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Chapter 125.1 New movie starts filming, ‘Wait for me to come back.’

Lin An Lan stayed at home for half a month and had almost memorized the script before the crew of ‘Breaking Dawn’ was ready to start filming. Packing his bags, he went to the set.

Cheng Yu wanted to see him off, but he considered the fact that there would be a lot of paparazzi on the set of the movie and that the internet would blow up if they caught him on camera.

Although he himself would like the netizens to accept his and Lin An Lan’s cp and tie them together, this was Lin An Lan’s second major movie and Cheng Yu didn’t want people to talk about the two of them more than they would his movie.

–That would be bad for Lin An Lan’s career.

—Therefore he took the rare step of relinquishing his chauffeur’s rights and asked Zhuo Siya to come pick him up.

Zhuo Siya had the driver bring the artist car to the parking lot early and there, Lin An Lan said goodbye to Cheng Yu. Hugging him once more, he said to him, “Wait for me to come back.”

Nodding, Cheng Yu tapped his nose, “Or I can come visit you.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan laughed.

After saying this, he pulled his suitcase, ready to head out.

In the end, Cheng Yu was reluctant to part with him, so he took the suitcase from his hand and walked him out the door and to the car.

As he watched Lin An Lan leave, his heart was full of the reluctance of parting with him, his entire being feeling empty.

Sighing, Cheng Yu walked back.

Lin An Lan slept in the car and by the time he opened his eyes again, they were almost at the set.

Zhao Peng Hai had rented an old residential building and a newer commercial house across the street from the building as the filming location, saving the actors and crew time and energy as well as money.

However he was generous with the hotel where the crew stayed, chartering a five-star hotel and reserving the best presidential suite for Lin An Lan.

“Director Zhao has said that everyone should stay comfortably in order to be in good spirits and in order for everyone to be able to shoot well when filming begins, so Lin Ge, if you need anything, feel free to ask your assistant to speak to the front desk.” Zhao Peng Hai’s assistant, Xiao Ding said.

“Okay, thank you.” Lin An Lan responded.

Lin An Lan had simply packed up when he received a WeChat from Zhuo Siya asking him if he was ready, and that the opening ceremony was about to start.

Replying that he was ready, Lin An Lan turned towards the door.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Director Zhao and Lin An Lan offered incense, praying that his filming would go smoothly this time.

Some paparazzi who had received the news long ago took pictures of him and posted it to Weibo.

Not long after, the official blog of ‘Breaking Dawn’ also posted the opening pictures of the cast and crew. There were nine pictures, each with Lin An Lan in it and the last three with Lin An Lan’s personal close-up.

‘Breaking Dawn’ v: the start of filming!

Lin An Lan’s fans quickly rushed over and commented in positive notes: “Great start! Our big brother is full of energy today!”

“I’m alive, there’s a new character to lick on the screen, go big brother!”

“Ah ah ah ah, the last three pictures of him are too handsome right! I love modern dramas!! Big brother, I’m going to save up for movie tickets now!!!”

“I wonder what the plot is? I wonder what role big brother will play this time?”

“I’m looking forward to it! Give the cast call!”

When people on the forum saw that Lin An Lan had actually gone to act in another movie, the discussion topic ‘Is Lin An Lan planning to enter the movie industry? His last project was a movie and so is this one’ arose.

“What movie? It depends on the crew. If the crew is good, why not do it?”

“Movies are more high level than tv acts, so it’s normal for actors from the TV world to want to jump to the movie world.”

“Can Lin An Lan’s acting skills hold up?”

“He’s not a bad actor, he’s quite natural.”

“I just did a search. It’s Zhao Peng Hai’s new movie, but I didn’t find the plot content, this ……”

“Zhao Peng Hai is okay, I guess. I just remembered that his last movie became the dark horse of the National Day. Before its release everyone wasn’t optimistic about it, but after its release, the box office skyrocketed.”

“Cold knowledge, Zhao Peng Hai’s origin is actually in literary movies. At the time the box office flopped, he had the heart to prove that he could make money, so he jumped on to the commercial wagon route for his second movie and only then did it explode.”

“Cold cold knowledge. Although his literary movie flopped at the box office, it didn’t lose money because of the small investment, so he was quite lucky.”

“I’m just afraid that this time, the box office won’t work either and neither will the word of mouth.”

“I don’t think so though. Grove girls will definitely contribute to his movie ticket count, it’s just that the fans can’t contribute much. More still depends on the quality of the movie.”

“If Zhao Peng Hai can play normally, then there will be nothing to worry about in regards to this movie and the word of mouth and box office will definitely be able to keep one.”

“It’s hard to keep the word of mouth if you add traffic, right? Zhao Peng Hai obviously wants the box office. I just don’t know if Lin An Lan can carry it.”

“I think it’s difficult.”

“I think so too.”

“That’s not the same for me. I’m just looking at this good combination of Zhao Peng Hai and Lin An Lan. I’ll just wait for when the time comes to dig the grave.”

“I say, you guys are really something else to be able to discuss with real emotion when there isn’t even a plot. It’s better to wait for the plot. If it’s not good, then it’s definitely finished.”


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