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Chapter 40.2

Lin An Lan was shocked, “You want to hype a CP with Fan Ruiwen?”

“She’s the one who wants to hype a CP with me…”

“Did you say yes?”

“Do you think I should say yes?”

Lin An Lan: …..

Lin An Lan was a little silent for a moment.

This kind of thing was a common means of hype in the entertainment industry, done to increase the exposure of the two people and increase their fan base.

And a hype cp was different from real cp in that a hype cp just spread some specious gossip about two people with both sides not admitting it and creating ambiguity, leaving plenty of room for imagination. Cp fans would think that the two they were a couple, pure fans would think that they were just friends. It wouldn’t be until after both sides’ popularity and exposure were boosted that they would come out and deny it, saying that they were indeed just friends….

Looking at it this way, it was no loss to either party. Fan Ruiwen was good looking, had good resources and although her popularity wasn’t as good as Cheng Yu’s, she was still a movie star and not a low one at that, so it was a win win situation for either of them.

Rationally speaking, there was really nothing wrong with this, and it would even help Cheng Yu’s career, but…

The fact his boyfriend and another person were going to hype up a cp wasn’t a pleasant thing no matter how he looked at it.

“Is that what you guys were talking so happily about for a long time?”

It shouldn’t be, when did his boyfriend become so interested in hyping up a cp with someone else.

“Is that all you talked about?”

“Of course not.” Cheng Yu laughed, “But An An you haven’t answered me yet, do you think I should say yes?”

“I’m not your agent, so I don’t care if you hype up a cp or not…”

“You’re not my agent, but you’re my boyfriend, that’s why I need your permission to hype up a cp.”

Lin An Lan felt that he was being very insensitive at this point, “To be frank, it’s part of your job, so it’s up to you.”

”Then I’ll listen to you.”

Lin An Lan: ….

Cheng Yu stared at him, the look in his eyes gentle, docile and obedient, “An An do you think I should say yes to her?”

Lin An Lan: ……

Cheng Yu looked at him expectantly, waiting for his answer….

He wanted to hear Lin An Lan’s refusal, he wanted to see Lin An Lan’s look of reluctance.

He wanted him to show the expression that said he minded for once.

He wanted to get Lin An Lan to show how much he cares and how jealous he was….

Previously, he had asked him, ‘Do you mind if I go and like other guys?’ and Lin An Lan had replied graciously, ‘It’s just acting, it’s all work, so of course I understand.’

So now, he deliberately hid the answer that he already had and asked Lin An Lan, “Do you think I should say yes to her?”

He wanted Lin An Lan to tell him, “You can’t, you’re my boyfriend, how can you hype up a cp with someone else….”

But he was more afraid that his answer would be, “It’s all work, so I understand….”

“Do you think, I should?” He asked again softly.

Lin An Lan looked at him and was silent for a long time before finally saying, “It’s not impossible, because in the end it’s for your career development.. It’s good for the two of you so I understand, it’s normal.”

Cheng Yu instantly felt a basin of water splash down on him. Although he had prepared himself for this answer, he was still drenched completely.

“Then….” He said, ‘I understand.”

There was no reluctance, no unwillingness in his words, his tone was as gentle as the calm smile on his face.

His best acting skills were all on display in front of Lin An Lan. He was always gentle, calm and had a sunny disposition in front of Lin An Lan. Those gloomy, unresigned, despondent and jealous ugly expressions, he would never let Lin An Lan see.

As Lin An Lan listened to his calm words, his heart twisted inexplicably.

Although he could rationally accept Cheng Yu’s hyping up of cp with other people, his mind objected strongly to it any time he thought about it…

Moreover, Cheng Yu already had him as his boyfriend, so why did he still want to hype up a cp with another actress? Was it just for the sake of his career?

It wasn’t as if that was the only way he had to develop his career…

Lin An Lan felt that his rationality always seemed to disappear unconsciously whenever he faced Cheng Yu. Very often, he would be in a state where everything from a rational point of view was right, but he would just not like it….

Of course he knew that Cheng Yu shouldn’t spend the night at his place every night, but he didn’t like to reject Cheng Yu, so he had turned off the switch of reason at that time, so now, could he also turn it off again?

He looked up at Cheng Yu, organized his words, then said, “That, the fans actually suffer quite a lot when it comes to this kind of cp, don’t they?”

Cheng Yu: ????

What was this situation?

Cheng Yu looked at him in confusion, only to see Lin An Lan looking like he was seriously thinking about it, “Think about it, you must have a lot of female fans in your fan base so if they see you and her linked together in a hype every day, won’t their hearts turn cold?”

“So?” Cheng Yu asked cautiously.

”As a good idol, surely you can’t make your fans feel anxious every day and you can’t make them think you’re a scumbag, lest in the future, if you really start dating someone, the fans would also think it’s another form of hype…”

Cheng Yu smiled instantly as he asked him with a smile on his lips, “Who would I be dating?”

“No matter who you date at that time, in order not to make your fans think that you’re a scumbag later on, I think it’s best if you just give up on this idea…”

The smile in Cheng Yu’s eyes deepening, he let out a long ‘oh’, “So An An you mean you won’t allow me hype up a cp, right?”

“I’m thinking of your future relationship announcement…”

Cheng Yu looked at him with surprise, “An An, you’ll agree to announcing your relationship with me in the future?!”

Lin An Lan: …… They were public figures after all, would they be able to hide their marriage?

Even if he wanted to hide it, at the rate he and Cheng Yu were going, unless they could keep their distance when they were outside in the future after getting married, sooner or later people would find out…

And asking Cheng Yu to keep his distance even after marriage, Lin An Lan felt that this was simply making things difficult for his little flower!

As there was no need to do that, it could be done away with.

“Won’t there be an official announcement?”

“There will be an official announcement! Of course it must be announced!” Cheng Yu said hurriedly, “Letting everyone in the world know that we are a couple, is my eternal dream.”

Lin An Lan: …… Then your dream is really not that big.

”So, I don’t think either of us should have a cp with other people right now.” Lin An Lan concluded with emphasis.

Cheng Yu smiled so much that the corners of his lips curved up, ”If we don’t hype up a with others, then should we do it ourselves?”

Lin An Lan was surprised, “That’s not necessary.”

He continued, “We don’t plan to come out this year yet, so we don’t need to hype up a cp for now either.”

“Then wouldn’t I have no more cp to hype?”

“You’re sorry?” Lin An Lan raised his eyebrows.

Cheng Yu smiled as stared at him, “Of course I’m sorry that I can’t have a cp with you.”

“Are you sure it’s only that?”

”An An, are you jealous?” Cheng Yu smiled as he lowered his head, his tone soft and sweet.

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