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Chapter 46.3

Lin An Lan had guessed that this would happen, so he wasn’t disappointed.

It just seemed that he wouldn’t be able to recover his memory for the time being.

Ai, Lin An Lan sighed in his heart. Cheng Yu would be very sad to hear this news.

Just as he finished his thought, he heard Zhuo Siya ask him, “Do you want to tell Cheng Yu about this?”

“Of course.” Lin An Lan said, “Although I think this result is quite cruel to him, if I don’t tell him, he might think more about it again when he finds out later.”

“Besides, I want to recover my memory principally because I want to know about things related to him, so I’m guessing he would be happy to hear this.”

Zhuo Siya:……

Zhuo Siya thought to himself, not really.

He would be happy?

He would probably be terrified.

As predicted, Cheng Yu wasn’t happy. His heart was in a state of fear but his face held a moderate amount of surprise as he moved closer to Lin An Lan unconsciously and asked him, “What was the result?”

“The result was that the doctor read the report and said that there is nothing wrong with me, and suggested that I recall more and talk to the people I know more, so that they can help me recall my memories.”

Only then did Cheng Yu let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, fortunately, Lin An Lan wouldn’t regain his memory for the time being.

Lin An Lan looked at the relieved expression on his face and asked curiously, “Why do I feel as if you’ve suddenly relaxed?”

Cheng Yu smiled faintly, looked at him, and said softly: “You suddenly went to see the doctor, so I thought it was because you were not feeling well, that’s why you went without saying anything. But didn’t you just say that the doctor read your report and said you were fine? You’re fine, so I’m relieved.”

Lin An Lan nodded to reassure him, “Don’t worry, I don’t have a headache or feel depressed. I’m physically and mentally fine, there’s no problem.”

“That’s good.”

“But unfortunately I still can’t get my memory back, I can’t remember our past.”

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yu hugged him “I said I don’t care about that, I only care about you, so it doesn’t matter if you get your memory back, we’re happy now too.”

“That’s true.” Lin An Lan lifted his head and smiled at him.

Cheng Yu lowered his head and kissed him, his heart was in a state of flux.

He never thought Lin An Lan would go to the doctor, because Lin An Lan had never shown the desire to.

And he, he wasn’t sure at first if Lin An Lan had real or fake amnesia, if he had really forgotten everything but him, or if he had come to himself for Jiang Xu.

He wasn’t sure, but he saw that Lin An Lan wasn’t eager to regain his memory and didn’t want to see a doctor so he didn’t take him to see a doctor either.

Otherwise, in case they went to the hospital and Lin An Lan didn’t really have amnesia, but just told such a lie for Jiang Xu, then when the doctor said there was nothing wrong with him, how embarrassed Lin An Lan would be?

He was a good actor and could certainly use his superb acting skills to continue his lies, but in his heart, he would definitely be panicking and scared.

Cheng Yu knew what it was like to be a highly skilled actor, but the panicking inside. It was an extremely unpleasant feeling, so he didn’t want to put Lin An Lan through it.

If he really had amnesia, he didn’t even want to go to the doctor himself, so there was no point in him rushing him.

If he had false amnesia, then he could give him whatever he wanted, there was no need to make him afraid by going to the doctor.

So Cheng Yu didn’t take him to the doctor, let alone think that one day, he would go to the doctor himself.

But fortunately, this turned out, for now, to be okay.

He could still stay with Lin An Lan for a while longer.

Cheng Yu didn’t ask for much, he just wanted that they at least finished the drama and the variety show, to at least give him a memory to remember, that was enough.

After Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu finished talking, they began to pack their luggage. Cheng Yu had already packed his so he simply packed with Lin An Lan.

At 2pm the two left the hotel for the airport.

They were going together, which was fine as they were now partners in a film, and were both men so it was normal to travel in pairs.

But at this time, there were already a lot of waiting fans at the airport, and Lin An Lan was worried that two people going out together would cause too much traffic and cause unnecessary commotion, so he suggested that Cheng Yu go first and he would go later.

Cheng Yu, however, didn’t want to keep him waiting and told him to go out first.

