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Chapter 138.1

Cheng Yu suddenly remembered and picked the sweater that had been placed aside up and said to Lin An Lan, “Help me put it on.”

Helpless, Lin An Lan could only help him put it on. He also lifted his arms and inserted his hands inside.

As Cheng Yu looked at him, he felt that at this moment, Lin An Lan really looked like his wife, gentle and peaceful, his forever loved one.

After Lin An Lan helped him put the sweater on, he hugged him tightly again and whispered in his ear, “Wife.”

Hearing this, Lin An Lan made an ‘en’ sound, not denying it.

Resting his chin on his shoulder, Cheng Yu hugged him tightly.

Lin An Lan allowed Cheng Yu hug him tenderly for a moment before asking, “How is it going on your family’s side?”

Not hiding it, he told him, “Jiang Xu came to look for me just now because he’s found out about us being together. He said that if you don’t leave me, your family will kick you out and take away everything that belongs to you.”

Smiling lightly, Cheng Yu kissed his cheek, “Are you worried?”

“It won’t happen. I’ve already said, that everything that belongs to me is mine. You don’t have to worry.”

“But….” Lin An Lan frowned, “You don’t have the complete say so in your family.”

Moving away from his shoulder, he reached out to smooth his forehead as he looked at his worried expression, “I will have the complete say so.”

Lin An Lan still couldn’t shake off his worries.

Laughing, Cheng Yu said, “I’m not with you to make you suffer. Even if those things don’t matter to me, for your sake, I won’t let them go.”

Lin An Lan didn’t care about those things, “I became an actor to make money. I’ve known since I was young that money is important, which is why when I had the chance, I became an actor. I’ve saved a lot of money over the years. I originally saved it for my dad and me, but who would have thought that illness would descend like an avalanche and he passed away. I indeed had enough money to pay for his expensive medical expenses, but he still left. So I’m not worried about us suffering; with our savings we won’t. I just don’t want you to lose what you should have because of me.”

For Lin An Lan, everything in the Cheng family should belong to Cheng Yu.

He was Cheng Feng’s only son by legal marriage.

He was the Cheng family’s young master in the eyes of all.

He was born and raised a noble prince in a wealthy family.

Therefore, he should continue to be like this.

As a teenager, Lin An Lan had been mesmerized by Cheng Yu at first glance and felt that someone like him was born to be the object of others’ envy.

The same way he couldn’t bear to see a hero in dire straits nor a beautiful woman set in the dusk, it was the same way he also couldn’t bear to see Cheng Yu’s family happiness being destroyed. That was why he hadn’t allowed Jiang Xu go find Cheng Feng, wanting to let Cheng Yu continue living in the flying sunshine relying on his concealment.

He had been a proud son of heaven for more than a decade and should remain so.

And now, Lin An Lan still had the same thought.

He didn’t want Cheng Yu to lose the glory of the Cheng family because of him. That was something that he was born to possess and therefore shouldn’t lose, let alone give it to Jiang Xu, who was hostile to him.

Jiang Xu’s mother had already destroyed Cheng Yu’s family, so Jiang Xu himself couldn’t take away the glory that belonged to Cheng Yu.

“I can accept that I don’t bring you anything, but I can’t accept that I’ll make you lose what belongs to you and even more, I can’t accept that it would be Jiang Xu who will take them away.”

Cheng Yu didn’t quite understand his thoughts, but he vaguely understood the point Lin An Lan cared about. In other words, what should be his had to be his and even if it couldn’t be his, it couldn’t be Jiang Xu’s.

This thought was completely in line with Cheng Yu’s own thoughts, causing Cheng Yu to be pleased in both body and mind. “Don’t worry, Jiang Xu can’t take it away. My grandfather might have such an idea, but my father won’t agree to it. At least, not at the moment.”

Lin An Lan was puzzled.

