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Chapter 107.2

Yu Heng made Cheng Yu a midnight snack and after the two of them ate together, Cheng Yu washed the dishes and he stayed in Cheng Yu’s house.

As he lay in the guest bedroom, he thought about how his little brother looked now and how Cheng Yu’s mother had looked back then.

He would never understand why anyone would care so much about love. Wasn’t it just one person? There were so many people in this world, if someone left someone, could it be that the other person really couldn’t live?

There would always be someone better, someone more suitable, so why destroy your body and heart for someone else?

Yu Heng didn’t understand, but he felt, he would never love someone as passionately as Cheng Yu did in his life.

It wasn’t necessary and it wasn’t worth it.

Lin An Lan’s first job after the New Year was a cover shoot for a fashion magazine. He had an appointment with the magazine at 2pm, and when he arrived, the staff of the magazine had already helped him choose his outfit and accessories for the occasion.

The magazine shoot was a relatively easy affair, especially for someone as expressive as him, so within a few hours, the pictures were ready and Lin An Lan was led by the staff into the meeting room for an interview.

The editor-in-chief’s assistant put out some refreshments for him and made a pot of tea to match. Lin An Lan didn’t move, but said politely to her, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

His cover shoot was a branding campaign, so during the interview, the editor-in-chief asked a lot of questions about the brand first, as a promotional.

It was only after this that she focused her questions on Lin An Lan himself, “Any plans for this year?”

“Not yet, but I should be doing a movie or two.”

“Last year, you worked with Director Zhang on ‘Yun Yun’, how was it working with him? And about the drama ‘Yun Yun’, is there anything you can reveal about it?”

Lin An Lan laughed, “It was great. Director Zhang is a very gentle and responsible director. As for ‘Yun Yun’, I can’t say too much about it, otherwise it won’t be a surprise, but I do recommend it. It’s a very wonderful script and I really like the characters portrayed in the drama, every single one of them.”

“Speaking of characters, Cheng Yu is in this one too. Was this your first time working together?”

“Technically, this is the first time we’ve worked together on a drama, but a few days before the drama started filming, we went to record the variety show ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’ together, so that was the first time we worked together.”

“Speaking of ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’, it’s very popular right now. I’ve even watched it. How come you and Cheng Yu didn’t mention that you guys were old classmates?”

Lin An Lan laughed a little, “Because we’ve never had the chance to work together before.”

“So do you know that you two have a lot of cp fans online?”


“Yes, what do you think about the whole cp thing?”

“I think everyone probably just thinks we’re close, and it’s true. We have a really close relationship. Cheng Yu is a very good person, both in terms of business skills and the way he conducts himself. I admire him.”

“It seems you have a very high opinion of him.”

“If I had a low opinion of him, why would I have a good relationship with him?” Lin An Lan asked in reply.

The editor-in-chief laughed, “Have you seen Cheng Yu’s movie that’s in theaters now? What do you have to say about his performance?”

“His performance was seriously splendid. I think he’s a very malleable actor, his portrayal in this movie is completely different from the one in ‘Yun Yun’, but he’s acted both very well, so I’m sure he’ll do well in this movie.”

The two talked for half an hour before finally ending the interview. Getting up, Lin An Lan bid her farewell then headed out.

Getting off the elevator with Zhuo Siya, they walked towards the underground parking lot and were about to get into his car, when he suddenly heard someone call out to him, “Lin Ge.”

Turning around, Lin An Lan saw a rather unfamiliar person.

He thought back carefully as he looked at the person again, but for a moment wasn’t able to remember who he was.

“Xie Hui.” Zhuo Siya whispered in his ear, “Strange, he hasn’t made himself look like you today.”

It took Lin An Lan a moment to realize that this was the same Xie Hui who had hyped himself up as ‘little Lin An Lan’. Looking at him, it seems he didn’t look so much like him.

He didn’t really remember much about Xie Hui other than for his hype, that is, the time he had been on the hot search with Cheng Yu.

He remembered how annoyed he had been when he saw the news that day, because Cheng Yu had been auditioning for a role and so was Xie Hui. At that time, he hadn’t really wanted Cheng Yu to be in a scene with someone who looked a bit like him.

After all, Jing Huan liked Gu Shuyu a lot.

But he hadn’t wanted to act as Gu Shuyu at that time, so he didn’t say much to Cheng Yu. He just kissed Cheng Yu, telling himself that it was a job, and that an actor’s job was to portray other people’s ups and downs in life, so it was normal and that there was no need to mind.

Later, he took the role of Gu Shuyu because of Jiang Xu’s provocation and Xie Hui didn’t appear again, but to his surprise, he had run into him today.

Lin An Lan looked at him calmly as he approached then asked him, “What do you want?”

“I’m here today for a photoshoot for the inside of a magazine.” Xie Hui volunteered information about why he was here today.

Lin An Lan nodded. The fashion world was a very powerful circle. It was very hard to get on the cover of a top tier fashion magazine, but it was easy to get on the inside of a top tier fashion magazine.

For someone like Xie Hui, although he couldn’t be on the cover of a magazine, he could be on the inside of a magazine with other people.

So for him to say this, then it was normal for him to be here.

When Xie Hui saw him nod, he continued, “President Hua heard me say that you were on the cover of this issue and asked me to give you a message.”

“President Hua?”

“Cheng Ge’s friend, Hua Rong.” Xie Hui explained.

Lin An Lan remembered. They had met before, when they were abroad, when Hua Rong said to him secretly, “Like him more, he’s liked you for a long time. If you find out that he has made a mistake, don’t hate him, he won’t be able to take it. He’s just a human being, with personal feelings and desires.”

He hadn’t thought much about it at the time. He had just thought that Hua Rong was thinking of their future, hoping that they would be understanding of each other, but now that he thought about it, Hua Rong probably knew that Cheng Yu was lying to him at that time and so, had been pleading for him in advance.

Only, how did Xie Hui know Hua Rong?

“What did he tell you to say to me?”

“He said Cheng Ge is sick and that he hopes you can go and visit him.”

This was of course not the original words. Hua Rong’s original words only had the first half of the sentence, ‘Cheng Yu is sick’. The second half, had been added by Xie Hui without permission.

“He’s sick?” Lin An Lan was surprised. As far as he could remember, Cheng Yu had always been in good health, and in the little six months that they had been together, he had been sick a few times, but Cheng Yu hadn’t been sick once.

Xie Hui nodded, “He misses you a lot, so he’s not in very good shape. President Hua and Xu Ge are both very concerned about him, but it doesn’t seem to help, so Lin Ge, please go and see him. If you go, it’ll definitely help.”

Lin An Lan lowered his eyes unconsciously. He hadn’t expected Cheng Yu to be sick. He had assumed that Cheng Yu would be sad that he had left, that he hadn’t gone to pick him up, but he hadn’t expected him to be sick.

“What kind of sickness?” He asked Xie Hui, “Is it serious? Is he at home or in the hospital?”

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