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Chapter 91.2

Lin An Lan showed Cheng Yu the list he had made, “This is what I thought of to buy for New Year’s Eve. See what else you need to add, we’ll go shopping together tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Taking the list, Cheng Yu looked at it carefully.

However he couldn’t actually think of anything else that could be added. The Cheng family’s C Country’s New Year had always been devoid of New Year’s flavors; he didn’t need to be responsible for anything, he just needed to show up to have a meal with Cheng Feng and Cheng Xiao on the night of New Year’s Eve.

He didn’t even need to stay overnight, as Cheng Feng didn’t stay at home every New Year’s Eve.

It was always like this: When Cheng Feng remembered that he was a husband and a father, he would stay at home with his wife and/or child.

And when he had a date with a beautiful woman, or his heart wasn’t so calm, he would choose to go out to relax.

For the Cheng family, New Year’s Eve was simply a day to get together to have a meal. Family reunions and happiness were all other people’s business, what did it have to do with the Cheng family?

So after looking at the list for a long time, Cheng Yu didn’t know what to add, “It’s quite complete, let’s buy these as you’ve listed.”

“Then tomorrow you drive. After we buy everything, we’ll go straight back to my house.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Okay.”

Cheng Yu was looking forward to this a little in his heart, because this was probably the best year he had had since his mother had left.

Wrapping Lin An Lan in his arms, his heart was full of happiness.

Lin An Lan set his alarm clock and, at the urging of the alarm clock, went to the supermarket with Cheng Yu early the next morning.

They went to the membership supermarket that Cheng Yu had taken him to the previous time, and because it was getting close to New Year’s Eve, there were obviously more people shopping than the last time.

Wearing a hat and a mask, Lin An Lan pushed the cart while checking his list carefully.

Cheng Yu was right there on the side helping him take some of this and some of that.

He was like a child on his first New Year’s Eve, wanting everything he saw, taking a box of candy here, a box of chocolates there, and another box of pudding.

Lin An Lan: ……

When Lin An Lan looked up at him, Cheng Yu was smiling, “It’s the New Year, we have to buy more food.”

Unable to help smiling, Lin An Lan gestured for him to lower his head.

Cheng Yu moved closer curiously and lowered his head, thinking he was going to say something, only to see Lin An Lan lift his hand and stroke his hair, a soft snicker in his tone as he said, “Little friend.”

Cheng Yu froze for a moment.

Lin An Lan laughed, “Take it, take whatever you like, the two of us can eat it all anyway.”

Cheng Yu hugged him abruptly, startling Lin An Lan.

However he quickly let go and only looked at Lin An Lan with a smile.

Taking his hand, Lin An Lan touched his ring and rubbed it gently.

With Lin An Lan’s indulgence, Cheng Yu picked up things with even less restraint, throwing them all into the shopping cart whenever there was the slightest interest.

If it weren’t for the fact that the shopping carts on their side of the supermarket were very large, Lin An Lan was afraid that the one shopping cart he was pushing wouldn’t have been enough.

He bought couplets and fortune characters at the supermarket as well.

When Cheng Yu saw this, he remembered that he hadn’t put up the couplets and fortune characters on his side either, “I haven’t put up the couplets on my side either.”

“We’ll stick them on when we get back.” Lin An Lan had obviously thought of this a long time ago, “We’ll put them up at my house today first, and then we’ll put them up in your house when we get home in a few days.”

But after he finished saying this, he asked Cheng Yu, “If we do it like this, wouldn’t it be bad? I think we should put them up before the New Year.”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “I don’t know.”

He had never put up couplets for New Year’s Eve.

The Cheng family’s old residence would put them up, so he would just take a look when he went back, have a meal, come back again and then the year would be over.

Lin An Lan couldn’t decide, “Then let’s put the couplets up first when we go home later. In any case, it’s better to be early than late.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu had no problem with that.

When it came time to settle the bill, Lin An Lan swiped his card ahead of Cheng Yu who wasn’t too happy with that, but Lin An Lan pacified him, “Let me pay for once. I haven’t spent any money for a long time.”

Helpless, Cheng Yu could only comply with his wishes.

He carried the New Year’s goods to the car and then they went home.

Only, the two of them didn’t stay long. They put up the couplets and lucky characters, rested for a while, drank a glass of water, and then prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Cheng Yu whispered as he looked at the red couplets on his door, “An An, this is the first time I’ve ever put up couplets at home.”

“You haven’t even put them up before?”

Cheng Yu shook his head.

He told him, “If your family looked forward to the New Year when you were a child, then you will look forward to it when you grow up. But if no one in your family cared if you had a New Year when you were a child, then you wouldn’t take New Year seriously when you grow up.”

“No one in our family put up the couplets, it was always the maids who bought them and put them up. My grandfather would just look at them and my father didn’t care, so I didn’t care either.”

“What’s more, this isn’t my house either.” He looked at the beautifully carved door in front of him and said calmly, “It’s just the house I live in temporarily, so I don’t have the sense to do that either.”

Looking into his flat, untouched eyes and listening to his indifferent tone, Lin An Lan inexplicably felt a great deal of heartache for him.

Although he hadn’t had his biological parents, he had no regrets about his upbringing, but Cheng Yu seemed to have inadvertently missed out on a lot even though he had lived with his biological parents.

Reaching out, he held Cheng Yu’s hand and said to him, “It’s okay, we’ll put them up every year from now on and the more times we put them up, the more you’ll become aware of it, and you’ll have something to look forward to for the New Year.”

Looking at Cheng Yu, he said with a smile, “Later on, we will have a family.”

Cheng Yu looked at him but didn’t nod. He just looked at him with gentle contentment.

His smile was beautiful as he hugged him, but he didn’t respond to him.

Lin An Lan didn’t notice this. It was only later, when he thought about it again, that he realized that Cheng Yu had, in fact, not believed these words.

He was happy to hear the words, but from the bottom of his heart he didn’t believe that they could be true.

It was just that at this point in time, he didn’t notice it.

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