person like Cheng Yu, would always be proud and happy.

But as Cheng Yu came after him, asking him repeatedly, Lin An Lan’s heart was full of helplessness as he looked at the unwillingness to give up in his eyes. He felt that Cheng Yu was really active, from their sophomore year to now, his purpose was clear and his demands were simple. What he wanted wasn’t too much, but unfortunately, he couldn’t give it to him.

So he chose to leave and since then, deliberately avoided Cheng Yu.

When one thinks it isn’t easy for someone and can’t satisfy the person, then one’s best option, was to avoid that person.

That way, it was better for the two of them.

In the four years of University, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu didn’t have much interaction. He was busy with his studies, busy with his life, his days were full and he felt that after four years, it was time for Cheng Yu to give up on him.

He didn’t feel special and so didn’t understand why Cheng Yu was obsessed with him. It had been so long, it was about time for him to give up.

But then he ran into Cheng Yu again in the entertainment industry and Cheng Yu came to do a movie and asked him if he wanted to work with him.

His answer no, Lin An Lan passed him by once again.

For the first time, he thought that the feelings Cheng Yu had for him, might be more than just what one had towards a friend.

No one’s obsession to be friends with someone could last so long. Cheng Yu had other ideas towards him and for a while, Lin An Lan couldn’t tell how he felt.

He felt that Cheng Yu was pitiful, felt that he seemed a bit cruel and yet felt, that he had invariably, seemed to have done the right thing.

It was impossible for them to have any possibility, so not giving him a hint of ambiguity, was the right thing to do. It was just, why didn’t he know how to give up?

Cheng Yu became popular very quickly. He brought his own investment, created resources for himself and he was too handsome and smart, so it was normal for him to become popular.

However, Lin An Lan asked Zhuo Siya to put an invisible clause in his signing contract– he wouldn’t share the same stage with Cheng Yu.

Zhuo Siya was confused, “Is there any misunderstanding between you two?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “No, it’s just that Jiang Xu doesn’t like him, so I’m avoiding him as well.”

Not expecting such a reason, Zhuo Siya could only say, “You’re really considerate of Jiang Xu.”

“He was the one who asked for it.” Lin An Lan said helplessly, “He wanted it, so I agreed, otherwise, considering the fact that Cheng Yu and I were actually classmates, there’s no need to make things so awkward.”

“You were classmates?”

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