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Chapter 46.1

Lin An Lan was already tired after a day of filming, and now that the car’s heating was on, he couldn’t help but get sleepy.

Seeing that he was sleepy, Cheng Yu simply took him into his arms and let him sleep on his lap for a while.

The only people in this car were the driver and Wang Cheng, both of whom were Cheng Yu’s people and already knew about their relationship, so Lin An Lan didn’t refuse and took a nap on his lap.

Cheng Yu looked at him tenderly then reached out his hand to touch his cheek carefully.

He had fulfilled Jing Huan’s wish at this moment, but he was thinking that if Jing Huan was standing here now, he would be very envious.

Unfortunately, he could only envy him.

Cheng Yu smiled and held the hand of Lin An Lan, whose eyes were closed, and looked at the person in his arms quietly.

Instead of sleeping like Lin An Lan, he took a few pictures of him before he woke up from his nap, which he did after the car arrived.

Seeing Lin An Lan rub his eyes and open them in a daze, Cheng Yu thought his look was simply cute to the point of foul play that he couldn’t help but kiss him.

Lin An Lan’s eyes instantly opened wide, completely awake.

He unconsciously turned his head to look at the driver and Wang Cheng. Luckily both of them were still sitting in their seats, looking down at their phones.

Lin An Lan was relieved when he saw this.

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but smile. He leaned close to his ear and whispered, “What are you afraid of, they know we’re a couple, it’s normal to kiss.”

Even so, Lin An Lan was still not used to showing affection like this in front of other people.

His face a little red, he said, “We’re at the hotel, I’m getting off.”

Cheng Yu grabbed his hand and tickled his palm, “Wait for me in the room.”

Lin An Lan only felt that what was nothing was instantly made rich in meaning by his words and this action.

He stepped out of the car and the wind blew away the warm air he had brought down from the car and made his face not so hot.

Yang Wang also arrived, got out of the car, went into the hotel with him and went back to his room separately.

When Lin An Lan entered his room, he took off his trench coat and sat at the table, rummaging for something to take off his makeup.

Although he didn’t wear a lot of makeup and most of it was taken care of by the makeup artists on the set, he was still an entertainer so he had these things.

As he was looking, there was a knock on the door. Guessing that it was Cheng Yu, he stood up, walked over and opened the door.

Turning sideways, he let Cheng Yu in and closed the door, but before he could speak, Cheng Yu picked him up.

Lin An Lan:……

“Aren’t you being too impatient?”

“I’ve clearly been holding back for a long time.” Cheng Yu retorted.

Lin An Lan let out a laugh, “Why don’t you just say you’re horny and thirsty?”

“Can I not be?”

Cheng Yu didn’t deny it. Hugging and carrying him all the way to the bed, he said, “I’ve wanted to hug you as early as during the time we were filming.”

Hearing this, Lin An Lan opened his arms, “Then I’ll give you a hug.”

Cheng Yu was instantly sweetened by him and hugged him again, his heart filled with sweetness.

“Do you have something in your room to remove your makeup?”

“Yes.” Lin An Lan said, “but it’s outside, I’ll go get it.”

“No need.” Cheng Yu held him down, “I’ll go, you sit properly on the bed.”

Lin An Lan sat on the bed obediently and watched Cheng Yu go out and come back in, his makeup bag in his hand.

Cheng Yu took out the makeup remover and makeup removing pads and gently wiped Lin An Lan’s face little by little.

He was good looking and his makeup was light, so as Cheng Yu removed his makeup slowly, it slowly exposed his already fair skin.

When it came time to remove his eyebrows, Lin An Lan closed his eyes and Cheng Yu brushed his eyelids with his fingertips gently and kissed his eyes.

Lin An Lan laughed lightly, “Stealing a kiss?”

“Mm.” Cheng Yu laughed, “When a boyfriend closes his eyes, doesn’t it mean they are allowing you to kiss it?”

Lin An Lan opened one eye to look at him with a smile in his eyes and stated playfully, “Nonsense.”

“Cheng Yu’s false reasoning.” Cheng Yu laughed and continued to help him remove his makeup.

It didn’t take him long to finish removing the makeup from Lin An Lan’s face.

Cheng Yu looked at him sitting on the bed in his white pajamas, eyes closed, pure as an angel, and his heart couldn’t help but flutter.

Leaning forward, he kissed his angel then asked him, “Do you know what Gu Shuyu is like in Jing Huan’s heart?”

“Of course I do, it’s not like I haven’t read the script. Jing Huan thinks of him as a god but thinks a god is too majestic and distant, so he likens him to an angel.”

He opened his eyes and looked at Cheng Yu, “Am I right?”

Cheng Yu nodded and said against his forehead, “Me too.”

Lin An Lan was slightly surprised.

Cheng Yu moved closer to him and pressed his lips, “You’re my angel too.”

He said, “But Jing Huan doesn’t dare to embrace his angel, but I do.”

“Because I will give you all you want, a heaven that is best for you.”

Lin An Lan raised her hand and caressed his face, saying gently, “Then do you know what I want?”

“What?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“I want you.” Lin An Lan’s eyes were soft, his eyebrows laden with emotion, “You are that heaven.”

Cheng Yu unconsciously felt his heart beating like a drum when he heard his words.

He looked at Lin An Lan in a daze, then pressed his lips and kissed him again and again.

He hugged Lin An Lan’s waist then asked uncertainly, “You want me?”

Lin An Lan answered him as his lips pressed against his, “Mhmm.”

“You want me the most?”


“Is just me enough?”

Lin An Lan smiled a little and removed his lips from his slightly and whispered, “Mmm.”

“With you, I have the whole world.”

Cheng Yu’s heart almost overflowed with joy.

He was surprised, happy and in disbelief, “Baby, are you really not lying to me?”

“Of course not.”

“Then call me husband.”

Lin An Lan felt helpless, “Next time I’ll make you a husband nameplate and stick it on you, so you don’t have to ask me to call you that all the time.”

Cheng Yu couldn’t wait, “Then I’ll definitely wear it every day.”

Lin An Lan:……

Lin An Lan pinched his face, then rubbed it a little.

He squeezed his face twice then he said, “Husband.”

“Mmm.” Cheng Yu answered joyfully, taking him into his arms.

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