I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 160.1

Cheng Yu wasn’t moved by his own efforts, so naturally he wouldn’t be moved by Jing Huan’s love. He only thought it was normal, just as he once thought Lin An Lan not loving him was very normal.

The rarity of love lay in mutual affection, whereas unrequited love was always doomed to fail.

So, he just watched calmly. Although he felt sad for Jing Huan, feeling a sense of loss and melancholy, he didn’t cry— after all, he had never cried for his own unrequited love.

It was just that he didn’t expect Lin An Lan to cry, to be so sad.

He kissed the top of his head tenderly, holding him as he coaxed on a whisper, “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m fine, see?”

Patting his shoulder, he kissed his ear. Lin An Lan leaned against him quietly for a while before finally seeming to recover as he left his embrace.

He looked at Cheng Yu, his eyes still red.

Cheng Yu’s eyes were gentle as he kissed his eyes, saying softly, “You’ve turned into a little bunny.”

Laughing at his words, Lin An Lan’s gaze softened as he looked at him.

And reaching out to cup Cheng Yu’s face, lifted his head and kissed him on the lips.

Wrapping his arms around his waist, Cheng Yu kissed him back slowly, then picking him up, placed him on his lap.

He kissed Lin An Lan in a lingering manner and after he was done, continued to peck him. “You’re feeling distressed for me?”

Lin An Lan nodded.

Smiling, Cheng Yu bit his lip gently then kissed them delicately.

“Next time you feel distressed, don’t cry. Just kiss me, like you just did.”

At these words, Lin An Lan lifted his head and kissed him again, then showered him with several more kisses. This time, his emotions settled as he hugged Cheng Yu tightly.

Lowering his head, Cheng Yu laughed and hugged the person in his arms tightly.

Nuzzling Lin An Lan’s cheek, he looked at the screen, feeling much happier than Jing Huan.

He had gotten the person and love that Jing Huan had always longed for but couldn’t have. He was already the happiest person in the world.

“An An, kiss me again.” He whispered softly.

Though Lin An Lan didn’t quite understand why, he still lifted his head and kissed Cheng Yu’s lips once more, his eyes still red.

Smiling, Cheng Yu looked at him, resting his forehead against Lin An Lan’s. “I feel so happy right now.”

Lin An Lan chuckled, kissed him again, then whispered, “Silly.”

Little silly flower, he thought to himself— he was so silly, loving him for so long.

But at the same time, he was so lovable and made one’s heart ache.

Lin An Lan buried his head back into Cheng Yu’s neck, leaning against him like a spoiled child as he hugged him tightly.

They reserved two screenings and only left the cinema after watching the film twice.

By then, the premiere’s feedback had already surfaced. Forums and Weibo were filled with tears, as fans and passers-by alike recommended the film enthusiastically, saying, “It’s so sad, my eyes are swollen from crying. The scriptwriter is too ruthless.”

“Woo woo woo, now I get why Cheng Yu said he wouldn’t sing that song again. It’s too painful, too desperate. When I heard the song in the cinema, I cried so hard that I could barely hold it together.”

“My tears ruined all my beautiful eye makeup. All three characters were great, but my heart still aches for Jing Huan.”

“I feel so bad for Sun Xinxin. When she cried, I cried along with her. I guessed that Jing Huan and Gu Shuyu would have a bad ending, but why did Sun Xinxin and Gu Shuyu also have a bad ending?”

“I really like Gu Shuyu. How can he be so amazing? No wonder both Jing Huan and Sun Xinxin like him. He had been quietly helping them and giving them the best future.”

The first batch of film reviews were almost entirely positive.

“The characters were fantastic. For the first time, I’ve seen a two man one woman story that’s not a clichéd love triangle. Each person has their own strengths and shining moments. The ending is even more heart-breaking, but it also feels incredibly real.”

“Yu Lan fans, go watch it now! Cheng Yu really likes Lin An Lan in the film. That song is a portrayal of Cheng Yu’s feelings for Lin An Lan. I cried so much. Unrequited love is so humbling.”

“Sun Xinxin and Gu Shuyu’s relationship is really an example of so sweet in the beginning but so sad in the end. When Gu Shuyu was helping Sun Xinxin silently later on, I thought they’d get back together, but the result? It was actually a bad ending. Poor Xinxin never even knew what Gu Shuyu had done for her.”

“Wait, wait, so in this film, both Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen like Lin An Lan?” Someone asked.

“Yes!” Someone replied, “Lin An Lan is too handsome in the film and his character is great too— handsome, warm, flirtatious, and smart. No wonder Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen like him. I like him too. Without him, Jing Huan wouldn’t have such a great future and Sun Xinxin wouldn’t keep pursuing her dreams. He’s like a little angel on earth, who wouldn’t like him?”

“Woo woo woo, don’t talk about angels. Jing Huan had always viewed Gu Shuyu as an angel. Why couldn’t Gu Shuyu be split in two, so both couples could have a happy ending?”

“But the thing is, Gu Shuyu had no romantic feelings for Jing Huan. He didn’t even know Jing Huan liked him.”

“I sobbed so hard. Jing Huan couldn’t bear to pull Gu Shuyu down from the clouds, that’s why his love was so humble. My heart really aches for him.”

“My heart aches as well, but Sun Xinxin was also great. She even wanted to help Jing Huan. They’re all so good, woo woo woo!”

As expected, the film ‘Yun Yun’ received rave reviews.

This ordinary yet extraordinary story of three people, without any clichéd love triangles or misunderstandings, successfully ignited a film-watching craze right after its release.

Batch after batch of filmgoers, having been recommended the film, entered the cinema and after watching it, they either cried while recommending it to their friends or silently chose to watch it again.

The song ‘I love you the most in the world’ also saw its download and streaming numbers soar again, firmly holding the number one spot on the singles sales chart.

Meanwhile, Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen became the hottest stars of October.

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