I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 171.1

Editor: Jodi

Lin An Lan walked out and headed towards the bedroom, with the cameraman following closely behind.

“I’m going to change my clothes.” He said, then closed the bedroom door.

When the door opened again, he had already changed into a sweater and jeans, which seemed to match Cheng Yu’s outfit.

And just as the cameraman was thinking this, he saw Cheng Yu again.

Cheng Yu had already prepared breakfast and set it on the table. Their breakfast was simple, just sandwiches and yogurt.

Lin An Lan took a cup of warm water, took a few sips, then started eating a sandwich.

As they ate and chatted, Lin An Lan took a sip of the newly bought yogurt, then not liking the taste, pushed it towards Cheng Yu.

And not refusing it, Cheng Yu drank it directly, then took Lin An Lan’s cup of water and drank two sips to wash away the taste of yogurt in his mouth.

The director who was watching felt that they were really completely comfortable with each other, as their every action was full of intimacy and familiarity.

It seemed their relationship was really good.

After finishing their breakfast, they left the house, and the cameraman sent the footage back for the editing team to work on first so it could be promoted today.

And the segment he sent wasn’t too long, so after some editing, the editing team cut it down to a 20-minute short film and posted it on Weibo.

‘Let’s Date’ V: The last two guests, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, let’s date together. [Video]

The comments section exploded: “Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu!!!!”

“Oh my god! What did I just see! Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu!!!”

“Am I blind? Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu? How did they manage this? How could these two appear on a variety show!”

“Overjoyed! Overjoyed! I’m definitely following this show!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah, I can do it, I can do it. Thank you program team, you guys are powerful!”

“Sisters, there’s a video! I’m rushing in first, you guys cover my back!”

“Sitting up in bed from a deathly illness. The CP I ship has sugar now!”

“Awesome!! Awesome!! Who wouldn’t say awesome after watching this!! You guys are amazing! You managed to keep this hidden!”

Soon, someone posted the video and the official account on the forum, shocked, “It’s really Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan!!! Who could have guessed it was them! Amazing!”

“!!!! Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan!! These two actually joined a variety show!”

“And not just any variety show, it’s a dating variety show.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe my eyes. I’m going to watch the video now, it’s been so long since we had new sugar that this child is almost hypoglycemic.”

“Ah ah ah, hurry and watch the video, it’s so sweet, my god, Yu Lan is living together!!!”

“!!! Wasn’t the official announcement just made! How are they already living together!”

“It’s normal, right? The official announcement must have been after they had been together for a while, so living together is also normal.”

“Am I the only one still shocked that they joined a dating show? This must be true love, it must be!”

“They’ve even made an official announcement, how can it not be true love? Although same-sex marriage is legal now, they are the first officially announced same-sex couple.”

“The other day, I was still wondering if they would join a variety show this year, I didn’t expect it to be so soon, I’m going to watch!”

The forum was instantly flooded with posts about Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan joining the variety show, with some expressing surprise that they joined a dating show, some who had only watched the beginning coming back to admire Cheng Yu’s homely appearance, and some who had just seen Lin An Lan washing his face, taking a screenshot to express how natural and amazing he looked without makeup.

For a moment, melon eating netizens couldn’t help but refresh the page, only to see Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan’s names on the forum homepage, with no one else’s presence at all.

“They’re living together, Yu Lan is actually living together!”

“Not just living together. You guys look at Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan’s hands, there are rings on their ring fingers. I took a screenshot and zoomed in to see. Cheng Yu’s ring is a little wave, and Lin An Lan’s ring is a small tulip. It’s so obvious! [Screenshot][Screenshot]”

“Damn! Matching rings! I remember. In ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’, every time Cheng Yu wrote Lin An Lan’s name, he would draw a little wave, so this wave should represent Lin An Lan, right?”

“So sweet, so sweet, Cheng Yu is really good at flirting.”

“Wait a minute. If he started drawing waves back in ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’, then could it be that he already liked Lin An Lan back then?”

“I don’t know, but it’s very likely! I feel like Cheng Yu has always had double standards where Lin An Lan is concerned. He just said they were old classmates at the time, so no one thought much about it, but if you look at it as lovers, it makes sense.”

“Woo woo woo, I’ve got sugar again. Yu Lan is so sweet, I’m going to watch ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’ again today.”

“Yu Lan girls have two holy classics. One is ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’, and the other is ‘Yun Yun’, always refreshing.”

“I have a feeling this variety show will become the third holy classic.”

“It definitely will.”

“Sisters, quick, look at this screenshot. This is a close-up of Lin An Lan’s neck. You can see it right? The pendant between his collars is a small tulip.”

“Damn!!! Where, where? Am I blind?”

“[Screenshot]. I specifically circled it with a red pen. Although it’s a bit blurry, it’s obviously there. The flower buds are even yellow.”

“!!! I see it now, it’s really the shape of a tulip. Oh my god, so sweet, so sweet. Tulip rings, tulip necklaces, they must all be gifts from Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu’s intentions are so obvious, completely undisguised!”

“It must be true love, it’s definitely true love!”

“The sister upstairs is really sharp-eyed. While everyone else is just looking at Lin An Lan’s bare face, you actually noticed the tulip pendant on his neck.”

“You flatter me, you flatter me. I’m just too excited. Haha, this is the first time I’ve indulged in such a sweet CP. I just can’t control myself.”

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