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Chapter 128.1

He wouldn’t lose out on anything and he might even make a profit, so it was worth taking the role.

But how could he have imagined that Lin An Lan’s acting skills would be better than he thought it would be?

His emotions and lines when he acted with him just now were wonderful, breathing life into the original Li Hao, making Zhou Yan discontent in his heart. He’d had a preconceived notion that Lin An Lan was just a traffic star with no acting skills who relied on his beauty, but now that he had discovered that his acting skills weren’t bad, he was instinctively reluctant to acknowledge it.

Seeing that even after he had finished drinking the water Zhou Yan still hadn’t left, Lin An Lan spoke, “Zhou Ge, you have a scene, right? Then you go ahead and get busy, I still have to read the script for a while.”

“Okay.” Zhou Yan nodded, “Xiao Lin, do you have something on tonight? If you don’t let’s have a drink together.”

“I do.”

Zhou Yan was unwilling to just give up, “Xiao Lin, are you looking down on me?”

Lin An Lan wasn’t looking down on him, however he couldn’t hold him in high regard. He couldn’t hold any artist with bad character in high regard, and Zhou Yan had no respect for women, so he rightly couldn’t hold him in high regard.

It was just that he couldn’t say this, so Lin An Lan replied politely, “Of course not. It’s just that I always have a full schedule. Zhou Ge, you are also an actor and so you should know that an actor’s time isn’t up to him or her, it’s up to the brands, sponsors, directors, agents and so on. I have a brand event that I have to discuss with my agent tonight, so I can’t accompany you in drinking.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“There’s a magazine shoot tomorrow that I have to have a communication about in advance?”

“The day after?”

Lin An Lan sighed then asked Yang Wang, “Xiao Yang, when is my schedule filled up to?”

“It’s almost to the end of the year.” Yang Wang said truthfully, “Ge, you are now becoming more and more popular, so many brands and advertisers are waiting to sign with you, as well as scripts being offered. Recently, Zhuo Ge even said that there are too many scripts that have to be read through these days, so he will send them to you after he filters them all at once in a few days.”

Lin An Lan turned his head to look at Zhou Yan, “Zhou Ge you heard it too, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that there’s really no way. I’m sorry.”

Zhou Yan gritted his teeth with jealousy. He had never been popular; he had always been oscillating at the third and fourth tier. Notices scheduled until three months later was already a big deal for him, but to his surprise, Lin An Lan was scheduled until the end of the year.

Zhou Yan was angry and resentful, however there was nothing he could do, so he could only pretend not to care and laugh, “It turns out it’s like this. Big stars are really different from us small actors. I’m to blame for being abrupt.”

Lin An Lan felt that his words were strange, however he said in an unrestrained manner, “Zhou Ge, you were indeed a bit abrupt. We just finished the lines and I was feeling embarrassed for having delayed you, that’s why I even asked you if you had a scene later, indicating that you could go ahead and get busy, I didn’t care. But what about you? The next thing I know, you’re saying that I look down on you because I can’t accompany you to drink as I have work tonight.”

“I was guessing in regards to you in good faith, saying things like that because I was afraid I was bothering you. But you’re guessing with malice, thinking that I’m looking down on you. Do you, Zhou Ge want me to put off my business dealings to drink with you? Or do you want someone to hear that and think I look down on you?”

“Of course not.” Zhou Yan hastily denied.

“So you are right, you were indeed abrupt.” Lin An Lan ended.

Zhou Yan: ……

Zhou Yan felt like his anger was being suffocated. Alright, after beating around the bush for a long time, it had become his fault. How come he hadn’t noticed that this little pale face had such a strong mouth before?

To be able to pressure him like this, what acting was he doing? He should just go and rap directly.

Look how capable he was!

Furious, Zhou Yan didn’t want to stay with Lin An Lan any longer, “Then you continue with your work, I’ll be leaving first.”

“En, I’ll see you this afternoon.”

Zhou Yan nodded his head but snorted coldly in his heart, saying to himself, ‘Wait for it, you little fool. You’ll see how dad will deal with you when the time comes.’

It was only after Lin An Lan saw him leave, that his lips curled up slowly.

Looking at his expression, Yang Wang asked him in a small voice, “Lin Ge, do you not like him?”

Lin An Lan asked him, “Is it that obvious?”

Yang Wang shook his head, “It’s not obvious, but I’m your assistant. I can feel it.”

“A bit. I don’t like artists who don’t have virtue.”

Yang Wang understood, “Then Lin Ge, I’ll go and spy on him for you so that he doesn’t use any unseemly tricks behind your back that will cause you to be at a disadvantage.”

Lin An Lan didn’t think it was necessary, but seeing Yang Wang who looked like he was eager to try, his eyes glowing, he didn’t discourage him, “Be safe and don’t lose yourself in the process.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” With that, Yang Wang slipped away.

Seeing him in high spirits, Lin An Lan felt that perhaps this assistant of his shouldn’t have become an assistant. He should have been a paparazzo instead!

Perhaps that was the career that would make him shine.

Shaking his head, he looked down at his script.

He had just read two pages when his cell phone rang. Glancing at it, Lin An Lan saw that it was Jiang Xu’s number.

He didn’t pick it up and Jiang Xu didn’t call again, however he sent him a message after the phone hung up automatically.

Jiang Xu: Xiao Lan, congratulations on the opening of your new movie. I’ve bought something that I’m preparing to bring when I visit your set.

Lin An Lan didn’t really want him to come and so replied, There’s no need, I’ve been quite busy lately.

Jiang Xu: It’s okay, I’m already on my way. I won’t bother you for long.

As soon as Lin An Lan saw that he was on his way, he thought of the times when he had lost his memory and when Jiang Xu would stubbornly and unheedfully insist on appearing in front of him on several occasions.

It was clear that he didn’t want to see him then, but he still showed up.

And now this again!

Lin An Lan picked up his cell phone and dialed Jiang Xu’s number. Jiang Xu, seeing the caller ID pulled over to the side of the road hastily and picked up the call excitedly.

“Xiao Lan, can I do something for you?”

“Yes.” Lin An Lan said indifferently, “Is it because you can’t understand what I’m saying? Or is it that everything I say is just air to you and not worth caring about? When I say no, I mean no, so why do you have to force yourself to appear before me every time even after I’ve said there’s no need for us to meet?”

“On the grounds that I’m too embarrassed to kick you out in public? Or because we are all public figures and I will be too embarrassed to make a scene? If so then why did you tell me in advance? You are going to show up no matter what my attitude is anyway, so do you even have to tell me in advance, or do you think I’d be overjoyed by this notification from you without the slightest regard for my feelings?”

Jiang Xu froze. He wasn’t familiar with, and was frightened by such a Lin An Lan.

He explained pitifully, “I just want to see you. We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Xiao Lan, do you still refuse to forgive me?” Jiang Xu said anxiously, “What will it take for you to forgive me?”

“Before asking me to forgive you, shouldn’t you first take a good look at yourself? Why do you think you should see me if you want to see me? Why do you think I should let you come because you’re already on your way? I gave you an answer, have you respected and abided by it?”

“If it seems to you that you are the master of the world and that your every need should be met, then I don’t want to meet you, let alone satisfy you and what you want forgiveness for, I don’t have and can’t afford it.”

Jiang Xu listened quietly without speaking.

“You don’t have to come over, I won’t see you if you do. Of course, you can care less and only satisfy yourself with what you want, but when the time comes, don’t blame me for being rude. If you don’t care about our quarrel in public, then why should I care?”

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