Cheng Yu tapped his lips, “As I said before, my father is a man with many romantic affairs, but he is also ruthless. Many mistresses have wanted to have his children, but those who attempted to do so were all abandoned by him. He doesn’t want children besides me, that is why he won’t acknowledge Jiang Xu. Because from the bottom of his heart, he doesn’t recognize Jiang Xu. —For someone like him, how could a fool like Jiang Liying be fit to give him a child?”

“He likes beautiful women, but from the bottom of his heart, he looks down on those mistresses who follow him, so he thinks they aren’t worthy of having his children. The only one he accepted was my mother, who was of the same background and status as him and whose looks, personality and character were to his liking. So as long as there is a possibility, he won’t accept Jiang Xu. Instead, he will try to persuade me.”

“Then now, is there still a possibility?” Lin An Lan was curious.

“Of course.” Cheng Yu said. “As long as we’re not married, there’s a possibility. Even if we’re married and I’m not dead yet, there’s still a possibility. Isn’t the most beautiful quality of humans waiting and hoping?”

Lin An Lan: …..

“Then after we’re married, he won’t let us go, will he?”

“In theory, yes, but I have my own ways to shut him up.”

Lin An Lan dropped his head onto Cheng Yu’s shoulders. He had said it, being with Cheng Yu would definitely not be without trouble.

“Fortunately, I am mentally prepared. They should bring it on, I can accept it.”

Laughing, Cheng Yu patted his shoulder, comforting him, “It’s okay, you don’t need to be prepared. Give me some time; it won’t take long and I will solve the problem completely.”

Lin An Lan nodded, sort of trusting him reluctantly.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Cheng Yu’s ability, but that family affection was always the most troublesome and hard to break.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so difficult for even an honest and upright official to resolve a family dispute.

Even if Cheng Yu wasn’t close to his father and grandfather, there was still the blood relationship that couldn’t be broken, so how could it not take long?

Sighing in his heart, Lin An Lan decided to reread ‘On Protracted Warfare’ tonight. If worst came to worst, he would have to retreat when the enemy advanced, pursue when the enemy retreated, harass when the enemy stayed and attack when the enemy was tired!

Cheng Yu was blissfully unaware that his boyfriend had already taken out the sixteen principles of guerrilla warfare and was prepared to use the valuable guidance thoughts left by the great revolutionary pioneers to fight a guerrilla war with the Cheng family. He was just thinking at the moment, was Pei Qiu, that guy still not done yet?

He was really worried about Lin An Lan as he knew his father and grandfather too well. The more power they had, the more they thought money and power could solve everything. They might not make a move against him, yet they might not necessarily not make a move against Lin An Lan. Unfortunately, he was still one step away from his final move, so he couldn’t reveal himself to his father and grandfather yet. So at this moment, protecting Lin An Lan’s safety was of the utmost importance.

Pei Qiu’s presence was very necessary. It was just, was he still not done yet?

Cheng Yu decided to go find him and by the way, also urge Yu Heng.

He couldn’t be blamed for being impatient. After all these years, although he and Yu Heng had done many things behind the scenes, he was only three or four years away from graduation, so the time was still short. He hadn’t expected he would really be with Lin An Lan and he had never expected that Cheng Feng would move so quickly, forcing him to have a showdown with him. So the chess he had in hand was still one step away.

Yu Heng was already closing the net, but it would take a few more days, so he had to wait. Otherwise revealing his cards at this point would only cost him more than it was worth.

“Did Zhuo Siya have something to say to you just now?” Cheng Yu asked. “Let them come back, I should go. I have something to attend to today.”

When Lin An Lan heard this, he guessed that what he had to attend to was related to their relationship and so didn’t ask further. He simply got off Cheng Yu’s lap directly and said, “Then you should go take care of it. Call me if anything comes up.”

Putting his coat on, Cheng Yu gave Lin An Lan a kiss on the lips and said, “Okay.”

Looking at Lin An Lan’s smiling eyes, he was happy deep in his heart, and the thought that the love he had never dared to ask for was now so close, made him even happier.

He hugged Lin An Lan again before letting him go reluctantly then turned to leave.

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