I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 154.1 I love you the most in the world

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s fans were still baffled. From start to finish, the film ‘Yun Yun’ had been produced in complete secrecy and although there had been some leaks online and a brief outline of the film mentioned the story of the three people’s different lives, no detailed script or filming details had been leaked.

Thus, fans had speculated that it might be a typical love triangle with two men pursuing a woman, or that the three characters would have no romantic lines and would simply be friends. However the latest trailer overturned everyone’s expectations completely.

“Could it be deceptive editing? It doesn’t look like Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan would act in a same-sex film.”

“Even though I’m skeptical, I don’t think it’s true either.”

“Maybe it’s just a marketing tactic to get people into the cinemas.”

“But the trailer feels so engaging, is the plot really not like this?”

People speculated endlessly and the fans were utterly confused, with only the Yu Lan CP fans madly high on sugar amid such confusion.

“There’s candy today, let’s enjoy the new candy! So sweet!!!”

“Candy? I feel like it’s mint candy, with a hint of bitterness.”

“Can anyone tell me if Cheng Ge’s character likes An An? Why do I feel like Cheng Ge likes An An? Am I just seeing things?”

“Sis, you’re not wrong, we all feel the same way. It can’t be that we’ve all became CP fans overnight, right? [covering face]”

“So Cheng Ge really likes An An??? Director Zhang, you are my god!!!!! From now on, I’ll buy a ticket to all your films!”

“I can’t take it anymore! If this trailer is real, I’m going to explode like fireworks! When the time comes, I’ll live in the cinema, watching it from morning till night.”

“Sisters, stop talking! I’m already saving money. Previously, I thought I just needed to watch it a few more times, but now, I need to rent the entire cinema. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll scream on the spot!”

“Director Zhang is amazing, really amazing!”

Seeing their discussions, Wang Cheng thought to himself, what’s the big deal? Lin Ge and Cheng Ge have even exchanged rings and are engaged. Isn’t that something worth shouting about?

The day he opened his circle of friends and saw Cheng Yu’s update, he was so startled that he almost drop his phone then he immediately sent Cheng Yu a message.

Wang Cheng: [Cheng Ge!!! You and Lin Ge are engaged!!!]

Cheng Yu feigned calmness: [En.]

Wang Cheng replied excitedly: [That’s fantastic!!! Ge, your dreams have finally come true!]

He was so excited he wanted to run around the block. As a CP fan personally cultivated by Cheng Yu, Wang Cheng initially didn’t have high hopes for this coming fandom that had become popular only because Cheng Yu had set things in motion.

He had thought to himself, Cheng Ge was handsome and came from a wealthy family, so why would he need to do all that?

It wasn’t until later when he began to work on data for Yu Lan, trying to help find talent for Yu Lan and worrying about the struggling CP day after day, that Wang Cheng became emotionally invested. Their Cheng Ge was so good, and he loved Lin Ge so much, why couldn’t he just give Cheng Ge a chance?

Gradually, Wang Cheng became a true CP fan, so now that the couple he supported had gotten engaged, he felt his life was complete. He was so happy to have shipped a real couple in his first attempt at being a CP fan!

Wang Cheng: [Ge, you’re amazing! I wish you and Lin Ge a long and happy life together.]

Seeing how excited Wang Cheng was, Cheng Yu happily sent him a red envelope.

When Wang Cheng received the red envelope, he became even more excited, sending a torrent of blessings. Amused, Cheng Yu sent another red envelope as a reward.

Now, seeing the heated discussions among fans, Wang Cheng sent a red envelope to the group chat: [Everyone, take this red envelope! When the film comes out, remember to bring your friends and family to watch it~]

The fans in the group chat agreed enthusiastically, saying, “No problem, we’ll do it even without you telling us!”

When Lin An Lan saw this, he and Cheng Yu were already on the hot search again. This time, the hot search topic was [Cheng Yu Likes Lin An Lan], which made it seem like the two were involved in a romantic relationship.

Lin An Lan remained calm, thinking that if the truth came out, he would just admit it. After all, his boyfriend was great and there was nothing to be ashamed of.

However when he clicked on the hot search topic, he realized it was about the film’s plot discussion. Many people on Weibo couldn’t believe it and insisted that the lines must have been rearranged through editing. They couldn’t accept that Cheng Yu would actually have feelings for Lin An Lan.

“Cheng Yu’s always focused on non-romantic roles, whether it’s with female or male actors!”

“Why would Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan act in a same-sex theme film? There’s no need for them to do that.”

“Director Zhang has never made a film with a same-sex theme before. It must be deceptive editing. CP fans can enjoy the trailer, but don’t fantasize about the actual film.”

Lin An Lan: …..Oh?

Putting his phone down, he walked into the event venue and interacted with fans according to the brand’s requirements, conducting raffles and promoting products. Finally, he answered questions from the host.

The host asked questions according to the script then added a last minute question for the sake of buzz, “An Lan, it seems that your focus has gradually shifted to the film industry in recent years. Can you tell us a little bit about your role in ‘Yun Yun’ and your relationship with Cheng Yu’s character?”

As soon as he finished asking, fans couldn’t help but scream.

Lin An Lan smiled gently, “For that question, I think when the film is released this year and everyone goes to the cinema, you’ll find the answer.”

The host: That’s it?!

Fans: That’s it?!

Lin An Lan still had that calm and composed expression as he left the stage slowly.

He returned to his car, waved to the fans then headed off to his next magazine photoshoot.

Being a well-known celebrity was always a busy job.

However, there were exceptions, and Cheng Yu was one of them.

He hadn’t filmed anything for half a year and the tulips sisters were so worried that they could barely eat. They sent so many private messages to Sun Meng on Weibo that he was almost buried in them, but their Ge-ge remained elusive, like a mythical dragon.

The tulips sister felt as if they were on the verge of a breakdown. How come Lin An Lan’s career was flourishing while Cheng Yu’s had come to a sudden halt? It didn’t make sense! They were both equally popular, so why did Cheng Yu suddenly have no acting offers?!

Just when the tulips sisters were about to tear Sun Meng apart, Cheng Yu released a single!

Forums were filled with surprised question marks when they heard the news. Cheng Yu? A single?

These two words didn’t go together!

The tulips sisters were also puzzled. Was their Ge-ge planning to switch from acting to singing? There was no need for that!

Even Lin An Lan was surprised, “You, a single?”

Cheng Yu felt helpless, “I didn’t want to release it either, but Director Zhang said it would help promote the film, so he asked me to release it.”

Tapping open the music app, Lin An Lan saw the prominent headline: Cheng Yu’s debut single ’I Love You the Most in the World’ [Theme song of the film ‘Yun Yun’].

Paying for the song, Lin An Lan started playing it and hearing his own voice coming from the phone, Cheng Yu felt a moment of embarrassment and awkwardness. “You listen first; I’ll go wash some fruit for you.”

Lin An Lan glanced at Cheng Yu as he slipped away quickly.

However as Lin An Lan’s smile was about to reach his lips, he heard Cheng Yu’s voice becoming increasingly sorrowful.

He was steady and calm as he sang: “I steal a key from time

And ask to borrow a piece of fate from time

I turn my youth upside down

I crush the years again

But it’s a pity you

A pity you

Don’t look back”

Lin An Lan froze, then unconsciously began to read the lyrics.

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