I love you the most in the world [entertainment circle]

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Chapter 1

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When Lin An Lan woke up, it was still raining outside the house.

The heavy curtains blocked out the light, which was already not very bright, making the room was dim, except for the warmth of the blanket.

A rainy day like this would be perfect for sleeping in.

Lin An Lan listened to the sound of raindrops falling and crackling, like big pearls falling into a jade tray.

He curled his body back out of habit, only to come up against a warm chest.

The hand over his waist and stomach increased in force, pressing him backwards at the same time as the other man pressed up against him, holding him firmly.

“Awake?” Cheng Yu asked.

Lin An Lan turned around. Cheng Yu had obviously been awake for a while as his complexion was clear, and when he saw him looking at him, the tenderness in his eyes increased.

Lin An Lan nodded and turned around fully, facing him head-on as he smiled at him.

When Cheng Yu saw him smiling at him, he couldn’t help but get close to him and kiss him delicately.

It was already a dangerous time to get up in the morning, especially with Lin An Lan in his arms, hence it wasn’t long before Cheng Yu felt the change in himself.

Lin An Lan noticed this sensitively and in between kissing, whispered, “Don’t.”

“Okay, we won’t do it. I’ll just kiss you.” Cheng Yu continued to kiss him, coaxing gently.

Lin An Lan was relieved.

Cheng Yu kissed him for a long time then finishing with his lips, he moved down, kissing across his jaw and neck, rubbing relentlessly at his collarbone until red marks appeared on it.

His fingers wandered down his waist, tracing his spine gently.

Lin An Lan’s face flushed instantly, moisture appearing in his eyes as they glistened. He let out a low gasp and took hold of Cheng Yu’s hand.

Cheng Yu obediently intertwined his fingers with his and raised his head to kiss him again on the lips.

His kisses had always been gentle, and it was only when they were engaged in a certain sport that he occasionally lost control, turning fierce and eager.

But even then, he wouldn’t hurt him. He would just keep asking for more and more, as if he would not feel at ease until he got a response from him at every moment.

Lin An Lan lifted his chin in response to his kiss and kissed for a while before leaning against Cheng Yu’s shoulder as his breath was unsteady and rubbed against it, hugging him.

It was still raining outside the window and it was a little cool inside, but the blanket was really warm.

Lin An Lan didn’t really want to get up, and even wanted to close his eyes and take another nap.

Cheng Yu saw him leaning against him like a cat, and the hand that was wrapped around his waist rubbed along the back of his shoulder.

“Hungry?” Cheng Yu asked, “Do you want to eat?”

“There’s no rush. I want to lie down for a little while longer.” Lin An Lan responded.

Cheng Yu didn’t rush him. He wrapped his arms around him and let him lean on his shoulder, only lowering his head to kiss him every now and then.

Lin An Lan had long since gotten used to it.

He might have lost his memory, but he thought to himself his boyfriend must be in love with him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t want to hug him at every turn, or kiss him every now and then, even when the two of them were moving around at night, Cheng Yu could be extra long.

At first he had been worried that Cheng Yu would feel lost or find it hard and would keep repeating to him what they had done before because he had forgotten about him and about the little bits and pieces between them.

But Cheng Yu just took him into his arms after being stunned.

He said, “It’s okay, as long as you’re still with me.”

He really didn’t seem to care and sometimes when he asked him, Cheng Yu would tell him about the old days.

If he didn’t ask, Cheng Yu wouldn’t mention it either.

Lin An Lan had also asked him, “Don’t you even want me to recover my memory as soon as possible?”

Cheng Yu had laughed a little and came closer to kiss him again, “I don’t want to put pressure on you.”

He had added, “It’s you I like, not the memories of the past. As long as you’re around, we can keep creating new memories, so let’s just go with the flow, you don’t have to deliberately try to remember the past.”

What he said was simply too sweet, so much so that Lin An Lan relaxed unconsciously.

He had watched several dramas related to memory loss in those days, and always saw the male lead being cranky, depressed and moody because the female lead couldn’t remember their past, and the female lead ending up being guilty and upset.

Lin An Lan didn’t like this too much. It wasn’t like the heroine intentionally wanted to lose her memory, so why should the hero be angry with the heroine over this? The heroine was also very innocent.

He felt that the heroine’s boyfriend wasn’t very reliable but that his boyfriend was more reassuring.

