I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 49.1

Lin An Lan sighed, “You know our relationship. We weren’t ordinary classmates to begin with, and now we have drawn the couple card, so I think we should keep a proper distance. At least, you can’t take the initiative to cue our couple status. I was almost scared to death when you said boyfriend just now.”

“When we didn’t have this status, we could use our relationship as old classmates to cover up our closeness, but with this status, if we get any closer, someone will definitely get the wrong idea.”

“Weren’t Yuan Leren and Zhou Yuan so reluctant to draw the couple card because they are a real couple?”

“If we weren’t a couple, we won’t think that there’s a problem, we might even think it’s fun, but since we are a couple, we will inevitably be afraid of being discovered, especially since we can’t come out yet.”

Cheng Yu felt inexplicably lost as he listened. He understood the logic, but he still felt lost.

“It’s not that much of a big deal, right?” He whispered, “I see everyone else is having a good time, and they don’t take it seriously.”

“Isn’t it because we will feel guilty?” Lin An Lan took his hand, “We have to avoid suspicion a little.”

Cheng Yu understood the reasoning but after receiving this hard to come by opportunity, he thought he’d have a chance to be more intimate now that he had been given a false identity by the programme team, but he didn’t think he’d have to avoid suspicion even more.

But he had never been one to say no to Lin An Lan, especially when it came to emotional matters. If Lin An Lan didn’t like it, even if he liked it, he would restrain himself, so he nodded, “Okay then.”

“When we come out and it’s official, I’ll definitely show my love for you in front of everyone else when we do a variety show, okay?” Lin An Lan said softly, fearing that he would be upset.

Cheng Yu nodded, but he knew in his heart that a day like this would never come.

He wasn’t mean enough to take advantage of Lin An Lan’s memory loss to trick him into making an official announcement with him, so if it wasn’t during this time of his memory loss, then what future could there be between them?

They would never in their lives have the opportunity to show their love in front of other people.

Stolen love, even when possessed, was short-lived and unseen.

But it wasn’t Lin An Lan’s fault, it was his. It had nothing to do with Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan was the real victim here.

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yu embraced him, “I’ll listen to you. I’m not in a hurry.”

He really had nothing to be in a hurry about. He already had the time he wasn’t supposed to have, so what was there to be anxious about?

Lin An Lan was relieved to see that he had agreed and didn’t seem to mind very much.

He had been worried that Cheng Yu would be unhappy because of this, but essentially, he didn’t want to make Cheng Yu unhappy as he was willing to give him everything he could. It was just that coming out wasn’t one of them yet.

He kissed Cheng Yu on the side of his face, “Thank you little flower, my little flower is so nice.”

“It’s nothing.” Cheng Yu laughed, “You’re right, we really can’t be too high profile.”

“En.” Lin An Lan cupped his face and kissed him heavily on the lips, “Let’s keep a low profile for now. When we make an official announcement later, we can be high profile.”

“You can be as high-profile as you want.” Cheng Yu said gently as he took him into his arms. He didn’t want to be high profile, he just wanted to hold him forever.

Low-profile or high-profile, it didn’t matter. As long as they were together, the rest didn’t matter at all.

“I love you.” He whispered to Lin An Lan.

“I love you, too.” Lin An Lan smiled.

Cheng Yu hugged him slowly and tightly.

The two of them spent the night together peacefully, and the next morning, Lin An Lan woke up and saw Cheng Yu still by his side.

He had gotten used to opening his eyes every morning and being alone in bed, so he couldn’t help but feel happy to see him.

“Good morning.” Lin An Lan turned over slightly, pressed himself against Cheng Yu and smiled at him.

Cheng Yu raised his arms and hugged him, kissing him in the forehead, “Good morning.”

“This feels so rare.”


“En.” Lin An Lan put his hands under his chin and laid down on his chest as he said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up to see you by my side. Every time I wake up, you’re already gone.”

Cheng Yu smiled as he stroked his head, “Then in the next few days, you will be able to see me when you wake up.”

Lin An Lan was even happier to hear him say this.

He kissed his chin happily, nuzzled against him, and fell into his arms.

Seeing the happy and gentle expression on Lin An Lan’s face, Cheng Yu’s heart was full of satisfaction.

The two of them stayed together for a little while and got out of bed only when they heard the doorbell.

Cheng Yu went back to his bedroom and Lin An Lan went into the bathroom to wash up. He changed his clothes then went to open the door for the camera man and seeing the bread in the fridge, he fried two eggs and a few slices of ham to make sandwiches.

When Cheng Yu came downstairs and saw him working in the kitchen, he walked in.

“Sandwiches for breakfast.” Lin An Lan asked him, “Is that okay?”

“It is.” Cheng Yu didn’t have a problem with it.

He didn’t allow Lin An Lan cook very often, so whenever Lin An Lan did cook something, he was very happy and enjoyed it very much.

“I’ll have two of them.” Cheng Yu told him.

Lin An Lan smiled, “Okay, I’ll make two big ones for you.”


It didn’t take long for Lin An Lan to make sandwiches for two and putting it on the table, ate breakfast with Cheng Yu.

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  1. They’re so sweet at the present- but the future is still unknown. I hope An An won’t be too angry at Yu Yu. I mean Yu Yu didn’t play with his feelings but did lie to him 🫣

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