The two played rock paper scissors and Lin An Lan lost with Cheng Yu winning two out of the three games. He smiled, “You first, come on, the loser has to be obedient.”

Lin An Lan could only step out of the artist’s van but just as he got out, a fan who was squatting on the ground rushed over and started taking pictures of him with the camera on his cell phone.

Lin An Lan smiled politely, but on this rare occasion he saw his beloved fans scrambling forward. The first row of fans on either side of him immediately joined hands to form a human wall, shouting to the fans behind him, “Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze, if you squeeze and Ge gets hurt, will you be responsible?”

It was only then that the fans at the back curbed their strength and raised the phones in their hands to record videos.

Zhuo Siya and Yang Wang shielded Lin An Lan left and right, issuing warnings from time to time to unruly fans. Although there were many people and there was some chaos, the good thing was that relatively speaking, it was still relatively orderly, hence Lin An Lan progressed quite smoothly.

“Ge, what are you going abroad for this time?”

“Ge, how long is [Yun Yun] going to be filming for?”

“Ahhhhhhh, Ge you’re so handsome, you’re even more handsome in person than on TV!”

“What are your plans after you finish filming [Yun Yun]?”

“Ge, remember to bring sunscreen, don’t get sunburned!”

Lin An Lan listened, and simply answered those that he could, and those that he couldn’t, he smiled.

But how could fans remember what their questions were when they saw his smile? They shouted, “His has such a killer smile, such a killer smile. Ge’s smile is just too seductive, it makes us want to commit a crime!”

“No crimes.” Lin An Lan said seriously.

The fans laughed, “We are all red scarves, five preachers, four beauties, three loves, socialist successors, don’t worry, hahaha.”

Lin An Lan was swarmed all the way into the security check before he waved to them and headed inside.

A fan sighed, looking rather lost, “I don’t know the next time we’ll see him again.”

“Come on, let’s go back.”

The fans turned in groups to head back, only to find a wave of young teenage girls apparently still at the airport.

These girls were all dressed up nicely, with long boots and short skirts and long hair, looking very foreign, some with flowers and letters in their hands, others with lighted signs, looking like fans too.

Some Lin An Lan fans who were in no hurry to get back went over and asked : “Miss, whose plane are you here to pick up?”

The girl smiled and flashed her lighted sign, a blue tulip with a big “Yu” wrapped around the end.

Fans of Lin An Lan:……

“Are you here to pick someone up too?” The girl asked suspiciously.

Sister Tulip smiled awkwardly, “Lin An Lan.”

Sister Tulip……. F**k! Should have guessed it. With all the fuss just now, it was definitely these people!

Four eyes met and silence reigned in the airport.

They were were silent for a while when they suddenly heard screams and a commotion coming from the front, and with this noise, they knew without guessing that it was Cheng Yu who had come.

The tulip sister immediately couldn’t care less about the grove sister in front of her and ran over with the light sign.

The Lin An Lan fans who hadn’t left yet looked at Cheng Yu and felt that his appearance was too much of a coincidence.

However, soon, they knew it wasn’t a coincidence.

“Ge, I just saw you get out of brother Lin An Lan’s artist’s van, right?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu didn’t deny it, “We happened to be filming together recently, we both had events today and we were also still filming before we got into the car. This time we are going out for a few days and wouldn’t be on set to catch up on our lines, so I bummed a ride in his car.”

Yu Lan fans immediately let out a squeal : “Then Ge, how come you didn’t just enter the airport with little brother Lin An Lan?”

Cheng Yu let out a loud laugh and said dashingly, “With just me alone you guys are close to lifting the airport. Then if the two of us appear together, can this airport still be peaceful today? Let’s give the airport a chance to live.”

Everyone laughed and Yu Lan fans ate a big bite of candy.

So sweet, so sweet, the two came in one car, one car! In short, rounding it up it was drive, they were driving together, what more could they ask for?!

Yu Lan was real, Yu Lan actually had their own car!

Today’s Yu Lan fans, so to speak, were rampant in their hearts!

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