I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 156.2 I want to marry you right now

After dinner, Pei Qiu left. Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu watched him get into the car then looked at each other.

The sky was dark and as Lin An Lan looked at the bustling traffic on the street, he suddenly didn’t want to take a car. It seemed like he hadn’t walked on the street for a long time. Since he became a celebrity, he would always take a car from one place to another, looking out the window each time. Sometimes even when he wanted to get out and walk, he would continue to stay in the car for fear of being recognized.

Perhaps it was the pleasant evening breeze, the comfortable summer night, or the happiness of his current life that made him suddenly want to walk freely on the streets like he had when he was small and walk back home.

“Let’s not take the car.” He said, grabbing Cheng Yu’s hand. “Let’s walk for a while.”

Cheng Yu was somewhat surprised, but he had always indulged Lin An Lan and so agreed without hesitation.

Wearing glasses and hats, they walked back. The street wasn’t crowded and the occasional passers-by were busy chatting with their companions and so didn’t notice their faces under their hats.

When they reached a deserted road, Lin An Lan stretched out his hand silently and grabbed Cheng Yu’s hand gently.

Cheng Yu looked down with a smile, glanced at him, then held his hand tightly.

“When are we getting married?” Lin An Lan asked him.

He didn’t actually know the answer. He was ready to get married but hadn’t thought about the exact date.

“When do you want to?”

“I’ll follow your lead.” Lin An Lan told him. “Whenever you want to get married, we’ll get married.”

When he had proposed, he thought Cheng Yu would get the marriage certificate with him the next day, but Cheng Yu never made a move. Lin An Lan guessed that he must have had his own thoughts, so he wanted to follow Cheng Yu’s plan.

In their relationship, Cheng Yu had given so much that now, he was willing to fulfill whatever he could make him happy, including the specifics of their wedding.

Cheng Yu was silent for a moment then said seriously, “If it were up to me, I’d want to get married right now. But considering that our marriage might become public, and that you’ve just entered the film industry, I hope to wait until your career is more stable. That way, it will be better for you and it won’t waste all the effort you’ve put in during this time.”

Lin An Lan had guessed that this would be the case, “Then if ‘Yun Yun’ performs well, whether it’s at the box office or in awards, as long as one of them is good, let’s get married.”

“Are you sure?” Cheng Yu advised him, “This is just your first step in the film industry. Wouldn’t it be better to wait and see?”

“But if we wait for me to establish myself, you’ll probably have to wait several more years.”

Laughing, Cheng Yu shook his hand, “I’ve waited so many years, now that you’re with me, even several more years will be happiness.”

Looking at the smile on Cheng Yu’s face, Lin An Lan’s heart swelled with tenderness.

He said, “But I can’t bear to.”

“I don’t want you to wait any longer, so,” Lin An Lan let go of his hand and opened his arms slightly, “Marry me.”

The light illuminated his handsome face and his smile was bright and beautiful. His heart racing uncontrollably, Cheng Yu took a step forward and embraced Lin An Lan.

“I want to marry you right now.” he whispered in Lin An Lan’s ear.

Lin An Lan chuckled, “Then let it be as you wish.”

Picking him up excitedly, Cheng Yu spun him around and then set him back down and holding him, moved to kiss him.

Smiling, Lin An Lan allowed him kiss him for a while then hugging his waist, said, “Carry me on your back.”

Without a word, Cheng Yu bent down and Lin An Lan climbed onto his back, wrapping his arms around his neck.

As he leaned against Cheng Yu’s back and looked at his side profile, Lin An Lan recalled the time they had been recording the variety show, when they had left the school and Cheng Yu had carried him on his back just like this. Back then, he had grabbed a handful of starlight and sprinkled it on Cheng Yu, hoping that under his care, Cheng Yu would no longer feel unworthy of love and that in their love, he would shine brilliantly. Now, it seemed that everything had come true.

He pressed his cheek against Cheng Yu’s happily then held him tightly.

“When we get married and have a child later, you can carry him like this too.”

He added, “When I was little, I loved it when my dad carried me on his back. Sometimes when I was tired from playing, he would carry me and I would fall asleep. I wouldn’t wake up until he put me down. But as my dad got older, he couldn’t carry me anymore. You’re the only person besides my dad who has ever carried me.”

“Then I’ll only carry you.” Cheng Yu looked back at him. “When we have a child later, I can hold him, but I won’t carry him on my back. I’ll reserve that privilege just for you.”

Lin An Lan blinked, “How can that be done? Parents shouldn’t steal privileges from their children.”

Cheng Yu rubbed his face against Lin An Lan’s, “But I love you the most.”

He told him, “I will love our child, but I love you the most. I want to give you a privilege, a privilege that belongs only to you.”

A corner of Lin An Lan’s heart collapsed instantly and all he could do was stare at Cheng Yu in a daze.

“If you keep doing this, I’ll become spoiled.” he whispered.

“Then be spoiled.” Cheng Yu laughed. “I haven’t seen you act spoiled yet. I’d like to see it.”

Lin An Lan chuckled softly, feeling a bit embarrassed but also genuinely happy.

Turning his head, Cheng Yu continued to carry Lin An Lan forward.

Unable to stop smiling, Lin An Lan leaned against Cheng Yu’s shoulder, growing happier the more he smiled and rubbing his face gently against his shoulder and neck, he stole kisses along the way.

Finally, he couldn’t resist any longer and whispered to Cheng Yu, “Little flower, turn your head for a moment.”

Cheng Yu looked back, “What’s wrong?”

Lin An Lan’s face was slightly red, it wasn’t too noticeable in the dim night light, but his eyes were bright, his voice soft yet determined.

“I want to kiss you.”

After saying this, he leaned in and to Cheng Yu’s surprise, kissed him.

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