In contrast, Lin An Lan felt that his boyfriend was even better.

He leaned back in Cheng Yu’s arms for another nap before finally opening his eyes again.

Cheng Yu hadn’t gone to sleep, so he kept watching him, and when he saw that he was awake, pinched his face.

Because Lin An Lan had been wrapped up in the warm blanket when he was asleep, his face turned a little red. After being pinched, the redness melted away, looking like strawberry cream.

As Cheng Yu saw this, he just wanted to kiss him again.

And he did.

He had longed for Lin An Lan for too long, so much so that once the day came when Lin An Lan actually wanted to stay in his arms, he could not restrain his desire and intimacy.

It was as if he was suffering from skin hunger, wanting to touch him, to embrace him, to kiss him, to possess him, all the time, all day.

He had put off all his work, all his travels and stayed at home day after day, by Lin An Lan’s side who had no recent announcements, keeping a careful watch over him.

He was afraid that if he blinked or woke up from a nap, Lin An Lan would regain his memory and leave his world.

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but hug him tighter. He kissed him on the eyes and called him his wife.

Lin An Lan let out a laugh.

Cheng Yu laughed as he listened to his laughter, “What are you laughing at? Aren’t you my wife?”

Lin An Lan said deliberately, “I’m not.”

Cheng Yu cupped his chin, “How dare you say otherwise?”

“Just no,” Lin An Lan said, not afraid of him.

“If you’re not my wife, how come we’re sleeping in the same bed under the same blanket?”

“That’s why I’m about to get up.” As Lin An Lan said this, he sat up.

Fearing that he might catch cold, Cheng Yu hurriedly draped the robe on the side of the bed over his shoulders and wrapped it around him, hating that he couldn’t lift his arms to help him put on his clothes as well.

Lin An Lan raised his arms himself and put the robe on.

His skin was white, his wrists were thin and slender and he had some deep and light hickeys from last night’s lovemaking.

As Cheng Yu looked on, he couldn’t help but hug him from behind.

He placed his head on Lin An Lan’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around him, helping him to tie the strap of his robe.

After he finished doing this, he lowered his head and placed a heavy kiss on his lips.

“What do you want to eat?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“It’s raining and so cold, so let’s have hotpot.” Lin An Lan answered after thinking for a moment.

Cheng Yu nodded, “Then you can play with your phone for a while, I’ll go make it for you.”

He said as he got dressed.

Lin An Lan hugged the blanket, refusing, “No, I want to wash up first.”

When he finished, he saw that Cheng Yu was also dressed, so he lifted the covers and prepared to get out of bed.

As a result, just after the blanket was lifted, he was picked up by Cheng Yu with one hand under his knees and one hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll carry you.” Cheng Yu said.

Lin An Lan felt helpless. Although he had long seen that his boyfriend loved him to death, he also felt that if he went on like this, he would probably turn into a waste because of his boyfriend’s pampering.

He didn’t need to cook.

He didn’t need to do the household chores.

Even walking, his boyfriend hated that he couldn’t walk for him.

“People steal from other people’s fruits of labour, but won’t steal mine. Do you know why?” Lin An Lan asked his boyfriend.

“You’re so likeable that people won’t want to steal from you.”

“No.” Lin An Lan responded, “It’s because I have no labour at all!”

He poked Cheng Yu’s shoulder, “You don’t let me pay for dinner when we go out, and you don’t let me walk at home. Ask yourself, is it appropriate for you to do this?”

Cheng Yu thought it was quite appropriate. What kind of boyfriend allowed his lover spend money?

It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any money. The last thing he had wanted for since he was a child was money.

“Baby I have money.” Cheng Yu said, “You’re my wife, if I don’t give you money to spend, what am I keeping this money for? Have a baby? He or she can’t spend money either.”

Lin An Lan: ….

Lin An Lan felt he was really powerful!

How come a man like Cheng Yu, who came from a wealthy family and was now a popular celebrity in the entertainment industry, a male god who was the dream girl of countless young girls, liked him so much? Did he give Cheng Yu some kind of bewitching soup at that time?

Cheng Yu approached the sink then put him down.

He had carried Lin An Lan to wash up so many times that he had two pairs of Lin An Lan’s slippers specifically placed on the washstand.

