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Chapter 143.2 Only he, could bring him eternal happiness

Cheng Yu felt that Jiang Xu was really cruel, so cruel that he couldn’t distinguish whether he cared about Lin An Lan or not.

He could think about ending his life because Lin An Lan wouldn’t turn back, but he wouldn’t worry about whether Lin An Lan would be sad after he did so.

Only he, only he could put himself in Lin An Lan’s shoes and think about his feelings.

So it was also only he, who could bring him eternal happiness.

He was the person who loved him the most in this world and only when he was with him would he truly be happy and joyful.

At this moment, Cheng Yu suddenly didn’t worry so much. He kissed Lin An Lan on the lips and Lin An Lan raised his head and kissed him back slowly, rubbing his back gently as he kissed him soothingly, then he felt Cheng Yu bite his lip a little.

Looking up, Lin An Lan saw Cheng Yu smiling, a faint sparkle in the corner of his eyes as he looked at him, as if all the gloom had disappeared.

It was only then Lin An Lan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled as well.

“Not worried anymore?” He asked.

Cheng Yu kissed the back of his hand as he pulled him up, saying to him, “I would never ever, force you to make this choice.”

All of a sudden Lin An Lan was sad.

Sad, relieved, happy and aggrieved, he hugged Cheng Yu and leaning into his arms, nuzzled his shoulder gently as Cheng Yu hugged his shoulders and kissed his head tenderly.

After nuzzling his shoulder for a while, Lin An Lan stopped then leaned quietly against him.

He was silent for a long time before saying out of nowhere, “He doesn’t care. I said it, I just knew it.”

At that time Jiang Xu had denied it constantly, as if he had said something wrong, but it turned out to be true.

Jiang Xu didn’t care about him. He cared more about himself, so he had wanted to make him feel guilty.

He didn’t care at all about what he would become as a result of this guilt.

Lin An Lan unconsciously tightened his hold on Cheng Yu, wishing he could hide his entire body inside his. In this world, only he was warm and only he was the one he could rely on.

Only him.

“He doesn’t care about me, so I don’t want to care about him either.”

Cheng Yu patted his shoulder gently, responding quietly, “En.”

“I hate this kind of behavior, I hate when people threaten others with their lives.”

“It’s his fault.”

Lin An Lan nodded, looked up at him, kissed his jaw, then kissed his lips unhurriedly.

Cheng Yu met his kiss gently and softly then pulled him onto his lap, “Let me hug you.”

“En.” Lin An Lan leaned into him contentedly.

Sneaking a quick glance in the rearview mirror, Pei Qiu felt that this was too magical. Lin An Lan usually looked mature and calm and even when he had met with Cheng Feng, he had been rational and fearless and had reduced Cheng Feng, the elder, to silence. However at this moment, he seemed to be less mature.

Was this what it was like to be in love?

Pei Qiu felt that he wanted to try it too. It seems, it was a different feeling altogether!

He drove all the way back to the filming location without saying a word. Cheng Yu kept Lin An Lan company for a while before leaving to attend to his own business.

Lin An Lan changed clothes then put on makeup before going back to film.

During his break, Zhuo Siya asked him secretly, “How’s Jiang Xu?”

“It’s not too serious.” He replied.

“That’s good then.”

Yes, that was good.

In the end, it was a life. Even Zhuo Siya, who had an ordinary relationship with him was worried, yet he was actually willing to give it up. He didn’t know what to say about him. In the end, it was because he had no respect for himself or for life.

Later that night, Jiang Xu opened his eyes again.

Wang Qi who was taking care of him run over in surprise when he saw that he was awake, asking him how he was feeling and if he wanted to eat something.

“Jiang Ge, you have no idea, everyone is sick with worry, but the news hasn’t spread yet, otherwise your fans would be crying.”

Jiang Xu was listening, but it wasn’t known if he had heard him or not. “Does Xiao Lan know?”

“Yes, I notified Lin Ge.”

“Has he come to see me?”

“He has, he came with Teacher Cheng Yu.”

After he finished saying this, he remembered that Jiang Xu didn’t seem to like Cheng Yu and so said quickly, “Teacher Cheng Yu was also very worried about you. When he came, the expression on his face was very grave. Jiang Ge, I think that Teacher Cheng actually doesn’t dislike you.”

Jiang Xu laughed disdainfully, “What do you know?”

When Wang Qi heard this, he lowered his head and stopped talking.

“Go get me a glass of water, this one is no longer warm.”

Wang Qi moved immediately to get him water.

“Wait.” Jiang Xu suddenly called him back, “Tell Xiao Lan that I’m awake.”


Jiang Xu lay on the hospital bed, his mind calm. He had walked between life and death and had thought he was going to die, but he unexpectedly survived somehow. Was it that he still couldn’t die?

Why? He already had nothing left so why couldn’t he die?

He closed his eyes and lay peacefully.

When Lin An Lan heard from Wang Qi that Jiang Xu was awake, he unconsciously let out a sigh of relief, “I understand.”

“So you will come, right?” Wang Qi was obviously very happy, “Jiang Ge asked for you as soon as he woke up. Lin Ge, if there’s any misunderstanding between you two, can you two talk it out? Jiang Ge really cares about you.”

Lin An Lan smiled slightly as he listened to his words of persuasion, “You care about him a lot.”

“He’s my boss and he’s good to me, so I hope he will have a smooth life and career. Lin Ge, you are also good, so I hope there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings between you two.”

“Don’t worry, there’s no misunderstanding.” Lin An Lan said.

“That’s great then.” Wang Qi said happily.

Lin An Lan thought that he was truly simple. There was no misunderstanding but a conflict, and this was much more troublesome than just having a misunderstanding which led to a conflict. However, these things were naturally not something that he, a small assistant needed to know.

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