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Chapter 33.1

On the other hand, Jiang Xu, completely unaware that he had been tagged as ‘scheming’ and ‘shameless’ in Lin An Lan’s eyes, really thought that Lin An Lan had believed his words, and was complacently thinking about when to send Lin An Lan a text message.

It couldn’t be today as it was too obvious.

Nor could it be too far behind, Xiao Lan would think he didn’t care about him.

Then let it be three days later, Jiang Xu silently said, three days, a number that was not too long or too short.

However, it wouldn’t work because no matter when he sent it, Lin An Lan wouldn’t read it as he was already too lazy to bother with Jiang Xu.

It was hopeless, Lin An Lan thought, in order to get him to leave Cheng Yu, he could even think of such a plot and trick, it was evident that he was really very unsupportive of the two of them, Jiang Xu really couldn’t be saved.

It would best to continue to not respond to him anymore from here on out.
Lin An Lan walked back to the waiting area, and saw that Cheng Yu had already started filming a scene.

He walked over, and looked at Cheng Yu standing in front of his desk anxiously taking pencils and pens out and pouring out the contents in the container till the sticky note Gu Shuyu had left for Jing Huan fell out then he unfolded it and dialed according to the contact information on it.

He was obviously nervous, his eyes fixed on the phone in his hand and just as the other side picked up, he didn’t wait for a response, starting immediately with, “Gu Shuyu?”

This part of the drama was familiar to Lin An Lan as he had rehearsed it with Cheng Yu before.

Gu Shuyu answered the phone, and asked, “You are?”

“I, I’m the guy who helped you the other day.” Jing Huan said nervously.

“Oh~” Gu Shuyu deliberately stretched his tone, “The little brother in black who didn’t want to care about me, who didn’t even want to take the sticky notes I gave him?”

Jing Huan was a little embarrassed, but admitted it anyway, “Yes, I want to ask you for a favor. Can you lend me a little money, no, not a little, maybe more, ten thousand, is that okay?”

He asked the last three words carefully, without any confidence at all, as if he was afraid that Gu Shuyu would refuse.

Of course Gu Shuyu said yes. He had never been short of money, not to mention that Jing Huan had saved him before, “It’s ok, have you run into any problems?”

“My mother is sick.” Jing Huan said honestly, “Our family relatives are not well connected,we haven’t borrowed much money, so ……”

So he thought of Gu Shuyu, he remembered that Gu Shuyu had a lot of cards in his wallet when he was robbed that day, he also remembered that he had met Gu Shuyu twice, Gu Shuyu was wearing different clothes, the same brand, the same brand as the rich kid in his class when he was at school.

He knew from the beginning, they were not from the same world, the other person looked clean and sunny, seemed to have not gone through any difficulties, and also had a family background that did not have to go through hardships.

That was why he hadn’t wanted to engage with him again from the start after he had helped him.

But it never occurred to him that in the end, the only person he could turn to was this stranger.

Jing Huan felt ashamed, embarrassed, awkward, apprehensive, and embarrassed again.

Teenage pride and the reality of having to bow down to money, made his voice not even as strong as it had been before.

He said,”I’ll pay you back,and the interest can be at the bank’s rate, I’ll write you a note in a moment.”

“Okay.” Gu Shuyu didn’t refuse, he only said, “But I only lend money to friends and between friends loans and notes are normal. If you want to borrow money from me, then from now on, we are friends.”

Jing Huan hadn’t expected him to say that, but there was no time for pretensions now, so he could only nod and say, “Alright.”

“Thank you.” He added, “Thank you. My name is Jing Huan.”

“The ‘Jing’ in ‘Feng Jing1风景 – Feng Jing means Scenery/ landscape‘ or the ‘Jing’ in ‘Shui Jing2水井- Shui Jing means water well.‘?”

“The ‘Jing’ in ‘Feng Jing’ and the ‘Huan’ in ‘Huan Ran Yi Xin3焕然一新- ‘Huan Ran Yi Xin means take on an entirely new look or aspect‘.”

Gu Shuyu understood, “You know my name,you search this phone number on WeChat, then send me your card number, I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Not expecting him to be so quick, Jing Huan couldn’t stop thanking him. Gu Shuyu smiled in reply, “There’s no need to thank me, but you can send me your address too if you’re thankful.”

He hung up the phone with a smile on his face, leaving only Jing Huan looking at his phone, surprised and excited.

Cheng Yu was just about to search Gu Shuyu’s WeChat, when out of the corners of his eyes he caught a glimpse of Lin An Lan standing not far away.

Cheng Yu paused momentarily.

He blinked unconsciously, asking himself in his heart, had he finished talking to Jiang Xu?

How did the conversation go?

What was said?

Had they reconciled?

Had he discover that he was in fact a despicable liar?

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but panic but as the director called out to him, he realised that, he was still filming a scene. He wasn’t Cheng Yu, he was supposed to be Jing Huan.

He immersed and tried to continue with Jing Huan’s scene, but he couldn’t calm down.

The drumming in his heart was like a violent storm wrapped in rain, bursting out in a cacophony of noisy and piercing sounds.

Those sounds were too noisy, too distracting that he couldn’t immerse himself into the scene.

Cheng Yu raised his head, and apologized to the director, “Director Zhang, please excuse me for a moment, I want to drink some water, my throat is parched.”

“Alright, go and return quickly.”

Cheng Yu put the cell phone he was using in the scene on the table and walked towards the outside of the venue.

As he passed by Lin An Lan, he gestured and Lin An Lan quickly followed him.

“What’s wrong?” Lin An Lan asked him.

“Nothing.” Cheng Yu replied gently.

He walked to his rest area, took the bottle of water in Wang Cheng’s hand, took a symbolic sip, before pressing Lin An Lan into his seat.

“You sit down first.” He said, “Don’t go over there, otherwise if I see you, you’ll be the only thing I see.”

It was only then that Lin An Lan realised that it was because of him that he had suddenly come out of the scene.

He sat back in his seat hurriedly and promised, “Okay, then I’ll wait here for you to come back, you act well.”

Cheng Yu nodded his head but his heart was actually still in turmoil. He was eager to ask Lin An Lan what he and Jiang Xu had talked about.

However if he asked this, one or two words would definitely not be enough to recount everything, moreover he hadn’t finished his scene yet so he had no choice.

So he could only let Lin An Lan out of his sight for the time being because as long as he couldn’t see Lin An Lan, then he could calm his mind a little and allow himself to be immersed in his role as Jing Huan.

He retraced his steps back to the house where he was filming, adjusted his state, quickly finished filming the rest of the scene, before returning to the rest area again.

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