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Chapter 145.1

Seeing Lin An Lan coming out, Cheng Yu stood up and walked towards him. “Done talking?”

Lin An Lan nodded, still feeling a bit raw emotionally. Taking a step forward, he hugged Cheng Yu, burying his head in the crook of his neck.

Cheng Yu hugged him back, patting his shoulders gently as he reassured him on a whisper, “It’s okay.”

Nodding, Lin An Lan held him tightly. He knew, of course, that everything was okay. Jiang Xu had had a rare moment of clarity and had finally let go of the past that had been weighing him down. They were all growing towards a better future, so everything would be okay.

Lifting his head, Lin An Lan smiled as he looked at Cheng Yu, asking him, “Do you want to talk to him?”

“There’s no need.” Cheng Yu responded.

He had never wanted to talk to Jiang Xu.

Unlike most legitimate children who would be angry and resentful when confronted with their parents’ illegitimate children, Cheng Yu was very clear that the root of the problem was Cheng Feng.

It was Cheng Feng who had first provoked Jiang Xu’s mother and it was Jiang Xu’s mother who had foolishly given birth to Jiang Xu who had in turn inherited his father’s selfishness and his mother’s foolishness, making him instinctively selfish and naive.

Cheng Yu looked down on Jiang Xu and couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

If he’d felt even a smidgeon of affection for Cheng Feng, this father of his, then Jiang Xu’s existence might have bothered him. But because he didn’t care about Cheng Feng at all, Jiang Xu was insignificant to him.

As long as he didn’t jump in front of him and try to interfere with his relationship with Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu was more than happy to see Jiang Xu living a good and happy life. After all, he used to be Lin An Lan’s best friend.

During the time before he came along, it was Jiang Xu who had accompanied Lin An Lan and it was Jiang Xu who had made him feel less lonely.

Touching Lin An Lan’s face, Cheng Yu asked him, “Want to go back?”

Lin An Lan nodded then pulled him towards the exit.

Wang Qi, who had inexplicably watched an intimate scene, suddenly came to a realization and asked in surprise, “Lin Ge, you’re leaving already?”

“Yes, take care of him. I still have a scene to film.” Lin An Lan told him.

Wang Qi nodded, “Alright, then you guys should take care.”

Lin An Lan smiled at him then left the ward.

And after walking down the corridor of the hospital, pressed the button of the elevator.

Cheng Yu asked him, “What did you talk about?”

“We talked about a lot of things.” Lin An Lan replied. “We talked about me handling his affairs if he dies, about him writing a will, otherwise all his assets would go to his mother, that I wouldn’t feel guilty if he died and about how he really can’t compare to you.”

“Do you know?” He turned to Cheng Yu, “I’ve never compared the two of you before.”

“I have always felt that he is him and you are you and that there’s no need for comparison. Everyone has their own strengths, so one should just live happily. But he’s always secretly compared himself to you, probably out of resentment, wanting to see where he’s better than you and where you’re better than him. And as he compared, he became jealous and resentful, blaming everything on it being you having something he didn’t have but wanted, like your father.”

Cheng Yu found it somewhat ridiculous. “What does my father have to do with anything other than contributing a set of genes?”

“But he doesn’t know that.” Lin An Lan said. “In his imagination, Cheng Feng is a great father, wealthy and influential and he also dotes on you. So he wants a father like that, which is why he secretly contacted Cheng Feng behind my back.”

He tightened his grip on Cheng Yu. “But I know that’s not true. Your strengths stem from who you are as a person. You’re a very excellent person and Jiang Xu knows that; he’s very clear that he can’t compare to you, that’s why he needs excuses, something to console himself with that tells him that he’s not as good as you because his circumstances don’t surpass yours, not because he himself isn’t as good as you.”

“That’s just how he is, getting trapped in this vicious cycle step by step and unable to break free.”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything. He seemed to understand, but still couldn’t fully grasp it.

“Then I can trade with him. I’ll give him Cheng Feng in exchange for knowing you when we were children.”

Laughing, Lin An Lan turned to kiss him on the chin.

Surprised, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but smile unconsciously.

When the elevator arrived, Lin An Lan stepped inside and Cheng Yu moved closer to him, slowly taking his hand in his.

Looking back at him, Lin An Lan saw him biting his lips, smiling slightly, with a childlike innocence, like a little kid who had just secretly eaten candy.

Reaching up, he pinched Cheng Yu’s face, feeling that he was too cute and unable to help it, leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips.

Cheng Yu was once again surprised.

Ever since that rainy day when Lin An Lan had kissed him unexpectedly under the umbrella, he had been constantly surprised by his sudden and unabashed displays of affection and intimacy in public.

He looked up at the corners of the elevator. Fortunately, there were no cameras.

“Aren’t you afraid of being caught on camera?”

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Lin An Lan was calm. “It’s a private hospital, and you must have connections. Just cover it up.”

“I feel like you’re a little different from before.” Cheng Yu said vaguely. He wasn’t quite sure, but had this vague feeling of it. “An An, you used to not like being too intimate with me in public.”

He wasn’t blaming Lin An Lan, just stating a fact.

Lin An Lan was usually more rational than him, so when they were outside, he would be more aware of the distance between them, in order to prevent people from discovering that they were more than just old classmates.

But now, he seemed to care less.

Lin An Lan denied it. “Did I? I don’t think so.”

“When you had amnesia, you did.”

“But you said it yourself, that was the me who had amnesia, not the present me.” Lin An Lan looked at him. “Or is it that you prefer the me from back then?”

Cheng Yu immediately raised his hand, “I love both, it’s just that the amnesiac you at that time had my love, so the current me loves the current you better.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh, thinking that he was really cute.

When he’d had amnesia, he had been his ideal self, having never experienced any hardships and starting anew. When he had opened his eyes, he’d seen Cheng Yu and lived under the happy life that Cheng Yu had woven for him.

Therefore he had been very rational and so although he knew that they would get married and go public in the future, it wouldn’t be now. So like all ordinary celebrities, had avoided risks and didn’t want love to affect his career.

However now he was the real him, the him who had gone through everything, and for him who had experienced too many losses, his career had never been his top priority.

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  1. An an truly The Best and the Most Rational Best Protagonist ever!!!
    So wise…
    But he can be even stronger because he has Cheng Yu’s Unconditional Love and Care. I Love it!

    I almost feel bad for JX when he cry while hugging his knees… But my annoyance and hatred toward him is greater, so I immediately burn my sympathies


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