Lin An Lan stepped in the moment he was about to land, put on his slippers and walked over to his usual place by the washstand.

After washing up, Cheng Yu washed his hands and got ready to cook.

Lin An Lan followed him, “I’ll give you a hand.”

“No need. It’s not hard to make hot pot, go play with your phone, I’ll call you when it’s done.” Cheng Yu said.

“It will be faster with two people, I’ll help you with the vegetables.” Lin An Lan laughed.

Cheng Yu didn’t refuse again, going into the kitchen with him.

He took the dishes out of the fridge.

Lin An Lan took it and turned the tap on, his thin white fingers rubbing the vegetable leaves under the water.

The greens of the lettuce set off his fingers, making them look both slender and supple.

Cheng Yu watched and approached to hold his hand from behind, helping him wash the vegetable together.

It was just that Lin An Lan was washing the vegetables and he was washing Lin An Lan’s fingers.

One by one, slowly twining his fingers with his.

Lin An Lan moved his shoulder discontentedly, pushing it against him, “Don’t make trouble.”

Cheng Yu lifted his hand and kissed it, then went to wash the other vegetables.

After washing the dishes, Cheng Yu cooked the hotpot base and the two sat at the table, waiting for the pot to boil.

As he waited, Cheng Yu’s cell phone rang.

Picking it up, he saw that it was his agent.

Cheng Yu didn’t pick it up.

Lin Anlan looked at him, “Won’t you answer it?”

“There’s no need to.”

However the phone kept ringing and Lin An Lan felt that maybe something was happening and advised him, “Answer it, just in case it’s important.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yu answered the call.

Seeing him pick up, Sun Meng said immediately, “Cheng Yu, good news, director Zhang’s new movie has sent you an invitation to audition. ”

Cheng Yu said calmly, “Oh.”

“The audition is at…”

“I’m not going.” He said indifferently.

The pot on the table turning on, Cheng Yu put some vegetables and meat into it, “Is there anything else? If not I’m hanging up.”

“Why won’t you go?” Sun Meng was shocked, “This is Director Zhang we’re talking about! Director Zhang!”

“As I said before, I don’t want to work these days, I’ve pushed back all my previous announcements and I’m not taking any new ones.”

“But director Zhang…”

“The same thing.” Cheng Yu interrupted him, “I’m going to eat, I’m hanging up.”

Just after he said this he hung up.

Lin An Lan vaguely understood and asked, “Why aren’t you taking any notices lately?”

He said, “I’ve just finished work and I haven’t had any announcements for a while, but you do.”

“Or are you worried about me?”

Cheng Yu’s chopsticks paused for a moment before reaching back into the pot and taking out a beef roll for him.

“I was on too much of a streak before, so I want to take a break for a while.”

He put the beef roll between his chopsticks into Lin An Lan’s bowl.

“Besides, we get together so little and we’re in the heat of the moment, I want to spend more time with you.”

Cheng Yu felt that his lying skills were not bad.

He used to think he was someone who couldn’t lie, that nothing was worth lying about.

It wasn’t until Lin An Lan appeared that Cheng Yu discovered that he was actually a very good liar.

He could even tell lie after lie without changing his face.

“I can’t always take job offers, I have to take care of my relationship too, don’t I?” Cheng Yu winked at him.

He was really too handsome. As Lin An Lan looked at him, receiving a wink, he only felt that what he said was right, so smiling, he picked his chopsticks up and started to eat.

Cheng Yu was relieved to see that he believed it.

There was nothing in this world that was more important than Lin An Lan. He entered the entertainment industry for Lin An Lan, so nothing else mattered, only Lin An Lan, is what he cannot give up.

He placed a slice of bamboo shoot into Lin An Lan’s bowl.

Lin An Lan picked the bamboo shoot up and handed it back to him, “You eat it, you don’t need to give it to me.”

“You eat it.” Cheng Yu said, “Don’t you like bamboo shoots?”

Hearing this, Lin An Lan froze for a moment.

He looked at Cheng Yu and seemed a little confused, “I don’t eat bamboo shoots in hot pot.”

He said, “I only eat bamboo shoots in stir-fries, didn’t I tell you that when we used to have hot pot?”

Cheng Yu’s hand holding his chopsticks stiffened.

The bamboo shoots fell onto the wooden dining table with an abrupt clatter.

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